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OOTD: Diamond Honey at The Kawaii Society

Last Sunday was my first time checking out The Kawaii Society, and I was excited to wear my Diamond Honey dress for the first time! I snapped this up from and it’s the comfiest lolita piece I have for summer. Light chiffon, cute ribbon accents on the bib, detachable bows – this onepiece has it all. I didn’t even wear a petticoat with this, and it still looked perfectly polished.




Selfie and nail art detail: nails done by my favorite, @pika.pi_nails (check out her insta!)

Bonus: After eating sweets at The Kawaii Society (two words: unicorn cupcakes), we still felt the need to try an ice cream spot I had read about in the Gothamist. And, y’know, this cone happened to match my coordinate. Sweet lolita priorities.

Soft Swerve has unique, brightly-colored cones in Asian fusion flavors like ube (Filipino purple yam, for the uninitiated), matcha, black sesame, and their popularly Gothic cones in black chocolate, topped with a number of sprinkles like red velvet cake crumbs or Lucky Charms styled marshmallows. Here’s mine!


Just like we featured Top 10 Best Pink Instagram-Worthy Spots and Cafes of New York City, we are also going to do a top ten cutest Insta-worthy ice cream parlors of New York City! So, do you think SoftSwerve makes the cut?!

I loved chatting up the kawaii people I met at The Kawaii Society! Expect a spotlight on the up-and-coming club for New York kawaii aficionados this week!


OOTD: Team Mermicorn


After last year’s mermaid frenzy, I can just sense that the world was headed for Unicorn Universe, at least trend-wise. What has all the same shimmer, glitter, and pop of the mermaid world but has a fresh, bright color palette for spring? Unicorn style, of course. I wish I could buy stock in these sparkly beasties.

When Starbucks says they’re releasing a very limited drink run of the unicorn frappuccino, I knew no matter what it tasted like, I had to try out anything that promised to give me that pastel-swirl look. (The life cycle of the unicorn frappe has already turned – sorry, Starbucks, but except for us Insta-happy pastelitas, apparently colors aren’t enough to make a gimmick hit. Caramel may be beige, but it’s still a fan favorite.)

To get my obnoxiously rainbow swirl drink, I had to put together a matching outfit (cause I am extra like that). Starbucks mermaid goes head to head with unicorn realness in the bright pop art graffiti of Starbucks’ home zip code, Seattle’s very own 206. I spent my summers kicking around Seattle visiting my grandmother up on Aloha Street and cutting my teeth on Capital Hill, so this outfit is also a homage to the colors of the Emerald City.






dress, Dollskill; unicorn silk jacket, 6%DokiDoki; mermaid snapback, Norwalk Aquarium; opal marble iphone case, Velvet Caviar; bag, Liz Lisa; unicorn puffer jacket,

So okay – did I like the flavor? I was pretty skeptical about mango in this color scheme – mango to me says creamsicle orange or golden yellow, like in my favorite Korean Paris Baguette puddings. But yes, I did taste mango in the main body of the frappe, and I wouldn’t be surprised if mango makes a permanent resurgence onto the Starbucks menu. The sour powder that gives it the signature color was fun at first, but between it and the super-sugar content, it only survived about 1/2 way through the drink before all I had left was ice and colors. Verdict? It wasn’t terrible, but it definitely was a once-in-a-blue-moon hype stunt. Love it or hate it, you have to admit Starbucks did get us all excited to see a real soon-to-be legend.

OOTD: Korean Study Date and Marron Cream Cake!


I had a fun afternoon date with my friend Alice this past weekend to practice our Korean and she introduced me to a cute new Japanese teashop and bakery on New York City’s Upper East Side. I wear this comfy pastel pink Liz Lisa look a lot, but I think this is the first time I ever photographed it in an outfit shot!

This is actually two pieces, an underbust top and a matching dusty pink mini-skirt. They are both super comfortable, and pair well together to create the look of a layered onepiece. I even sneak this top under jumperskirts sometime to mix up my lolita style; it’s been really versatile for me.


Harbs is a Japanese bakery with desserts blending Asian sweets flavors with French traditional patisserie style, such as mille-feuilles and crepe cakes. Mine is cream cake with with layers of sweet potato (in Korean, we call this ggomuma) and sweet chestnut, both typical flavors in Asian desserts. It was incredibly creamy and smooth! If you’re in the area, definitely be sure to check out Harbs for a sweet afternoon treat. I’m considering going back in a few weeks for the spring, since they’re known for their cherry blossom-strewn sakura cake.

I’m working on a guide to the best teatime and cake spots in New York City in conjunction with Lolita and the City, so look for it! It’s great for both locals looking for a new spot or vacationers looking to see the cutest and most Insta-worthy places in the city to enjoy cute foods, cakes, desserts and bubble teas. It’s… becoming big… expect multiple installments, if it gets any bigger! What can I say? NYC is bursting with lovely tea shops and patisseries! If you have a favorite NYC teashop, be sure to leave it in the comments below or on the Parfait Doll Facebook page!



Hot Times at CoolMess

This has been the summer of ice cream for me. Now that I’m fully recovered from my kidney transplant, my diet is now free to include as much dairy products as I can stomach. Drippy, melty, icy treats have been my poison of choice this season, and I decided to celebrate my birthday by ticking off my list of top New York ice creameries – starting with CoolMess on 62nd St. (Check out Time Out New York for a great guide to local ice cream shops if you want to get your cream on.)

CoolMess is a brightly colored escape from the heat with one key feature – make-your-own mix-in soft-serve done right at your table. We went with a rainbow-theme for our vanilla creation – gummy bears, strawberry slices and mini M&Ms – and a salted caramel vibe for the chocolate, featuring Heath Bar chunks, caramel sauce and whole chocolate-covered pretzels. The staff assists you with making your cool messipe, so it’s pretty foolproof. And if you’re really hungry, or just want to dip your fries in your frosty, you can order directly from their partner Burger Heaven downstairs.

This was my first time in a long time putting together a video for the website! Back in 2008, I used to have a very small Youtube channel called the Charm Channel, as partnered with the original incarnation of my blog, Lolita Charm. I’m working on updating my video game so I can start making on-location and in-studio videos for you all with lots of fun content. This is just a little taste to start! Let me know what kind of video content you’d like to see on Parfait Doll! The channel is also up and running if you’d like to subscribe.

Sprinkles, rainbows, and neon were key style points at CoolMess.


I chose to wear the ultimate ice-cream-theme dress for my party – Angelic Pretty’s iconic print Milky Planet. Even though it’s an older collection nowadays, the glitter, rainbows, and castles made out of ice cream cones are still one of my favorite looks. I recently heard the 2008 – 2012 period referred to as the Angelic Pretty ‘golden years’ and I have to say, I agree. Some of their best work was produced in the early days of print mania, and it’s not hard to see why they were the standard of lolita fashion particularly at the time.

Here’s to another great year of fashion and blogging! Thanks to all of my squad who came out to help me celebrate!

Outfit of the Day: Hummingmint Goes Lolita

Deer me! It’s time for another weekly blog update. I posted a few teasers of this outfit already on my Instagram @victoriasuzanne – it even got picked up by Gothic Lolita Wigs for a repost due to featuring their pretty Classic Wavy mint wig!

After styling a cute casual princess look based around Sanrio’s Hummingmint character for, I got inspired by the little deer. Florals and mint and roses are perfect for chasing away all this winter. With springtime coming, I thought bringing a lolita version of Hummingmint to life would be an adorable sweet lolita look.




I’m not sure my spring-invoking method worked, though, cause we got hit with a fresh round of snow early that morning.

Dress: Metamorphose Tempes De Fille; boots, coat, DreamV; cardigan, eBay; necktie, Pinkly Ever After; hairband, Forever21; Hummingmint accessories by Sanrio

Outfit of the Day: Easter Bunday

Sweet lolita has its moments of pure cotton-candy-land fairytale – the bright, loud looks that just inspire sugary daydreams. This dress, Angelic Pretty’s Happy Garden print, is one of the latter – a strawberry lemonade pink sky showing a field of rainbow Easter bunnies in bright green clover. It’s perfect if you’re planning on hanging out with your local mall Easter bunny. I paired mine with a mint spiral wig and some tall pink bunny ears. I love the opportunity to go all-out with full on fantasy style coordinates.  resize1



Blouse, badge: Kokokim; Jumperskirt, rabbit head pass case: Angelic Pretty; socks, shoes, bow: offbrand

I’ve been wearing these heart-strap shoes for a while now and love how delicate and dainty they look, but I also love that they are so comfortable! Lolita shoes can really be a struggle depending on your foot needs and the style you want – I prefer something a little less bubble-toed than the average style. These would be another great addition to my collection!


For me, no outfit shot seems to be complete without a tasty food review! Hey, sweet lolitas gotta sweet, right? The Flour Garden Bakery in Connecticut had an amazing display of beautiful traditional Easter sweets, everything from cupcakes to sugar cookies and Easter egg cakes. I got a platter of assorted cookies to take to my family’s holiday dinner, and a little treat for the photographer and myself – mini caramel cheesecake and buttercream bunny cupcakes.


That pink sugar bunny and malted pearl totally got to my heart! What’s your favorite springtime dessert? I am so sad I missed the cherry blossom frappuccino at Starbucks – anyone got a copycat recipe?


Teatime with Marie: Angelic Pretty x Disney

I have always been a Disney girl since I was small (wasn’t everyone when they were little?), but it’s something that has only blossomed with age. The cute characters and movies I loved as a kid, I appreciate more now for their stunning watercolored backgrounds and concept art sketches. Here in America, Disney princess products are still relegated to kids’ toothbrushes and backpacks, but in Japan, the niche market of Disney adult fans creates delicate, feminine merch. No velcro sneakers here – think gilded wallets or charm bracelets honoring Belle, Rapunzel, and Ariel. Check the Disney Japan webshop if you want to drool along with me!


My biggest obsession is that my favorite lolita brand, Angelic Pretty, has teamed up with Disney to create several beautiful lolita dresses. At this last International Lolita Day, I wore my first Disney x Angelic Pretty piece, which features soft renditions of Disney princesses in snowglobes, topped with a huge lavender bow.

This latest release is themed around everyone’s favorite princessy white kitten from the 70s’ film The Aristocats. Marie lives a pampered French life set in the Victorian period, and this dress shows her favorite things in the pattern like roses, hair combs, butterflies and perfume bottles.

I decided to put together a cute and fluffy coordinate for Marie’s new onepiece. The outer layer shows off her white fur, with a soft pink wig and silky bows set against sweets-themed Triple Fortune cat ears. And then, naturally, we went out to tea.



If you’re looking for a quaint neighborhood to explore in western Connecticut, consider an afternoon in downtown Seymour. Only a couple blocks wide and easily walkable, the town has a collection of consignment and antique shops framed by a tea parlor (Tea with Tracy) on one side and a cupcakery (Wildflour Cupcakes) on the other. We went to both!



While Tea with Tracy certainly has the cutest decor and a very large tea menu, we found the actual food items to be small and pricey. I’d loved to revamp their idea of cucumber with mint cream cheese into a heartier black-and-white sandwich stuffed with sprouts, and their butternut squash soup was sadly a bit one-note. I always add curry to mine! Though my photographer will attest that the toasted marshmallow hot cocoa really did taste like toasted marshmallow, at least in a sort of Jelly-Belly flavored way.

As for Wildflour confections, we picked up a box of take-home cupcakes from their selection, sporting everything from juicy maraschino cherries to sparkly Easter peeps. The only downside is, I wasn’t fast enough to eat any myself – the family got to them first! Still, they had an adorable interior if you wanted a cozy place to meet up with friends or dare I say, take a few photos… (If it was possible to hide a couch in your purse, trust me, I totally would have.)


Where are your favorite places to have tea in your neighborhood? Is there some secret recipe to make a great teahouse? Out of all the ones I’ve tried so far, I’m still on the hunt!

Walrus + Carpenter Meets Alice

Today I celebrated six months with my boyfriend, so we hit up one of our favorite smokehouse gastropubs along the Connecticut shoreline. Lately food and cooking has become one of my new hobbies, and I hope to add cute cooking, kawaii domestic life and even foodie reviews to Parfait Doll to share more of my life with you, my readers! (Anyone else obsessed with pink cookware, for example?)

There is everything down-home about this restaurant, named the Walrus + Carpenter after a reference to the classic Alice in Wonderland. While there is a homage to the literary oysters on the menu, there’s a much bigger slant towards smoked and pulled pork, brisket, fried chicken and mac and cheese. And they do brunch. We are so there.


Honey-sriracha caramel on fried chicken and waffles that slowly candied on my plate, paired with some fresh bitter greens and in the background, baked mac and cheese robed in a crunchy bread crumb top. If only every breakfast could look this good.

On this breezy day hoping vainly for spring, I wore this pink Liz Lisa outfit. Even in the grayness of late winter, I love showing off my happily pink-again rosy hair courtesy of Overtone – my new go-to for fantasy hair color care, which I’ll be reviewing soon.

The key point to this outfit is the printed stockings and mini (my mini-est of minis) skirt. The tights are only printed to look like thigh highs – no sagging here. The bottoms are white and tops are nylon toned to keep with that cutesy anime girl illusion. Wearing a teeny skirt (with small modesty bloomers, of course) emphasizes the line between the white stockings and the lace hem. Layers on top add fluffy warmth.




And of course, no date would be complete without an appearance from the leading man. To my very patient Instagram photographer and loving boyfriend, cheers to six months!


Tokyo Otaku Mode Liz Lisa Review!

Liz Lisa Lucky Pack

It’s been a long time since I had that January rush of lucky pack season. When I first started wearing jfashion, lucky packs, or the as the Japanese say, ‘fukubukuro’, were the hot item to build a starter wardrobe and start girls prepping their Christmas grandma money every late holiday season. They’re still a big deal in Japan – especially if you can swing your vacation days to be there in person, lining up in the Tokyo cold to get giant discounted suitcases from your favorite design houses.

My first lucky pack was from Angelic Pretty, but as my style has grown I locked my eyes on my other favorite fashion darling, Liz Lisa. Typically when I purchase from Liz Lisa I buy secondhand from friends or on eBay. This was my first time shopping with Tokyo Otaku Mode, a middleman retailer like a giant Japanime online mall. They host a number of fashion brands I like, including Milklim and Swankiss, not to mention more figurines and kigurumi than you can swipe your mom’s credit card at.

In general, a great shopping experience: easy to understand and use English website, no extra fees, free shipping, and even a 10% off coupon that will probably convince me to come back post-holiday season.

Liz Lisa Lucky Pack

For $150, my lucky pack featured a large zipper-style purse with pink grosgrain ribbon (which, I must tell you, I have used every day since); an ice-grey tulle skirt; a white cowl sweater with scalloped edges; and a soft double-breasted camel coat. All together they make a complete outfit, but they also work to flesh out the rest of my wardrobe’s skirts and sweaters for an easy casual winter coordinate.

There’s also a new Bobon21 lucky pack on the site I’m eyeing – isn’t this a cute set? Everything you need to dress sweetly on a snowy day!



New York Fashion Week


“Why are there, like, people in costumes here?” asks the blogger/yuppie/hipster in front of me, in her ironic black fedora and gauchos. Her spirit animal is probably a pumpkin spice latte. Dwarfing her and her two lookalike companions are a slew of ladies in layers and layers of chiffon, drooping princess sleeves and towering Victorian-era bonnets stuffed with pastel roses. “It’s fashion,” I reply. “Isn’t that the point of New York Fashion Week?”

This year, Gothic Lolita Wigs generously gifted thirty New York Fashion Week Art Hearts Fashion Show tickets to the New York City lolita community. On a sweltering day outside Lincoln Center lolitas came en mass along with the rest of the fashionable world.


Classical over-the-top style seemed to be most popular, in tones of cream and ballet pink. Bonnets continued to be a staple of 2014, whether small and soft or large and structured with buckram. With the arrival of Tokyo Rebel back in the city, Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Innocent World are experiencing a burst in popularity as well, though Angelic Pretty’s less sugary designs are still common.

collage2Inside the Mercedes-Benz fashion show lobby, the guests could enjoy complimentary pear and strawberry cordials. At the TREsemme exhibit there was a booth for taking your own .gifs, and free selfie remotes for snagging perfect portraits without wonky selfie-arms. The show was a smash hit – you can check out the amazing footage from designers Mister Triple X, Control Sector, Gregorio Sanchez, Altaf Maaneshia, Hallie Sara, Shrekahnth, MTCostello, and Furne Amato.


My outfit for the fashion show – Crystal Dream Carnival, a heart bag, and my Alice and the Pirates bonnet with a Moss Marchen silk roses bow. I revived this older cinnamon Gothic Lolita Wigs hairpiece for the occasion – I wanted a richer color than my usual blonde.

After the show, a few of my friends and I hailed a cab to Soho to hit up the Anna Sui afterparty. Besides a 70% off sale on her gorgeous designer clothing, there was also champagne with rose petals for guests and makeup demonstrations with their setting powders, blushes and lipsticks. It was a great way to wind down the day – followed by Japanese comfort food at Hiroko’s and tall Japanese style parfaits!

Everyone looked beautiful, and I met so many new people. I had a lot of fun attending New York Fashion Week – hopefully I can attend next year’s, too!

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