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Roomspiration: My Princess Bed Canopy


 photo by Darwin Chan

It’s clearly nesting season for me – I spend way too much time looking at decor ideas and coming up with more ways to bring sweet pastel style into my space. Making my bed the perfect centerpiece has been a long obsession – finding the right bedding and sheets, and adding just the right knick-knacks to the headboard. All of the decor pictured a flowing jellyfish-like netting – check out some of my favorite examples!


I ordered this canopy off Amazon, and I had another much flimsier one I had ordered a while back off eBay. Layering the two together gave me extra volume and movement in the netting.

I knew I would need to decorate it to give it more of that princess flavor I wanted. A big bow was the answer, so I dug through my collection of bits and bobs. After nearly nine years (!!!) of dressing in lolita I’ve collected random appendages of brand – stationary, stickers, key chains and giveaways. In this case I found an old pair of waist-ties that no longer match a dress, trimmed with Angelic Pretty lace. I used some washi tape pink crochet lace to add some definition and made it into a bow with a little hand-stitching. I’m still thinking of adding some white fairy lights or faux roses to add more fairy-tale style. Here’s another picture of the canopy at night, with the lamp in the center on.


If you don’t want to purchase a canopy, you can try making your own with one of these tutorials. I found it was just easier to purchase one and then start decorating, but the handier among you may prefer to go DIY. Try experimenting with different shapes, pinnings, fabric and dowels or cord.

I’m also slowly adding to my wall gallery – besides the usual Angelic Pretty magazine pages, I’ve included a few of my Instagrams as Polaroids (loved this tutorial from Wonder Forest!) and two of my vision boards. I’ll be talking more about that as my gallery grows! What sort of lolita decor have you been working on lately?

P.S. – Wearing: Everything Liz Lisa!

Stephanie Visits New York City!

This Saturday, Stephanie was visiting from Canada, so I arranged a meetup so she could hang out with all (and it seems like I really mean all, it was definitely the ‘lolita army’ on the move!) the New York City lolitas. We were threatened with rain, but the showers held off and the lighting was beautifully overcast. I also got to spend time with two other friends, Joanna and Nina, for the first time, plus all my favorites, so it was really a lovely day!

After we nabbed some quick lunch at a French cafe (the croque monsieur, my dream boyfriend, goodness was that good!) we stopped off for milkshakes at LT Burger on the way to the meetup. I had been dying to try their macaron milkshake! It’s made with almond gelato and chunks of marzipan, and it’s topped with a macaron. (Which I didn’t get to eat, since it was under the dome lid…)

We met everyone at the mall in fear of rain, but the rain seemed to hold off, so we headed to Central Park, where Stephanie took photos of everyone! Waiting in front of the mall, I also got an impromptu interview for some kind of television project… all in the life of a New York City girl ;)

All the girls in Angelic Pretty at the meet! Tia in Lyrical Bunny, Lexie in Sugary Carnival, myself in Sweet Cream House, Nina in Ribbon Marchen, and Joanna and Stephanie twinning in Decoration Dream! Decoration Dream is the most adorable buttercream shade of yellow in person, so much different than the stock photos online… Officially added to my dream dress list!

Double outfit shot! Here’s Stephanie and I posed together. I’m wearing:

Sweet Cream Salopette, pink cutsew, bracelets, rings, hair ribbon, parka (not shown) by Angelic Pretty

Sheer ribbon socks, teddy bear clip by Baby the Stars Shine Bright | Pink wedges by Bodyline | Pink bag by unknown brand

Resting my feet in Central Park, this adorable couple wanted a picture with us and their tiny French bulldog puppy, a little sack of warm black velvet named Morticia. How perfect is that? She needs a Gomez! Honestly, having a stranger walk up to me and put a puppy in my lap was the highlight of the day.

photos courtesy of Lolita And the City

 I’m so glad we all got to spend time together on Saturday! There were so many people I couldn’t get photos of everyone, I’m sorry! Hope to see you all again soon – and hope that Stephanie can come back to visit soon… or maybe I’ll head up to Toronto some day for a visit!

Spring Break!

First, a brief update: there was a bit of a behind-the-scenes technical scare for Parfait Doll in the past two weeks. My hosting service was about to run out – and they had really gotten me steamed up by automatically charging my account for the next year’s fees. After two weeks of angrily shopping around, I decided it’d be more hassle than frugality to switch services. If you saw any updates or statuses talking about changing the domain name, this is why! While I still think about it from time to time, will still be the address to find this blog for the next year, until March 2013!

Now that that’s been all straightened out, I can get back to doing what I love to do: writing!

In the past week, my darling best friend Ellejay of Sherry and Cookies (where you can see lots of VIDEO of the past week!) came to stay and enjoy the freakishly warm weather we’ve bee having in New York City and Connecticut – just in time for spring break! Here we are in New York City last Saturday, me duckin’ with my lips. (It was an accident, I swear.)

In this photo, since many people have asked, I’m wearing the blonde Elizabeth wig from Arda Wigs. It was decent quality and fairly inexpensive, so check them out! (Also wearing: Dreamy Dollhouse from Angelic Pretty, ManiaQ hoodie, and my vintage DIY pink denim jacket!)

In the past week we… went antiquing (my county is known for its antiques), visited the beach one blustering afternoon, made Angelic Pretty “fakie” heart macarons, ate more Japanese food than is reasonably healthy (there would be photos of my first time eating pho, too, but I was so eager to eat it photos fell to the wayside!), and generally had fun dressing up together every day and swapping accessories back and forth. All the lolita clothes in my room made it look like a bomb hit!

Lauren came over and with our magical lolita powers we dressed her up in endless classic coordinates. Earlier in the week Dalin, Ellejay, Bianca and myself ended up in a Disney store castle, and for dinner out we went triplets in lavender.

Oh, and then we had some swordfights. In case you were wondering, Ellejay is the master of swordfights (though Lauren gave her a run for her money). In this case I really am more of a Rarity…

10 Ways to Cute-ify Your Room

Way back in 2009, I started writing the series It’s Your Castle, about lolita interior decorating and home crafting. It’s been a while since it had any fresh fodder! I tend to want to craft and redecorate mainly in the winter, when I am snuggled under covers and unable to go very far (three cheers for being snowed in!). Lately I’m not working on any huge redecoration projects, but I have lots of little ones to occupy my weekends! Here are ten easy cute-ifications for your bedroom you can do in an afternoon:

1. Line your drawers. This used to be a very popular past-time, but seems to have gone off the wayside – lining your dresser drawers. They even used to sell scented paper as a substitute for sachets. Typically they were a delicate floral. You can use floral wallpaper, scrapbook paper, or even just wrapping paper. That way when you reach the bottom of the drawers, you see pretty paper instead of the plain bottoms!

Who else loved the bedroom from Pretty in Pink?! 

2. Line the backs of bookcases. Along the same lines as the previous – use pretty paper to line the backs of bookshelves! I have a very simple, white put-it-together-yourself kind of bookcase, which I hadn’t been fond of, but recently found it useful for housing my wig heads and dollhouse for my Byul, Violet. All you need is a little double-side tape and perhaps a trip to the scrapbook shop and you’re in business!

3. Add sheer, delicate curtains to bookcases. If you’d prefer a subtler look or wish to minimize ugly storage all together, it’s very easy to add simple curtains. I got this idea from looking at snaps of Maki’s bedroom, where she camouflaged her hulking PC with simple dot fabric. For bookcases, all you need is a spring-loaded curtain rod that fits along the top – add a length of sheer or simply cute fabric as a long curtain. You could also do this for large computer desks, or even as closet doors.

4. Display like things together in cute vignettes. Recently I re-discovered a mirrored tray and put it on my bureau, then collected together some of my favorite pink things like a pink ring box, Hello Kitty lipgloss, Victoria’s Secret mints, and a pink bottle of perfume.

5. Put up a ribbon board of bulletin board to show off your favorite things. I am one of those people that collects and saves little pieces of paper or notecards – I still have letters my friends wrote in me in high school! The ribbon board above my desk is a collection of all things cute – samples of Angelic Pretty prints, my brand tag collection, notes from sellers on cute stationary, and even a ribbon printed with Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s name. Making my own ribbon board was easy! I took an old painting canvas (and, thankfully, covered up one of the embarrassing paintings I did as a sophomore in high school) and covered it with a little quilting batting and rose printed cotton, wrapping it around the canvas and stapling it to the wooden frame in back. Next I stapled ribbons on to the frame and held the network in place with big pink buttons, stitched right through the canvas. Here’s a tutorial for basically the same idea.

Ribbon boards have the added bonus of keeping all your memorabilia intact – no pin holes – but for those who prefer bulletin boards, I’ve seen a beautiful sample lately where a vintage lace table cloth is pinned over the corkboard for a delicate, cleaner feel. You can cover the thumb tacks with vintage buttons or cute deco cabochons if you like as well.

6. Canopies! I had a canopy bed when I was little and adored it – the first set was a carousel horse with heart-shaped balloons, the second simply lilac. As a ridiculous teenager I decided they made the room ‘too closed in’ and thusly my canopy bed went on to greener pastures. You might find a canopy bed at a flea market, but a simpler and cheaper option is a round canopy, often called a mosquito net. You can purchase one for around $20 – $30, or make your own with a large embroidery hoop and a lot of sheer fabric like tulle. Feel free to customize by adding roses, loops of pearl or ribbon, or even sequins. You could even drape your canopy around something other than the bed – like a vanity, desk, or comfy chair.

7. Window clings. If you can find them, jelly window clings look super-sweet on mirrors and windows. I have a set of strawberries and cakes from when Mother Garden had a US location, but they’re becoming more popular lately. Look around at Valentine’s Day – you may find some hearts!

8. Find yourself a jewelry rack/tree. Ever since I received my jewelry rack shaped like the Eiffel Tower this Christmas, I’ve loved picking out my most-loved pieces and displaying them in a shiny, trailing mass. Plus, it’s easier to see your favorite items, and you’ll never have to untangle a necklace when running out the door again.

9. Curtain tie-backs. Let the light in and add some adorability by making curtain tie-backs. Whether you choose something simple like grosgain ribbon (make sure to sear the ends against fraying), antique ropes of pearls, or even strings of faux roses, they’ll add some pizazz. I love using pink satin for decor, so I’m going to make a few ribbon tie-backs with easy-to-use snaps.

10. When all else fails… cover it with roses. Or crystals. Or black lace. Find your favorite motif, bust out the DIY, and see what you can make. A great rule to live by: if you can’t learn to love it, and you can’t replace it, then just cover it up! For example: forget getting an expensive cake-shaped clock shipped from Japan and cover your ordinary wall-clock with silicone whipped cream and cookies. Get creative and get cute-ified!

Read the rest of the It’s Your Castle Series – including two decor crafting tutorials!


Here, My Card: Lolita Calling Cards

Lolita calling cards: a nebulous trend that needs to become reality. Why haven’t they picked up? I think it’s because most lolita interaction is still, unfortunately, over the Internet. It leaves us at a bit of loss when you can’t just swap usernames or links in real life! 

The first lolita calling card I ever got was from Crystal of Pretty Wonderland. It was sage green, dusty rose, and printed with a gilt crown. Below ‘Princess Crystal’ in script, there was an email and other online handles. I was absolutely touched. How cute! How personal! I loved knowing that she had designed it herself to reflect her personality and style, and I was even more pleased to know that she thought I should have one!

For ages I knew I should have a calling card. Meeting new lolitas at meetups, tea parties or conventions is great – losing touch with one who you only know by her first name or ‘the girl in the blue Happy Garden skirt’ is not. Scribbling on pads, keeping notebooks, fumbling for pens… how messy! Or whipping out cellphones to give and enter numbers, a slow process. Calling cards are the ideal item to bring to any event where you’ll be meeting new people – or hope to do so! ;)
If you want to get your cards printed:
Design your card in an image program like Photoshop. It’s best if you use a template first, either from a send-away company or from just a business card company in general. This is great for experimenting with different graphics, fonts, photos, pink backgrounds… anything you can design, you can create! I chose a template, designed mine in Photoshop, and then took the file to Staples where they quickly printed up a batch of them, ready for the next day! (Note: don’t order too many at once, in case you’d like to change yours or something isn’t right with the first batch. Somehow my pretty pink cards ended up purple! And I have 300 of them so…)
If you want to do it the old-fashioned way:
Victorian ladies made their own calling cards by hand using laces, calligraphy, pressed flowers, illustrations… No two were exactly the same and each was a small labor of love. Use good cardstock paper and some crafting supplies to make a set of calling cards next time you’re stuck with a rainy day indoors. Decoupage them with magazine cuttings, use cute rubber stamps, or adorable stickers. A great option if you’re meeting a new friend for the first time or attending small, personal meetups. (If you’re attending a large meetup of twenty or more, do yourself a favor and get them printed! Don’t be up the night before gluing pressed violets onto cards!)
Don’t forget to include on your calling card:
  • Your name – to be called in person, not just your username! Usernames are rather impersonal… I can’t imagine anyone saying, for example, xobubblesox in person! It doesn’t have to be your full name if you prefer, just whatever name you go by for lolita or your other hobbies. Using your full name is also cute and princess-y – usually historical and fantasy princesses had many names, and adding your middle one is quaintly old-fashioned.
  • A contact – somewhere they can reach you. I think an email is best, but you can use a Livejournal name, Facebook address, or instant messenger screen name.
  • Your website – blog, tumblr, personal journal, anything!
  • A picture – a lot of people shy away from pictures on cards, perhaps they’re worried about how it would look design-wise? But I think a picture is so important for people who need to match names and faces. A favorite face shot of you in your prettiest clothes would be just the thing – perhaps in a gilt frame or with a faded edge? 
  • Graphics – these make your calling card especially cute. A strand of ribbons, a spray of roses as a watermark, or maybe printed paper can make your cards stand out from the pack. 
  • Unique fonts – you can download tons of free fonts to your computer for making your own graphics or calling cards. Try or just google free fonts – Hanako Lovely even has a collection of lolita-specific or cutesy fonts. My favorite lately is the Lolita Charm logo font – called Creampuff!
  • Optional – add something about yourself or a cute description. I added my substyles to my card in case they weren’t obvious :P But a whimsical title would also be sweet, describing your style or personality. Meetup organizer? Shepherdess of rufflebutts. Super sweet fanatic? Angelic Pretty cult member. Be tongue-in-cheek about it! I think I’ll start adding Powdered Sugar Princess to mine, just because it’s so silly & cute!
For extra cuteness (and organization, a word I don’t use much! :P) make sure you have a business card case to keep your calling cards in. This way they don’t get crumbled in your purse or lost in your wallet.You can find one pre-made, or buy a plain one and deco it with rhinestones, sweets or even just cute stickers (I love puffy stickers especially!). It’s very popular for gyaru and hostesses in Japan to have cute business card cases, and I think it’s something lolitas should adopt! 
Have you ever made calling cards or designed your own? I’d love to collect them from a meetup or event and save them, just like brand tags! It’s like a collection of mementos from friends and good times

Once Upon a Time: Recommended Reading

One of my favorite things to do, especially in Seattle, is to visit secondhand bookshops. There seem to be so many here and I find some beautiful things to take home! I’ve always loved fairytales since I was a child, and have huge anthologies of them from cultures all over the world. Today I purchased a thick book of Russian fairytales. One of the stories is called Danilo the Luckless, and while it has an unhappy ending, it feeds me with just the kind of fanciful words I love to read about:

“I want the lovely Swan Maiden to stand before me, and through her feathers let her body be seen, and through her body let her bones be seen, and through her bones let it be seen how from bone to bone the marrow flows, like pearls poured from one vessel to another.”

~Danilo the Luckless, Russian Fairytales, collected by Aleksandr Afanas’ev

That’s the kind of line that makes me want to dress all in white as a lolita swan maiden, or at the very least, put on my pretty burgundy Swan Lake skirt from Metamorphose. It reminds me so much of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, and even the cute anime of a swan/duck ballerina, Princess Tutu! Stories like that just make me swoon, sometimes to the point of trying to write my own – or just to dress up and flutter around fields of flowers.
Here’s my list of favorite fairytales to look for when I’m out:
(Snow-White and Rose-Red meet the Bear Prince in the Blue Fairy Book)
The Andrew Lang Fairytale books: These are Victorian fairytales compiled from many cultures by Andrew Lang, starting with the original Blue Fairy book published in 1889. There are twelve in all of various colors, and I’m always out to find the ones I don’t have. The stories varying, including Japanese and Arabian tales, with – my favorite part – beautiful illustrations. On this page there are links to read the entire Blue Fairy Book online, but I love having them to bring with me, especially on dull days when even their covers are a welcome pop. My mother gave me her copy of the Blue Fairy Book and since then I’ll never lose my soft spot for Prince Hyacinth, Princess Mignonette, and the little white cat, Blanchette. Like all fairytales, they have many of the same components mixed up a little different, but its their delicate voice and drawings which really make them the perfect lolita fairytale.
“They found her lying on the floor with poison in her veins and the apples spilled where they had rolled. She was the green color of certain white flowers.”
~The Rose and the Beast, Snow
Francesca Lia Block: The Rose and the Beast (and anything else written by her, really): Francesca has the gift for making fairytales out of our modern world. The Rose and the Beast is a perfect example of this – her retellings of fairytales are more like spoken poetry performances which leave us guessing if this is the tenth kingdom or the strange deserts and urbans of Los Angeles. Her stories are eerie, mature, and reflect some of the real wolves girls face in the forest, like drug use and sexual assault. Her writing has a graceful, heartbeat of a flow, and brings you to a place where you are not dreaming and not awake.
(The Little Mermaid and the Prince, by Hans Christian Anderson, illustration by Edmund Dulac)
Hans Christian Anderson: I never was really entranced with the Grimm brothers’ fairytales, and perhaps only mildly tempted by the works of Perrault, the French fairytale writer. If I had to name a favorite author of fairytales, it would be Hans Christian Anderson. He wrote children’s stories just when people began writing children’s stories – before then, books for children were either morally instructive or non-existent. He wrote many of our most popular stories, including The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, the Snow Queen, the Steadfast Tin Soldier, and even the Ugly Duckling and the Emperor’s New Clothes. A statue of the Little Mermaid has been erected in Copenhagen harbor in his honor, where he spent a good deal of his life.
Tatsinda: Tatsinda is an odd little fantasy book I read as a child and had all but forgotten until I ran across a copy at one of my favorite secondhand bookshops. While the story has a very mountain-people, Lapland feel to it, it’s also very elvish and distinctly part of its own world. Although it’s described for younger readers, the imagery in the book is worth it. Tatsinda lives in a world of colored crystal houses and unusual animals, where she is different for not being blue-eyed and silver-haired like the rest. I remember having a very 70s style, Last Unicorn illustrated type, but can’t seem to find another copy like it.

The Serendipity Series: These books were produced in the 1970s as short and moralistic, hoping to teach kids tolerance and acceptance, as well as basic kindness and even environmental care. Many featured recurring characters like Morgan the Unicorn, or Leo the Lop (-eared bunny). The artwork is adorable with lush, forested scenery and shows all kinds of creatures from butterfly-winged ponies even to one girl, who may be a dewdrop or a pauper or a princess (in her own words). I loved these as a child and still have a few left, where they are preserved carefully on my bookshelf. Every so often I pull them down and reread their simple but still relevant messages.

Shadow Castle: In this short collection of stories by Marian Cockrell, Lucy is a little girl living on the mountainside and one day stumbles into fairyland, where she meets a man named Michael – who tells her wonderful stories of a fairy family, which seem strangely connected the personless, moving shadows inside the castle rooms. Again with darling illustrations and stories about goblin attacks, Princess Bluebell, and a wise dragon, not to mention true, infatuously silly young love.

Next time you’re at your local library, secondhand bookshop, or even in your own bedroom, plop down among the stacks and thumb through their fairytale section. To me, there’s nothing more inspiring that unusual or Victorian fairytales, read quietly in golden sunlight and lacey, feminine skirts and petticoats. Choose your own favorites as outfit inspirations, or just to daydream about. What are some of your favorite oft-unheard-of fairy stories?

Popkei, Puppies, and Paint!

Today I got dressed up to see some friends of mine to make cupcakes, and I chose my new Swimmer headphones as the popkei inspiration piece for this outfit :) I was a big fan of my old Swimmer headphones, which were pink with kitties, but they broke (rattling in one ear and no sound on one side, if you’re curious), so I was happy to get the new generation which no longer has any black hardware – just pink!

Skirt, socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Jeni
Bracelet, blue heart ring, cutsew: Angelic Pretty
Pink heart ring: Tarina Tarantino
Pink rhinestone bow: Chinatown
Bag: Sanrio

Here’s the headphones in action! And Misu ♥ (check back for more Misu this week – her Charm Channel debut! She really is adorable to watch scurry around and get into trouble! *w*)

You may also notice something about my background – the walls are now pink! Over the weekend my father and my boy worked hard to get my room repainted – from dusty lilac to a bright, princess-worthy pink with minty doors and a buttercream ceiling. I’ll be doing a video showing off my room at long last for everyone who’s asked to see it :) A lot of pink mostly, in case that wasn’t obvious ;) While they did the walls and ceilings, I snuck a little of the buttercream (Behr’s Social Butterfly, to be specific) to finish my long-wished for dream of framing my favorite Angelic Pretty full-size ads. I didn’t want to pay a lot of money for the frames, so I sifted through my local thrift store and found three frames for $2.50. One was a 70s-version nasty gold, and the other two were unfinished. With a little stolen ivory paint and putting in the glass, I now have the very cute start of my Angelic Pretty gallery. I’m looking to get a few new magazines this weekend when I go shopping in New York City, so I can add them to my collection – hopefully the Milky Planet or Fantastic Dolly ad! Currently I chose Royal Poodle (since I also have the red OP, pictured) and coats because I am excited for upcoming coat reservations! My smaller one on the side is a miniature flyer of a recent Gothic & Lolita Bible cover.

It was easy to make the frames match perfectly! My next project is a little more challenging – painting my china closet the matching mint! I can’t wait to see it finished!

Moshi Moshi!

There comes a time in every young lolita’s life… no, that’s not right. Let me try again. There comes an item in every young lolita life’s that she realizes is the most amazing, crazy thing she has ever bought. She couldn’t imagine it before she found lolita; even after finding lolita, she can’t believe anything this special and epic exists. It makes her want to be more; it makes her want to be better, pinker, cuter, frillier. She want to be worthy of it. She wants to have it for always. Is it her first brand dress? That cake hat? A unicorn-shaped purse?

For me, the answer is obvious.

It’s my phone case.

If you’ve been reading Lolita Charm lately, you’ll know my love and current fascination with deco. When I decided to get a new phone for the first time in two years, I wanted to go all the way. We’re talking the works – case, swarovskis, pink, lace, everything. After doing some research and snooping around deco image forums, I realized I could not make all that I wanted. If I wanted to have a phone as crazy and fabulous as I imagined, I’d have to hire a professional deco artist.


Alice Doll is the sugary and Angelic Pretty-loving label of Alex, who is well-known for bringing the cute. Her works range from phone cases to Nintendo DS cases and even picture frames and art commissions. I loved the style of her previous works – somewhere between sweets and hime, with lots of glitter and bows. So I dropped her a line and waited.

She got back to me quickly and we soon transitioned our chats from messages to instant messenger. Chatting was the best way to work out the final product. I chose a solid pink case instead of clear, because my phone was gray instead of pink – and we picked it out together for just the right shade of baby pink. When she finished the first version, she sent me pictures over IM and we could discuss it right there. I’ve never been able to work so closely and openly with any comissioner before – it was really tailor-made and customized exactly the way I wanted it.

Here’s the prototype:

After some discussion I decided to get both the front and back done – originally I wanted to do the back myself. This way they would match. She gladly agreed to redo the case for me, and after a short time she showed me this:

Which just knocked me off my feet!

After a few more adjustments, this is the finished product I received in the mail yesteday:

(shown here in its texting mode, where it opens like a DS);

The front plate, which is done in several tones of pink swarovski crystals and pearls;

Here’s the back plate, my favorite features being the bow she sewed out of satin striped fabric and the lace, which she hand-dyes to get just the right shade of pale pink. She also hand-makes the ice cream cabochons to your color specifications – mine are vanilla, strawberry (pink), and lavender (which, by the way, is a real flavor at my local ice cream stand and a perennial favorite!). The back also features a pink dipped crueller, two roses, a sakura blossom, a teddy bear, and two colors of cream topped with glitter and a few pink swarovskis.

It was the easiest thing to commission this case – she ordered the case, deco’d it according to your specifications, and then sent it out well-packaged and arriving only two days after shipping. We even talked over IM while I opened it, so she got to see my excitement and any problems could be discussed immediately (mostly I wasn’t putting it on right for a minute… oops!) And for the curious, the final total was only $35. I know I’d spend much more than that on supplies and then trying to replicate this beautiful style – let alone on time and effort that still wouldn’t have that touch of expertise Alex gives her finished pieces. I can’t wait to take this to my next meetup and show it off!

Alex was a great comissioner to work with and I can’t wait to see how Alice Doll continues to evolve and grow, with new products and options :) And you’ll probably be seeing more of Alice Doll around Lolita Charm – keep an eye out towards the end of June!
Psst — check out Alice Doll by clicking here!

Angelic Poodles on Parade

Once in a while, in magazine ad or in a street snap, they’ll be there – a little fluffy bundle with wide eyes snuggled into a pile of lace and ruffles. I’m talking, of course, about lolitas pets – typically small dogs, cats, bunnies, or for the more unusual crowd, birds and reptiles. Love them or hate them, you probably know someone who has one – or you’ve always wanted one yourself. And if you’re looking for adorable pet items, you’re in luck. Almost anything your pet will need will probably come in pink – or decorated with rhinestones, ribbon roses, or with a sweets motif. I’ve found quite a few such items lately – here’s the list!
Sweet Dreams

Pet furniture might seem inconsequential at first, but it’s really part of your own human decor. A big plaid pillow in a sea of pink? A fluffy little cushion at a hunting cabin? And pets beds are especially important if you’d prefer your pet to stay off the furniture. If you don’t want Fluffy to nab your sofa spot, then get him his own!

Want something cute that doesn’t veer too far into wacky dog furniture? The sweet flower dog bed can blend with any cutesy decor, or for those with a sweet tooth, there’s always the pink donut dog bed or the cupcake dog bed. Going for a classier, cleaner look? Your dog might enjoy snuggling in the luxurious Cuddle Cup, especially made of for toy dogs that prefer to feel secure in a sleeping-bag style arrangement. And on the very princess-y end of the spectrum is the Fairy Pink dog bed, that reminds of the Disney Fairies.

Is your dog a ‘teacup’ dog? (Teacup is a non-AKC recognized size that usually means 4 to 5 lbs and under, typically found within the toy group.) Or is your dog just a big fan of crumpet crumbs – I mean, Victorian teatime? For tea lovers, here are two sweet teacup-styled beds: the teacup saucer and the teacup dreams bed.

Pet Bowls

I prefer to use a recirculating water fountain for my dog and cats. For one, it keeps the water filtered free of hair, dust, or other floating particles. For another, animals prefer drinking from the running water than stagnant water, and are therefore less likely to get dehydrated (and yes, that is why your dog or cat enjoys drinking out of the toilet. It seems as fresh as Poland Springs to them.) But never fear, if you’re into cute and want a pet drinking fountain – they do come in a pretty, stainless steel pink.

For simple feeding, this heart cut-out bowl is too cute! Or if your pet is a real 5th-Avenue type, there’s always these gilt bowls by Juicy Couture – complete with terrier logo.

Out on the Town

Small dogs have the lucky chance of being allowed where plenty of big dogs can’t go – especially since the Hollywood set has engineered the ‘dog purse’ or purse-like dog carrier. You can use these to go out in public, travel on the plane, or tote to the vet. (Note: your dog should also walk and exercise, and make sure to keep your carrier clean. I’m not dispensing pet advice here, please remember to be careful with your living animals.)
This particular carrier reminds me of some of the gal bags I’ve seen on Yumetenbou – a very classy and pretty style with quilted leather (as shown above). For an airier, country flair, try this pink gingham, or this stripy and ruffly model for a casual, day-at-the-beach style. And because small dog purses cater to the jet-set, there are plenty of designer bags if that’s your taste – I always end up drooling over Juicy Couture’s dog bags, like this pink suede ‘bowling bag’ model.

Other Ideas for Lolita Pet Decorating
Even if you’re not a dog person (as I clearly am ;), there’s plenty of cute ideas for your pets.

find a pretty pink castle or mermaid figurine to put in your aquarium; select an antique pagoda style or traditional birdcage for your feathered friends; use cute hamster and small rodent hidey-holes for their cages, like strawberry or tiny house shapes; adding bows to your pets’ collars…
Can you think of any others? What kind of pets do your share your life with? I couldn’t think of any reptile themed ideas, any reptile lovers want to share?

Now to disclaim: pets are not accessories. Please remember that a pet is a large commitment and should be treated as animal, not a purse or even a human baby. This article is not encouraging you to purchase an animal; this is more for people who already own them and would like to add a little more lolita cuteness to their pets’ accessories. And I am not giving out pet advice or pet health advice – I am not a veterinarian.

My Castle: The Bureau

Since I’ve been talking about decorating so much lately, I thought I’d show you a few snapshots from my room. These are details of my bureau and large mirror, where all of my hair-styling, accessorizing, and make-upping goes on.

I use a teacup and matching platter to hold some of my prettier pieces to display – like my favorite strawberry bracelet and miniature tiaras. Look for unusual dishes or trays to hold your rings, bracelets, and earrings. The merman dish below is actually for soap. I found this for $2.50 at my local thrift shop – it even says ‘Made in Italy’ on the bottom! He’s the designated keeper of my pink pearls ♥

And this is the corner of my mirror, which I’ve draped with some pearl necklaces (this gold and tea colored one from Forever 21). Clipped to it are some of my favorite bows, and my favorite hairpiece, my 6% doki doki mini hat. I also keep notes from friends on cute stationary – these are from Kandy and Michelle :) The lollipops stuck the mirror are actually window clings. Mine are from Mother Garden, but there are usually plenty of heart ones available for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s a few other ways you can dress up a bureau, small table, or vanity:

  • Display your favorite wig on a wig head, perhaps with your best hair accessory. I love seeing the big pink curls on my bureau, and it keeps all of the hair in good condition.
  • Tack up photos or sentimental notes to a mirror or ribbon-board, whether these be of friends or photos you loved in magazines.
  • Put down a piece of lacy fabric or an embroidered table runner for a spot of color. Look in estate sales or flea markets for something vintage.
  • Tack colored fairy lights or floral vines above the mirror or bureau; or just drape swags of pretty tulle.
  • Dried, real, or faux flowers in a vase can be interspersed with decorative pens or makeup brushes. I somehow amassed a collection of princess scepters that are mixed in with my rose.
  • Got a lot of nail polish bottles? Arrange them in a holder or a row in rainbow order. I keep all my different shades of pink visible.

If you’ve seen some of these photos before, it’s because I’ve just been bitten by the tumblr bug. You can follow me here. Be warned that the main themes are pink, poodles, and shoes I wish I owned ;)

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