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Review: Devil Inspired’s Strawberry Kitchen


Usually I’m not big on the usual summer fruit prints that come out nearly every May and June. We’ve all seen the strawberries, cream and cherries before, punctuated with the occasional daisy or lemon slice. They all seem the same to me, and even the names blend together: Strawberry Whip, Milky Berry, and all the others. But this year I can’t get enough. Maybe it’s the country-ish way they highlight the warmth and whimsy of the season, or maybe I’m feeling more partial to cream now that I’m no longer in an all-out war with dairy.


Lolita Miranda Priestly: a truly fearsome face.

When I saw Infanta’s Strawberry Kitchen jumperskirt from their online carrier Devil Inspired, I decided to give fruits a go this season. I was pleasantly surprised – the original print has a very Baby the Stars Shine Bright feel, as does the wide heart-embellished lace along the neckline and hem. The print itself features the obvious strawberries, jars of jam and twining ribbons. I decided to take this dress out for a spin at a local ice cream shop.





I paired this dress with a lightweight pink chiffon blouse (because trust me, the heat dome of New England is no joke) along with a pink ribbon choker from Peiliee and a quilted Betsey Johnson purse. Oh, and cherry chip bordeaux makes for the best photoshoot prop!

My Playlist: Milk Tea

Although my iPod packs a lot of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and other j-pop music, I’m really turning to a new genre lately – kpop. I officially own more kpop songs than jpop, even though Japanese culture and language is usually my preference. Along with the usual big players like BIG BANG, 2NE1, and Girls’ Generation, I just found this cute couple’s duets. Milk Tea is my new rainy June soundtrack.

Unsungbyul, a kpop blog, has this to say about the band:

Milk Tea is a co-ed ballad/indie/pop duo signed under Juice Media who released their first album “Delicious Time” in 2010. They followed this up with a single and now more recently, a second album called “Love Traveller”.  A lovely little duo needless to say and definitely worth checking out!

Their style is soft and acoustic  reminding me of Mindy Gledhill or maybe Tegan and Sara, with enough of a pop edge to keep it from sounding too sad. Ji Wooyong is on guitar and production, and Remi is the vocalist. Their single Shy Love Song (warning – spoilers in this link for Love Rain!) was also featured in episode 13 of the adorably retro (think 1970s South Korea) romantic kdrama “Love Rain“.

This is the song I first fell in love with – about cute love, and my favorite food, um, ramen. If people would write more songs about other foods I like, such as pink donuts, rocky road ice cream or omurice, actually, that would be fantastic. It doesn’t hurt that there is this adorable video.

Are there any other soft and sweet kpoppers you’d recommend?

Lovely Girl Skin79 BB Cream Review

I finally got some new BB cream! I ran out of my previous BB love, Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream, a few months ago, and I have been sucking it up and using my plain ol’ Revlon PhotoReady foundation I usually save for runways or shoots. What I don’t like about foundation? It’s a pain to apply, for starters – it feels more like spackle than lotion, so I have to use a brush to literally ‘paint’ my face. For another, it ‘blanks me out’ – yes, it balances the color in my skin, but it make my skin one flat color. Not only that, I have the hunch my skin hasn’t been as healthy since I quit the BB. (Not sure what BB cream is all about? Check out my article, “What is BB Cream?”!)

I took me a while to decide on a new one to try, but I heard Lovely Girl shows very pale and neutral-toned. And I admit, I totally pick them on who has the cutest bottle, too. Pink, hearts, and butterflies? Yes!

Here it is with some other BB cream samples for color comparison. I always look for these when picking a new BB! The Oriental Pearl Gold is very shimmery and warm-toned and light-weight; the Pink Super BB Cream and Gold Super BB Cream are fairly similar but for color tone, and they’re very thick and give a lot of coverage.

Feel: This BB cream honestly feels like I’m not wearing anything. I lot of girls come to me claiming they don’t like how makeup ‘feels’ on their skin. Some BB creams can feel kind of sticky or damp due to heavy moisturizing properties, and some foundations can feel cake-y. With this BB cream, my skin feels satin-smooth to the touch and wears as if I’m bare-faced.

Look: Lovely Girl has a pale, neutral tone that looks slightly grayish before applying. Once applied, this blended in and matched my skin exactly. Often I found some BB creams are too dark or too orange on me; if you, like me, are wicked pale and cool to neutral toned, this BB will work well for you.

Properties: Lovely Girl is marked as bother moisturizing and oil-control. My skin doesn’t get very oily, but it does get dry. So far, this BB cream doesn’t dry me out and has stayed matte (non-shiny) all day.

Coverage: Lovely Girl has light, build-able coverage. I would rate it about medium – not nearly as heavy as foundation, but not as light as tinted moisturizer. It smooths your skin tone while still looking natural, and it great for daily wear to school or work.

Lovely Girl also claims to handle redness and irritation well. It’s formulated for girls aged 17 – 22 (it says… I’m 23, but fluff the rules, right?) so I assume that along with the oil control, it’s meant for girls with acne or damaged skin. I rarely get acne anymore, but I do have some old facial scars, so I’m hoping that with continued use it will fade some of my dark spots.

I also got a handful of free samples! I love these, it’s so easy to test several BB creams at once. The other sample I got…?

Snail intensive repair cream! Snail slime (“It is not slime! It is mucus!”) is the new crazy ingredient Korean makeup buffs are liking. That, and, uh, human placenta. It’s supposed to make your skin… soft? Supple? Do I dare try the snail cream? This might be way beyond weird for me. I think I’ll stick to my rose petal and rice milk ingredients.

Buy your own Lovely Girl Skin79 BB Cream here from Pretty&Cute!

this article was not sponsored.


Hello, Cutie! Review & Giveaway!

I am very excited to review and show off this new book – Pamela Klaffke‘s Hello, Cutie!: Adventures in Cute Culture. Why? Well, a few reasons… Though if you’re following my Instagram you may already know! ;)

Hello, Cutie! is an adorable book full of cute-culture information. For example, did you know cute culture pops up the most during recessions? Proof that when times are bad, cute to the rescue! There’s also history of some of your favorite cute loves like Strawberry Shortcake, amigurumi, Kewpie dolls, and more. She’s interviewed the leaders of online cute as well, like the founder of Cute Overload, Meg Frost, and the author of This Is Blythe, Gina Garan.

Here’s a snippet from the summary:

Pamela Klaffke, author of Spree: A Cultural History of Shoppingand herself an avid collector of cute since she was a child, takes readers on a rainbow-and-unicorn-filled journey through cute culture, from its origins in Japan where teenaged girls help drive the “cute” economy, to its modern-day manifestations in the bubblegum-coloured careers of performers like Katy Perry.

If you’re a cute-photography addict, you’ll love her photography as well – 70 full color photos of her vintage toy collection, taken with an analogue camera against vintage fabric, as well as many contributed photos from around the world.

Besides Pamela’s love affair with Blythe, Jun Planning dolls like Dal, vintage toys from around the world, and DIY, there’s one more thing in this book: me! Pamela interviewed me several months ago as a contributor for the book, and I staged a little shoot over the summer.

In her chapter titled, ‘Big in Japan’, I’m her resident lolita fashion expert, where you can read some of the interview I sent her. There are also two color photographs courtesy of my friend and photography, Kayla from Say Dolly – one of myself, and one of my wardrobe! (Thanks again Kayla – they look wonderful!)

So, down to the fun part – Pamela’s agent sent me two copies of Hello, Cutie! – one for myself to keep, and one to giveaway to a lucky reader of Parfait Doll!

See below for instructions on how to enter! (My first time using Rafflecopter, fingers crossed!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Etsy Favorite: Icing Sugar

I just got a package from my new favorite shop on Etsy, Icing Sugar! I am really into cut acrylic and high-quality plastic costumes jewelry for lolita and daily cute fashion right now, they add great pop to your most elaborate lolita style or your just every day cutesy look.

This is one of my favorite pieces from Icing Sugar: a very retro-cute lolita walking a poodle! (You gotta love those bitey and yappy toy dogs!) And of course this clear pink biscuit would be a great match, especially if you’re fond of cookie prints such as Wonder Cookie or the new Decoration Dream from Angelic Pretty, which features decorated sugar cookies.

These pieces have a lovely smooth finish. Here’s a photograph of Icing Sugar’s teacup and teapot earrings I wore today. I’ll probably wear the bitten pink chocolate 2-way clip for International Lolita Day this weekend! (Even though I still don’t know what to wear…! But I’m sure it’ll have a spot for a pink chocolate clip.)

I haven’t seen these items in person yet, but Icing Sugar also produces adorable lolita clothing! The mint and chocolate toned Sweets Argyle dress looks to die for – something unusual to wear to your next meet-up!


Also, it has come to my attention that Google is closing down the Google Friend Connect widget for non-Blogger blogs. That’s the little collection of followers in my sidebar that about 98% of my readers prefer to use! I use Google Reader to follow blogs myself so I feel your pain that that feature is going to go away. If you are following Parfait Doll with Google Friend Connect, please:

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Alice’s Tea Cup Giveaway!

Alice’s Tea Cup (read my previous article here!) is exactly what a tearoom should be: whimsical, with a wide menu of scones, and full of people that know exactly the difference between Earl Grey and orange pekoe, and would love to tell you. Lolitas will be perfectly at home in the Alice murals, glittery walls, and endless tiered displays of desserts and sandwiches. But what if you’re not from New York City? Never fear – Alice’s Tea Cup has finally released their new cookbook, with all the magical recipes to create your own wonderland for tea-time.

I’m not very well-versed in cookbooks, let alone the modern cookbooks – the kind of thing one imagines foodies have on an altar somewhere, full of glossy photos and long explanations on where to find obscure spices for even more obscure glazes and marinades. My ‘foodie’ staple is usually a well-worn copy of the Joy of Cooking – or perhaps an online recipes for the more unusual. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Alice’s Tea Cup – but when I opened to the first chapter, entitled ‘The Answer to “How much glitter?” is “Yes.”‘, I knew this would finally be a cookbook I could relate to.

beautiful photo from the book of various teas

The book has a very fairy-tale approach, beginning their story, like all the best stories, as once upon a time… in New York City. After a short history and ode to the sister duo who dreamed up Alice’s, the book launches into a deeply comprehensive, easy-to-follow, meaty-as-shepherd’s-pie cookbook. They said they’ve only written a fraction of their menu (limiting themselves, with difficulty, to only nineteen scone recipes), but this book has everything: their famous scones, brunch options, a raft of soups, sandwiches and salads, a legion of cupcakes, and even their much-loved mar-tea-nis (tea-infused cocktails). Nearly every recipe is infused with a flavor of tea, from bold blacks to the delicately floral and perfumed whites. The recipes range from easy-for-beginners such as Alice’s Croque-Monsieur to the advanced, such as Alice’s S’mores, which require a kitchen torch (I’d bake more if I got to use a flamethrower! I mean, uh, kitchen torch.)

these cookies! ah!

My favorites? I can’t wait to make a host of Alice-themed cookies, such as the pink-and-white chessboard cookies (an adorable twist on the classic chocolate-and-vanilla checkerboard cookie, but and with a unique rose melange tea flavor!) and the linzer card cookies (powdered sugared cookies that reveal a heart-shaped window onto glistening raspberry jam). They also have a recipe to a scrumptious-looking French toast bread pudding made with fruit coulis and creme anglais!

This book also has a tea glossary, instructions on tea-dying in a variety of shades, and the exact art of throwing a tea party!

Alice’s Tea Cup Cookbook Giveaway!

And for one lucky reader Lolita Charm is giving away a copy of Alice’s Tea Cup! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment with your favorite Alice in Wonderland character and why! Feel free to repost, retweet, or share this giveaway anywhere you like! The winner will be chosen at random. Last day to enter is November 30th! One entry per person.

Want your copy of Alice’s Tea Cup now? Buy it here on!

MintyMix Split Wig Review!

I was so excited when MintyMix came out with their split wig collection! Keeping my hair half pink and half blonde was adorable, but a hassle… it’s much easier to just slather the whole thing in pink icing dye than to have to worry about staining the blonde side or bleaching the pink. So this wig makes me really nostalgic for my summer hair… but I can have that look whenever I want now! I’m super-fascinated by wigs lately, I have a huge list of new ones that I like and want to buy. They really can completely change or pull together an outfit, and I think they’re a vital part of any lolita wardrobe. Here’s my photo:

Service/Ease of Ordering: I ordered my pinkxblonde wig through the MintyMix website, got a confirmation, and received it a few days later in the mail! The service was great, absolutely no hiccups or glitches whatsoever. And for all you Paypal lovers, yes, they take Paypal!

Quality: This is honestly my most beautiful and top-quality wig to date. It is perfectly soft and has just the right kind of curl – not too wavy and not too sausage-curly. It has two clip-on falls, one in each color. Sometimes I alternate them for a different look (pink on the blonde side, blonde on the pink side). I love that the pink is really that soft, crystalline pure pink that looks best with wigs, not peachy or reddish or purplish at all. The blonde is also a just-right pale blonde, without being too white or fake looking. And the blended bangs in the front have a very subtle, multiple shine transition effect. The wig is also plenty full (so it can be worn without falls… I love the falls-pigtail look, but sometimes I’d like to wear a bonnet and they don’t fit!) and has a secure seamless mesh scalp.

here’s the Minty Mix stock photo.

And the trial run! Here I am in the wig!

I wanted good lighting even though it was a dark winter day… so I had to stand in front of my house’s plastic siding (not cute!)… so enjoy some pixel hearts background instead!
I pinned it up into two ponytails as shown by in this tutorial by Angelic Pretty’s Maki and Asuka! All you need are two falls and a matching base wig. It only takes a few seconds (can’t beat that!) By the way, the wigs used in Maki and Asuka’s tutorial are from zephyr

You can also see the method by video from shelbycloud.I really love her videos, she’s so cute and they’re so informative! I can’t wait to see part 2 of her wig video :)

I was so excited to try this style, I haven’t had a typical lolita wig before… I feel so dolly like and delicate! (Mostly cause… if I move my head too much I’m afraid I’ll lose a ponytail…Yipe!) And it’s a little heavy but… I think all lolita wigs are heavy once you add clip-on falls, a huge bow,star-shaped lollipops, My Little Ponies… I think you get the picture!

Wigs are my new fascination, I want so many! I’m in love how it can instantly and completely change your look and outfit! By the way, I’m going to be selling my pink Miwako curls wig for anyone interested. I love it, it’s so bouncy and poodle-y, but it’s not quite the right pink for my skin :(

I can’t wait to see what else Minty Mix comes out with! Which is your favorite split wig color?

Australia’s Next Top Model Meets Kawaii TV


In the tradition of the Price of Beauty episode, here’s another mass-media show where western fashion and kawaii culture clash. Western media usually gives a dismissive brush to Japan’s subcultural fashions, and this has its share. But I’m not going to analyze every eyeroll, every Western model asked to wear frills, her faced pained and insulted, wishing she could be somewhere else.
Four Australian models from Australia’s Next Top Model (a modeling competition/reality TV show, for those unfamiliar) are taken to Japan where they hook up with Kawaii TV and four Japanese subculture fashion experts for gal, fairy, schoolgirl, and fashion lolita – including the Kawaii Ambassadors Misako Aoki, famed lolita model, and Yu Kimura of fairy-kei/popkei.
It’s always interesting to see girls who have no previous interest in the culture or fashions thrust into them. Because of their ages (around the 18 – 21 bracket) I can’t help but compare them to myself and other followers of kawaii fashion in a similiar demographic. We’ve always known that the fashion is not for everyone – to them it may seem strange, or even silly – but it’s amazing just how much we differ from these girls. Inside of our bubbles of fashion, magazines, blogs, music and friends, I find it’s easy to acclimate to the culture I’ve chosen to live in. As I tell bewildered strangers, this life and style feels normal to me. Even my parents and close friends are unsurprised when I dash in dressed like a cupcake, a giant pink wig on my head stuffed with bows, stickers and jewels. Of course that’s cute, I think to myself as one model is lucky enough to be kidnapped to Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Hop like a cute little bunny in a giant fluffy bunny-eared hat? I’d be delighted. But it’s a rude awakening when one of the models derisively speaks of her prize for winning the fashion show challenge… A Baby bonnet, pale pink and fixed with delicate millinery roses. Her hair pulled tautly back, she wraps it around her head and affects a mocking expression with her eyebrows. “I think it really suits me,” she says sarcastically, toying with the ribbons. My eyes narrow. Unbeknownst to her are the thousands of girls who would scrimp and save for such a pretty ornament; unbeknownst to her are the thousands of yen it would cost to purchase (most likely 11 to 16,000, roughly $120 – 170 USD). She has know idea how many girls would die to even see a Baby shop, let alone get their personal tour and dress-up time with Misako Aoki, an idol and celebrity in her own right. This harks back to the Price of beauty episode – where celebrity designers and figureheads Maki and Asuka are treated as mere ‘Harajuku girls’.

At one point in the video one girls says they tried not to laugh at each other’s appearances, as they wanted to be respectful. This, at least, is a far cry from the Price of Beauty episode with Jessica Simpson, which could did not even attempt some modicum of decorum. While the effort is appreciated, I wish they could have taken this challenge more seriously and been more open-minded about the fashion they were experiencing. Although the western world tends to take fashion as one whole, branching down from haute couture, fashion and its principles are quite mutable and diverse across place, generation, and time. Assuming that anything other than the norm is costume-like or inferior is a very juvenile behavior. As stated in the show, many up-and-coming designers begin in Japan. Like it or not, Japan is placing its wedge(d heel) securely in the fashion world.
And, for all of their derision about kawaii fashion, it is worthy of note that the Australian models do not pull off the look very well. The Japanese fashion model (and ergo the lolita, gal, popkei and schoolgirl models) are of a very different design than the typical western model. The schoolgirl expert nervously chuckles about one Australian model’s height, and as we’ve seen many times over in
the Paris lolita fashion shows (Baby the Stars Shine Bright at Japan Expo in Paris, right), there is something missing and out of place with the stereotypical western fashion model in lolita fashion. She can be done to the hilt in hair and makeup, but her sharp features, prized by western ads and runways, are not appropriate. In contrast, Japanese fashion models are preferred to be rounder-cheeked and doll-like, with large eyes and small, bunnyish noses. Many lolitas (Asian and non-Asian, from inside and outside of Japan) known for their good looks tend to possess these features. As Japanese fashion continues to expand, we’ve seen a change in what some cultures find beautiful – lolitas in many different countries have changed their views to value the same features as kawaii models already. I’m thankful, finally, for my tiny stature – though mainstream American culture tells me that tall, willowy girls are the ideal. These western models are considered very good looking and beautiful in their career field and culture, but what if the tables were turned? It would be useful for a model to keep exposures of all fashions and beauty ideals in mind; perhaps one day her career could depend on it!
Unfortunately it’s the lolita model in this episode who is the most negative, saying she could hardly keep a straight face and declaring for the off-camera confessional, ‘Oh, ew, girly pink!’ The other models, some more than others, seemed eager to learn and do well with the challenge, despite being unfamiliar with the fashion.
Are my feathers ruffled from a simple lack of respect, as usual? Is this just more boorish outsider-ness that annoys me? At this point in the game I rarely expect mainstream media to accurately or favorably portray lolita fashion; but I always have that hope that someone will finally get the facts straight and reveal exactly the complex culture we have hidden behind our frills and candy-colored petticoats. I suppose I merely want the mainstream to, if not love, appreciate our unique lifestyle. But whether or not that will occur before our culture passes away (all good things and all fairytales must come to an end, eventually), is yet to be seen.
What are you reactions to the video? If you were unfamiliar with Japanese subcultural or kawaii fashion, would you feel the same as the girls in the video?
Note: This episode aired in September, but I only just saw it online, so apologies if this is old news to you!

Cosplay Wigs USA Review!

Recently I decided that the area in which I’ve really been lacking is wigs. I love my natural hair and its unnatural color – Little Twin Star pink – so I’ve always internally considered a wig to be betraying my hair! Especially if it wasn’t pink! But ever since I saw a Kera where a girl with blue hair went brunette for the day, I feel freed to try new styles. But with my newest wig purchase I didn’t deviate far – it’s still a pink curly wig ;)

I wanted something poofy and poodly, almost in line with the current lolita-afro trend. Cosplay Wigs USA answered my call with their Miwako Sakurada wig – a pink base wig with giant, fluffy, never-fail ringlet ponytail clip-ons. Here’s their stock photo:
And for everyone who doesn’t know Miwako, she’s my favorite character from the manga/anime Paradise Kiss. Before anyone jumps to conclusions, yes, Cosplay Wigs USA does cater to the lolita market with lolita-specific wigs, not just ones for cosplay. Miwako is actually a lolita character however, so she straddles the line. (She’s sort of a hair/style hero for me!)
Miwako and her signature giant pink curls:

Service was excellent. I was dubious when I decided to order through their Facebook page, but they replied promptly with an invoice that I could easily pay through Paypal. I needed my wig for NYAF/NYCC event and knowing that some lolita shops run on a whole other time schedule, I wanted to make sure I would get it within two weeks. It came within two days – from order to my door. Pretty soon I was wrestling it out of the bag and trying it on.
Seeing as it has ponytail clips and I still felt guilty about betraying my hair, I tried to use them as clip-ins a few times. With some creative twisting and clipping, they would stay. The only problem is that they have small mouths on the clips, which means hiding my ever-lengthening hair wasn’t that easy. And unfortunately, the pink chosen for the Miwako wig has a slightly orange cast, which didn’t quite match with my purer pink. For color reference, the KiraKiraJenJen wig I owned until recently matches my hair perfectly. Here’s the photo of me in just the clip-ins (roots and all):
The nice thing about the wig base is that it matches perfectly and of course never has roots. I like to experiment with it by changing the location of the clips, like placing both of them on one side for the giant fluffy ponytail affect. Sure beats teasing, spraying and curling my own poor hair before a big event! I’m trying to be kinder to it, it’s going through the breakage stage :(
The wig base worked out fairly well for a big day at the con. My only thought was that the base was a little small – it didn’t quite cover the roots along the base of my neck. But I didn’t have to trim the bangs, which was a bonus. It stayed in place all day and was very comfortable and didn’t look too cosplayish or odd with lolita. As said, I wish it was a purer, crystal pink, but the oranger pink is an interesting twist that could look very pop-kei if used right. Here’s a picture of me from NYAF (with the lovely Paulette! thanks so much for the photo!):
My favorite part about this wig is that it’s a great deco-lolita base. I managed to fit on a lolita hairbow, a Hello Kitty fluffy bow, two heart-shaped earrings, a felt bear brooch, a mini tiara, and a star lollipop brooch (the curls even wound around the stick! the wig eats candy! O-O!!) It’s also quite soft to the touch. I finger-combed the curls to make them look less artificial and separated, which seems to have worked pretty well.
If you want to buy your own Cosplay Wig USA lolita wig, I recommend their Facebook page. Their website is still small and doesn’t have all the styles for sale. Just send them a PM with your invoice email and which model you want, and they’ll send you an invoice direct to your email.
I’m hoping to take that big leap into the natural-color section soon and try a honey-brown lolita wig next! We’ll see how strange THAT looks! ;)

Alice’s Teacup Restaurant Review

Sunday was date day for the usual NYC loli-blogging crew! We got dolled up, brought our boys, and settled in for a good afternoon’s mad tea party. Alice’s Teacup was a place we had been dying to try for a while – one of three Alice restaurants sprinkled throughout the city. Our particular location was Chapter 2 – the second location to be added.

Though tiny downstairs and only slightly more spacious upstairs (by way of a tiny winding staircase), the decor of the place was the biggest hit. The ceiling, a beautiful haint blue, was decorated with fairy wings, which you could request for purchase. Murals of Alice illustrations and book passages decorated panels of wall or scrolled around booths. In the bathroom mirror, backwards writing could be read to say ‘Employees must wash hands… or off with their heads!’

The food was beautifully served, though in my opinion, nothing to write home about. The fare was traditional teatime – scones, cucumber and watercress sandwiches, smoked salmon on pumpernickel. (I happened to be craving smoked salmon, but there you go.) The chocolate mousse with honey cream was good, but as said, I wasn’t especially impressed with the food. It was perfectly palatable, but not amazingly inspired or mind-blowing. Below: part of the Mad Hatter’s tea for two on the sandwich level.

However, Alice’s is a good place for cocktails, believe it or not! They boast a wide range of mar-tea-nis – tea-infused cocktails like ‘Chai Me Up’ with frangelico and amaretto, or Earl Grey and lavender teas with a dose of vodka. I ordered a Queen of Hearts which was vervain tea with fresh mint and raspberries – a mostly mint and garden-fresh flavor that was actually quite strong. So if you’re over 21 and looking for afternoon cocktails in a comfortable, tea salon-style atmosphere, this is your place.

Here’s all the boys of our gang, swooning over an Alice Deco shoved at them ;) Pictured left to right: Dalin of La Vida Frills’ Sean, my own boy Matt, Crystal of Pretty Wonderland‘s husband John, and Miss Lumpy’s Stefan. (Is this what lolita fanciers talk about?! O-o)

Unfortunately I forgot to take an outfit shot that day! It was mostly casual from the dress down, so no huge loss there. But I’m pretty pleased with my hime hair – which, with the use of ‘cheerleader approved’ 24-hour spray, didn’t die even after 12 hours in the humidity! So here’s my ‘couple shot’ – and glimpse of my new white colorway Wonder Cookie!

Bonus – Crystal’s glitter eyelashes! Her secret: brush your lashes with clear mascara and then pat on shaped and iridescent glitter while they’re still wet. The effect is very fantastical and whimsical, and goes so well with her crystal blue eyes:

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