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December Style Tips

December is finally here – this will be the last 2011 Style Tips! Next month we’ll welcome the first of 2012 style tips! So many years of style tips stored up in the Doll archives…! I hope that means you’re all quite stylish by now! ;D


If you’re short on holiday ornaments, anything can be prettied up with metallic glitter or spray paint. Kitschy salt and pepper shakers or random dollar store figurines (unicorns? bears? angels?) would look lovely on your tree or mantle for the holidays.

Leave red and green in the dust – for lolitas and other kawaii type girls, go for that ‘peppermint’ feel with pink and white stripes. Lavender with white or powder blue with white and a few glittery snowflakes is another great way to decorate without turning to those Christmas staples.

Go fairy-light peeping on a dark, clear night. It’s especially lovely to go through the drive-thru at a coffee shop first, and perhaps even play your favorite holiday music on the car stereo. In Connecticut don’t forget to see the Festival of Silver Lights at Hubbard Park – that’s a favorite for my boyfriend and I.

If you’re decorating with a Candyland theme (my father lined the walk in candy canes this year!) consider these cute and easy DIY candy lights from Oh Happy Day!

Opalescent is the perfect color for holiday makeup – a slight pearly sheen looks lovely on every skin tone in my opinion, and now you can snap it up for cheap with Softlips pearl or shimmer chapstick. I discovered mine at Target and am in love!

Sponge white nail polish and glitter to make a beautiful snowy manicure!

If you’re a photography lover, nothing is cuter than heart or star-shaped bokeh to make holiday photos magical! Shoot them at the tree, candles, or anything with dancing lights!

If there’s no snow, make paper snowflake to dangle around your home or hang in the windows! My local bakery used paper snowflakes mixed in with crocheted and tatted ones for a unique look.

November Style Tips

Switch out huge hair bows at outdoor meets and events (like ice-skating!) for soft berets or headband ear-warmers. Berets can be decorated with spare bows or badges, and ear-warmers with crocheted flowers or felt brooches. Fuzzy tams or pom-pom hats are also cute and seasonal options.

Consider classic patterns for a sweet, old-fashioned touch at this time of year. Simple plaids in any color or an elegant houndstooth, whether as a dress or an accessory, can bring a spring outfit into early winter.

If it’s too warm for a full coat, a tailored jacket adds an autumn or winter touch to a more summery style. Heavier cardigans add weight to dresses as well.

Cut back on caffeine at your favorite coffee joint by asking if they serve warm cider instead – some even provide you with cinnamon powder or sticks to perk it up with an extra latte-feel.

If you’re a blogger, plan a few back-up posts for the holiday season – no one wants writer’s block when they’d rather be in a turkey tryptophan coma.

Patterned tights are a warmer option for lolita and look classier than more summery patterned socks. Lace tights can be found in peach, ivory or black, or opt for diamond tights or those with sweater cables.

If you’re superstitious about the time 11:11 for making wishes, then make sure you’ve got a good wish ready for this year’s 11/11/11 (November 11th, 2011).  Eleven is a number associated with wishes as eleven was considered related to the ‘elven’ folk, or fairies. The sign for faeries is often the eleven-pointed star as well!

And good luck to everyone participating in National Novel Writing Month this year, or NaNoWriMo. Try using to get your word count up – it threatens you with loud noises and flashing colors if you hover too long over a word.


October Style Tips

October always feels like a special month, doesn’t it? Even though it’s getting wetter and colder here in New England, it also feels like something out of the ordinary is going to happen. Halloween stores crop up, coffee shops start coming out with seasonal favorites (hinting at a full-fledged season of spicy new drinks like pumpkin and gingerbread and salted caramel), and we all start shopping for winter wardrobes. Welcome to October!

Dig through last year’s winter wardrobe. If you can’t see yourself wearing it until the snow thaws, put it in a donation bag or see if you can find it a new home online. This goes double for old snow boots, worn-out mittens, or just plain pilling sweaters.

Stock up on socks! I got adorable short socks for only 95 cents (patterned with bunny faces, poodles, and matroyska dolls) at Forever21.

October is the perfect month to bring back brown or even an elegant black into your summer’s light colored wardrobe. An ordinary summer dress can be autumn-ed up with a chocolate cardigan or even a simple accessory like a chocolate bar pendant or bracelet. I like this one from Chocomint!

Everyone likes being cozy and comfortable when it’s cold or rainy – but nobody wants to look like a fashion don’t in a run-of-the-mill sweatshirt or hoodie. Keep your cute by finding adorable warm jackets and sweaters – one of my favorites I found again, at Forever 21. It goes perfectly with some pop earrings and a cute skirt.

If you don’t want to go all out for Halloween or simply want  to spread a little spooky cheer throughout the months, consider a more unusual lolita fashion theme: black cats! There are several punk or lolita brands that have featured black cats, or simply add a Kutushita Nyanko accessory or two.

Keep an eye out for cute Halloween accessories to add to your October style or a Halloween-themed lolita event you may attend. Cute bat or spider jewelry from the drugstore can easily get a little something extra with pink or black rhinestones.

Don’t forget to check your Halloween store for mini-witch hats too – and then add your own sweet ribbons and broaches to simulate Angelic Pretty’s Halloween style without breaking the bank.


And don’t worry, I’ll be doing my annual What to Wear for Halloween loving lolitas! Look for it! I’m still deciding on my ‘lolita-worthy’ Halloween costume!

September Style Tips

  • Try a seasonal twist on tea – some brands are putting out pumpkin spice or apple cider styled teas at local groceries.
  • Invest in a few pretty light-weight cardigans or fall jackets – layering is necessary for chilly mornings, blazing afternoons, and cool evenings. I love soft, lacey knits and anything in broad pastel stripes for rainy autumn days.
  • Swap out your dowdy old backpacks for something fresh and cute. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in stores, attack yours with a glue gun, some sweet badges, or even a collection of bows and brooches. Keychains or cellphone charms can also be a nice touch.
  • Add a little schoolgirl flair to your cutesy and lolita outfits with a silky bow tie at the neck – my favorite brands are Fancy Pocket and Candy Sugar. Bulky cardigans are also a cute touch to jumperskirts or skirts, and make long study sessions snuggly.
  • Don’t fall into bad eating habits back at school! Always be prepared with a small snack, like a granola bar (I love Clif bars lately with white chocolate), or at least a drink (unsweetened iced tea is my drink of choice, or just a big water bottle.)
  • Make your own lolita textbook covers with patterned fabric, or embroider them with cute designs. Even just a stitched-on ribbon can sweeten up a hated subject.
  • Keep the insides of your bag free of graphite and sudden pen leaks by picking up a cute pencil case – simply another excuse to buy Sanrio or San-X products!

Thank you so much for the influx of followers – Parfait Doll just hit 2006 followers! It’s been a wild ride & thank you for everyone who’s stayed through the site switch and to all the new readers who just joined up! I know it’s been slow around here lately, things have been so busy in the real world! – But I have plenty of new things planned for the upcoming weeks. Keep reading!

August Style Tips

  • Homemade ice cream makers are popping up all over the place – try making unique flavors like milk tea (flavored with black or earl grey tea), rose, or lavender.
  • Press some of the last summer flowers in the pages of a heavy phonebook to paste in your journal. Research folk names to label them with, like ‘buttons’ or ‘heartsease’.
  • Swap out your knee-high socks for a different twist – printed tights. ManiaQ and other online retailers have tights printed with bunnies, roses, and even angels for a cute quirk.
  • Find your local county fair and indulge in cotton candy (candy floss or fairy floss in other places!) – even better if you can take some photos, to be edited later for a lomography look! If you can’t find a fair, pick up some bagged cotton candy in the drugstore to decorate some confetti cupcakes.
  • A little saucy pop style is perfect for August – consider a cheeky nod to Barbie with this collection of bags and purses. This 80s-bright one is my favorite!
  • Take a much-needed personal day-long vacation from your usual routine – hop a spur-of-the-moment trip to somewhere low-key like a lakeside or tiny beach town.
  • Collage yourself a deck of personal tarot cards with pictures ripped from magazines, catalogues and flyers. If you can’t bear to tear up your collection of Japanese magazines, photocopy your favorite pages first – though nothing is more therapeutic than ripping pages!

July Style Tips

  • Buy yourself a ton of magazines just for liking the cover; cut them up & paste them into your journal.
  • Be someone’s fairy godmother (bonus points for little children) and send them mysterious packages and envelopes full of glitter and confetti.
  • Take artsy-fartsy photos of you and your friends with sparklers; add glitter glue to the print-outs.
  • Raid your local cornerstore for sour sweets and suck on them at sunset.
  • Update your travel bags for summer vacation by adding a few bows, some lace, or printed fabric. Much easier to spot on the airplane’s baggage carousel!
  • Use a simple video camera to chronicle your summer adventures. My friend just used one to document our Maine road trip – hilarious and like summer in a bottle!
  • Along with videotaping, make a mix tape/CD/playlist for long car rides and insist that your car-mates do the same. Then demand that they listen to My Little Pony’s ‘Equestria Girls’ on repeat.
  • Accent your pastel favorites (or even beautiful neutrals, like white and milk tea) with dashes of neon – dreamsicle, neon pink, electric blue & violet are all favorites.

In answer to one of the questions sent in, monthly Style Tips feature is not dead! We simply missed June due to my health and the instability of switching sites. Expect to see many more of this well-loved feature.

May Style Tips

  • Make your own ‘live stream’ of inspiration – tack photos you love into a cluster on your wall, strung along a line of fairy lights, or even on a simple ribbon board. Some ideas: photos of your favorite flowers, free paint chips from your nearest big-box hardware store, or just the contents of your Tumblr!
  • Dress up any ordinary manicure paint job with white or black polka dots – just add them with a tiny brush or even a tooth-pick! Polka dots add a touch of class to any outfit.
  • Add cute country kitsch to any outfit with a half-apron or pinafore. Vintage patterns would be great for making your own, or choose one from your favorite lolita brand.
  • Choose a ‘patron color’ for the month and add little touches of it to your daily life. Right now my patron color is definitely violet and lavender; I’ve even painted my nails lavender, started using lavender body wash, and worn lavender shimmer on my eyes lately!
  • Take advantage of the upcoming fresh fruit for breakfast! Fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola or honey is a wonderful breakfast on a spring morning. Peach is one of my favorites that will be available soon!
  • Less is more – invest in at least one ‘summer dress’ that’s light and breezy and can be worn anywhere – on a date, to the beach, or the farmer’s market! I love simple sailor onepieces especially for this time of year – or be more daring and wear your favorite jumperskirt without a blouse for a more casual look.
  • A must-have to go with the aforementioned – a go-to cardigan for when the sun sets! Big, squashy cardigans in pastels are wonderful for girls who want sweet pop, whereas a soft white crocheted shawl or cape would look fairytale-like over classic, romantic lolitas and summery mori-girls.


April Style Tips

(clockwise from top left: cherry blossoms, Misako Aoki and Midori modeling for BABY; Angelic Pretty’s new spring hat; a spring coordinate from BABY San Francisco; and decorated eyelashes you can buy here!)
  • Plan a spring picnic with friends, perhaps somewhere in the flowering woods or under spring blossoms. Don’t forget the strawberry lemonade!
  • Add spring flavor to one of your older bags by changing a keychain or cellphone charm on it from time to time. I routinely cycle a few cute keychains on my white heart quilted bag, it really adds an extra touch of interest to an outfit. Plus I finally have something to do with the cute trinkets I collect!
  • Tired of boring eyelashes? Add a cute sequin or very tiny cabochon to falsies before applying. A little eyelash glue could secure anything from miniature deco pearls, nail decals or puffy dessert-shaped stickers!
  • Cardigans are your friend for hot-and-cold spring weather. Make sure you have at least one simple, goes-with-anything cardigan to layer over short sleeved blouses, sleeveless shells, or even blouseless jumperskirts, in case the weather takes a shift. A solid or something with a cute applique is just the thing.
  • Is your full-length mirror looking a little drab in the bright morning light? Give it a good washing, and then edge it with faux roses or gerbera daisies for a bright floral touch. This will hide rough edges and give it new life, especially in the obligatory mirror shot!
  • Want easy spring waves fast? I’m in love with these natural-looking pre-curled extensions from Pinkage. A pretty bonnet or cluster of roses is just the thing for loose, polished hair. Don’t worry about matching your color exactly – if they’re a little darker or lighter, consider them highlights or low lights!
  • Decorate a spring hat or be on the look out for your favorite brand’s hat releases. Not only are they perfect for the season, they’ll product your face from the sun!

Update: Thank you for everyone who has inquired about my health! I have a long road ahead of me, but I am happily being discharged from the hospital today after a week (I miss my puffy puppy!). Please look forward to more updates and articles on Lolita Charm, and thank you again for your support and patience!

March Style Tips

  • Make yourself a playlist of music to wake up to in the morning. I recently found a Hello Kitty iPod dock for wicked cheap, and now every morning means turning on some cute music and dancing around as I get dressed! It puts me in a great mood to start the day.
  • Sick of tromping around in winter boots? All of my shoes disappeared over the winter due to this year’s terrible snowstorms, so March is the time to buy new shoes! New heels, Victorian short boots, or summery sandals? If you order from overseas now, they’ll be here by the time the snow melts!
  • Find yourself a simple spring jacket or coat. I have a few choice favorites from Yumetenbo – both for a cute everyday style and for casual lolita coordinates! Check out this scallop-edged spring coat, for only $60 USD (check out the rest of their Mary Rose line for classic, morigirl or otome style)!
  • A cute mug is just the thing to perk up your cup of tea. Stop drinking out of ‘World’s #1 Dad’ and finally have a very berry breakfast! Cath Kidston is selling these at American Barnes & Nobles lately.
  • Spring is the time to break out your smoothie maker! Frozen fruit might be more applicable early on, but as the weather warms you’ll see fresh fruit more often. Eating more fruit instead of heavier winter starches will prep you for the coming weather.
  • Even if it’s cold, sit out in the sunlight for even a few minutes, perhaps on your lunch break. It really does refresh you! Make sure you’ve got some SPF-added makeup though!
  • Pick out a new book to read for sitting in the early spring sun! I just finished The Elegance of the Hedgehog, a French novel (translated to English if you need it.) It takes place in Paris, but has a healthy dose of Japanese and other philosophies to occupy the characters. Not only is it an excellent read, it will expand your vocabulary! My favorite word from the book was ‘autodidactic‘. Lolitas are certainly autodidactic!
  • I feel like March is one of the perfect months for mori-girl – soft browns, flowing aprons, and lacy edges, still textured and warm but light. Wonder Rocket has some beautiful things in for spring. Add a little mori-girl or natural-kei to your typical lolita style with a vintage lace doily corsage or a brass antique locket. 

Since I mention them, you might enjoy reading a translation of Takemoto’s ‘As For Young Ladies’ Early Spring Coats‘. I am not sure exactly what to make of it, but I like it all the same.

February Style Tips

  • Enjoy the last true month of winter by indulging in anything fluffy or soft. One of my favorite Japanese words is ‘mokomoko’, which means fluffy! Soft pajamas, fleecy bows, knitted scarves, or even soft puffballs of fur.
  • Pearls are the perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day and late winter and early spring – the light of pearls reflecting onto your skin is similar to candle light, the most flattering light. 
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! This is the best time of year to wear anything chocolate-themed, from your Melty Choc coordinate to a simple sweets necklace in a chocolate theme.
  • Warm up the evening with fondue – in your choice of dark, white, or milk chocolate. Have fruit or slices of heavy cake – sponge or pound – on hand to dip. Using a fire-safe bowl, such as a cooking pot, and a tea light, you can DIY your own fondue set up. If you’d prefer not to do it yourself and live in New York City, you can arrange to do it at Max Brenner’s, the amazing chocolate-themed restaurant. Dalin of La Vida Frills and I did this a few weeks ago for her birthday and it was so delicious and relaxing!
  • Make a point to get your six to eight classes of water a day! Winter weather is so drying on skin and hair – hydrate!
  • Use a wet towel or wet toothbrush to brush chapped, dry skin off your lips – then immediately apply moisturizing lip balm to help new skin heal.
  • Staticky hair got you down? Wipe a dryer sheet through your hair to eliminate some electricity.
  • Start seeds or small plants indoors – I’m hoping to find some strawberry plants to start inside. I love their little flowers, related to the rose, more than even the fruit!

What do you hope February will bring?

note: Reader Appreciation Sunday has been changed to a bi-weekly schedule for better satisfaction :) You’ll see it again next week!


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