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We Heart of the Week (10.23.11) & Links a La Mode!


Locher’s Mauvaise Fille collection features beautiful vintage-styled jewelry made in Paris. Just don’t try to use these words in French class… (If you don’t know what ‘Va te faire foutre’ means, go ask your mother.)

While reading The Cherry Blossom Girl, I found this heart-frilled blouse from Asos. It’s a quirky-cute touch to any sweet j-fashion outfit!

How to Expand Your Blogging Universe from Copyblogger explains the best way to find new blogs, new blog ideas, and even morereaders somewhere in cyberspace.

Check out more cute artwork from Keisuke Kanda, who did the drawing above!

Cute & Candy Clouds, run by Shelbycloud, opened its Etsy shop this week with plenty of adorable bear ear headdresses and bear ear headphones!

Tokyo Fashion: Is Shibuya Gyaru in Decline? (What I found most interesting is that they note that the previous edgy-ness and ‘I don’t care what nobody thinks’ attitude is being slowly swallowed by Harajuku’s sweet influence.)

Zeruda’s Wonderland shows beautiful Pink House style scans for October inspiration.

For everyone who was dying after those adorable angel tights/knee-highs in August Style Tips… found them! They’re from Celeste Stein, named for the original painting their based off of: ‘First Kiss’. To find them, select your model, then choose the print you want.

And I am really excited to announce that my article on pink hair made this week’s IFB Links a La Mode! So as the custom, here is IFB’s list of best links from the IFB community:

We Heart of the Week (10.8.11)

Welcome back to We Heart of the Week! Sporadic as it is, I still love writing up this feature! This week falls in love with DIY pompom bunnies, shopping finds, and the art of typography. Enjoy!

Audrey Kitching talks about how she keeps her pink hair, well, pink, on her blog. (above; made into a graphic by me)

For the tech-savy, ever considered making your own font? Just Creative Designs gives you the basics.

Very eye-opening – this video sums up some big world problems in World Suppression from the True Freedom Movement. Usually I refrain from getting political, but this video really opened my mind!

Check out this adorable store which retails Liz Lisa brand and other sweet princess-kei styles overseas! I love this angora sweater set in mint or pink!

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We Heart of the Week (8.14.11)

Welcome back to this week’s edition of We Heart Of the Week! It feels good to get back into the swing of serving up adorability and favorite sites after the brief hiatus of last week ❤

Want to add just a spritz of color to your life? The Beauty Department has an easy tutorial for tipping your hair with rainbow colors.

Need a cute new bag to match with a coordinate or just jazz up your upcoming school year? There’s plenty to be found at Taobao’s Bani Rabbit! I love this pink backpack…

If you’re stuck inside (it’s raining here today…) or have a few hours to kill, try watching vintage episodes of the 1986 television show ‘Moondreamers’! Watch all the episodes here.

{image via Paula ~♥ on Flickr}

No need to stick to stock! The Pullip Lolitas pool on Flickr shows off lots of unique, customized, and well-dressed lolita dolls. Here, a customized Pullip wears a doll-sized model of Wonder Party.

Always wanted temporary candy-colored dreads for sweet punk lolita or simply street style? Fizzy Pop Locks has great dread extensions for reasonable prices, even in marshmallow-style swirls!

I’m drooling over the latest items from I’m Your Present on etsy as well! Who wouldn’t want a pink reflective necklace that says bunny or kitten?

PrettyShinySparkly shows how to do the sweet-and-simple trend of the half-moon manicure.

A great philosophy on being well-known, ‘Internet famous’ or ‘irl’: Seth Godin explains concisely what it really means.

That being said… has 5 shimmery-rainbow reasons why you should keep blogging.

The cute madness of Parfait Doll continues next week – see you then!

We Heart of the Week (7.9.11)

Welcome again to We Heart of the Week! Full report on Ponycon coming up, but check my Twitter for on-location tweets & twitpics!

A Japanese blogger shows off her entire collection of Angelic Pretty Byuls, Dals, and Pullips, plus a few more! The photos are absolutely adorable – check out her blog here!

Brunette Blogging has a great article with Tips & Tricks: How to Get More Blog Traffic. Soon to be added to my Blogging (Secrets to) page, where you can read my favorite how-to articles on blogging!

If you’re in New York City on August 1st, hit our favorite Tokyo Rebel for a meet-and-greet with the BABY and Alice & the Pirates designers!

Kawaii TV now has an offical, subtitled Youtube channel. I won’t blame you if you spend the rest of the day in pajamas watching adorable girls shop for lolita fashion and eat Japanese waffles. (And seeing everyone in Honey Pancake print makes me want it, too…)

Cupcake’s Clothes shares her secrets to perfectly delicious cupcake manicures.

Want to expand your fairy-kei wardrobe? Check out DIY Fairy Kei, and this tutorial for a rainbow heart cutsew!

Anna House now also makes clothes for 60cm ball-jointed dolls! Perfect if you’re looking to dress like your doll without breaking the bank!

Couldn’t resist sharing this adorable photo from a Baby the Stars Shine Bright boutique – I’m so excited to see the designers soon! See you next week!

We Heart of the Week (6.25.11)

(image from Tokyo Factory, model wearing Kaneko Isao’s brand Wonderful World)

Tokyo Factory gives an amazingly in-depth, 3-part history on lolita fashion origins, dolly-kei, and mori-girl.

Always wanted to know how to customize your Blythe? Puchi Collective has tutorials on everything from sanding to painting realistic freckles.

Major lolita points for anyone who adorably coordinates this rabbit headband from Rococo Soul. Make sure to check out their other beautiful headdresses! shows DIY instructions for Hello Kitty crochet. Yes, you heard that right!

6%DOKIDOKI, the much-beloved rainbowphonic street style shop, now has an international shop through Maruione!

Catwalk shows us 6 Ways to Stop Impulse Spending – your survival guide when the newest it-print starts calling!

Get inspiration for your next hairstyle or just nibble the eye candy at My Little Pony Hair.

And to end the week…

(image from

We Heart Of the Week (5.14.11)

Welcome to this week’s We Heart of the Week, where Parfait Doll brings you a sweet dose of inspiration, link love, and all things we just can’t get enough of!


アルパカッソ★dreaming: Been dying to get your hands on one of those adorable, claw-machine alpacas that are so cutely mysterious? Alpaca Dreaming is selling a select collection of these fuzzy darlings. They even have strawberry and Valentine’s Day editions!

how I… curl my hair – rag curls: Esme and the laneway explains, with adorable photos, the exact secret to perfect rag curls. Great for lolitas and other curl-lovers looking to skip the heat! Step away from that heavy-duty curling iron!


Ich Danketsu from Save Japan with your playlist – download this cute compilation of songs (from such musicians as Sisen, Toxic Lipstick, Broken Doll) and  & donate to the earthquake & tsunami relief fund. My personal favorites are Merrypony’s Sweet Melody and Kitty Kawaii’s Keep Da Peach!

DIY: Easy Hello Kitty Sandwich Molds from Free Pretty Things for You: The perfect edition to your bento box or just an ordinary afternoon snack, or make a whole fleet of them to share at your next picnic meetup! This super-easy mold uses cocoa powder (or powdered sugar if you use dark bread like pumpernickel) to make a perfect Hello Kitty face every time. And to go with it… perhaps heart-shaped eggs?

30 Day Lolita Challenge from Millions of Bows: Not sure what to blog about? Need a quick mental break from finals? Try this new meme, the 30 Day Lolita Challenge! Show off your wishlist, pet peeves, and more!

Simple Crepes from Cloud9Food: Crepes never got easier – just throw these ingredients in a blender, and pour.

Blogging Commandments from Brunette Blogging and Things I Know For Sure from Consider Me Lovely: Both great articles on what blogging should be. A great idea of for an article if you’ve hit blogger’s block: what are your personal rules on blogging?

The Totally Non-Fiction Life of a Lolita: Oli’s adorable new webcomic features 90% true life stories of a lolita’s encounters in the real world. Pastels and hilarity ensues in these cute one-panel comics.


To end this week’s We Heart of the Week, here’s a great confidence-booster quote from actress Gabourey Sidibe:

“People always ask me, ‘You have so much confidence. Where did that come from?’ It came from me. One day I decided that I was beautiful, and so I carried out my life as if I was a beautiful girl … It doesn’t have anything to do with how the world perceives you. What matters is what you see. Your body is your temple, it’s your home, and you must decorate it.”

Until next week, keep being fabulous!


We Heart of the Week (5.7.11)

A new twist on Reader Appreciation Sunday is We Heart of the Week! Part reader love, part link carousel, We Heart of the Week is a little goodie bag of all things cute, inspiring, and loved.


Cupcake’s Clothes – This adorable lolita-meets-retro adorability blog is the home of Georgina, who besides taking adorable outfit shots, has an amazing talent for sweet & simple nails that just doesn’t quit! Check out some of my favorite photos below:


Sugary Carnival Original vs. Replica: The Verdict is In: So, for all the curious, here’s the direct comparison at long last – the real deal versus the knock-off. What’s your opinion – is the replica worth the savings?

Make: Kawaii Tokyo Cut + Paste Tote: Love the magazine layouts of the GLB and Kera? This cute video shows how to DIY your own adorable magazine-style tote. Great for giving gifts or just carrying around!

{I can’t help it… enjoy some more Milk love!}


You Can’t Bully Me Out of Skinny Jeans from A great blogger’s response after being posted to an attack community for her daily outfit photos.

“Firstly, you know how I feel about body shame that is dressed up as fashion advice. It’s bogus. No one should be harassed, mocked or attacked for wearing clothes (or NOT wearing clothes).”

10 Reasons to Love Fashion Blogs: 10 ways fashion blogging has changed the ordinary woman’s wardrobe – and her outlook on fashion. Proof that even something as small as a fashion blog can make a difference!

Q-Pot’s Peace (of) Chocolate Band: Support Japan with these adorable chocolate-printed Livestrong-style bracelets, available in strawberry, chocolate, white chocolate, and mint! (Shopping service required).

Noteworthy: Japanese Craft Books at Some favorite picks from your local Kinokuniya! This particular selection features Japanese scrapbook and clip art books.

When Dressing Becomes a Competitive Sport: Why do we feel the need to compete when it comes down to what we wear? Coco & Creme talks it out.

{summer style from Emily Temple Cute. I love the graphic strawberry onepiece and lilac + yellow swirled over-the-knee socks! Click for larger.}

And to finish, a true princess story…

A Princess Found: “Any lonely girl would dream she’s a princess.” Not your usual royal – Sarah Culberson’s search for her birth family reveals that’s really an African princess from Sierra Leone. Hear her story and her continued efforts to help her newfound people rebuild their village after civil war.

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