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Chocolate & Biscuits: Sweets Deco Spotlight

I love deco, but I’m usually more of a crystal-and-pearl girl than the cabochon-and-cream bulky style of sweets deco. It seems like everyone is whipping out their caulk gun and sticking some plastic cookies onto their phone cases these days. But Silverleica‘s Etsy shop completely changed how I think about sweets deco! How about deco that really looks like pastries, cookies and French toast?

I’m feeling very inspired by Angelic Pretty’s new gingerbread house print, Sweet Cream House – and this would be the perfect sweets style to decorate your purse, cellphone, or coordinate – matching jewelry! These necklaces and cellphone charms look like real gingersnaps and chocolate syrup. All of the crystals are Swarovski-Crystallized as well – glass, not plastic! – for great sparkle.

How cool is that Blackberry case on the lower right? The entire case is actually a sweet – it looks a bit like a sandwich – and she added chocolate sauce to give it the look of a giant eclair.

Most of her work is done on commission, but she’s selling some cases and jewelry (doesn’t it remind you of sweets deco couture Japanese brand Q-Pot?) for really reasonable prices in her shop. If you want a few cute pieces and don’t want to break the bank, here are my four favorite under $20!

Macaron & Lace Cellphone Charm: $11 | Crown Cookie Necklace: $11 | Antique Chocolate Bar Rings: $9.50 | Merci Chocolat Eiffel Tower Necklace: $10

Sugary Carnival Twins

At this rate we’re going to have a doll blog! Only a few photos this time, a little extra post!

My favorite Pullip store was having a sale, so although they were sold out of the doll I want next, I did manage to snag one of the lolita doll outfits I’d been wanting for a while.

Here’s Miss Skye decked out in Sugary Carnival black colorway! See the tiny marshmallow APs? The set only comes with dress, bow, and pony bag… no blouse or socks. I bought it for another doll I’m hoping to order soon (secret!) who comes with her own blouse, socks and shoes, so no worries. In the meantime Skye is a little ahem, indecent, with all that bare skin.

This was also my first time experimenting with a foamboard false wall. I chose some pink striped ‘wallpaper’ and carved a space for a dollhouse window frame which I’ll most likely paint white and add some curtains to.

And here are the two girls twinning… I don’t think Violet is that pleased, she’s definitely got a quit-copying-me kind of look! I’ll take more twin shots when I can find them an appropriate sofa…

I also just finished a little deco project – a new round pill case to carry in my purse. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s a very classy and princess-y look. I got a great deal on the supplies by ordering a ‘kit’ from Taobao – an assortment of pearls and crystals and a few cabochons in various sizes and shades or pink, white and cream. I also just used E6000 for the first time – these stones aren’t going anywhere! I’m never going back to Diamond Glaze. If you’re not using E6000 on your deco projects you are missing out! I really recommend it.


Three Easy Ways to Style A Lolita Wig + My Melody Deco Watch!

Lolita wigs are becoming more and more available, spotted on nearly everyone these days. The typical lolita wig consists of a curly base and is usually supplied with two clip-on falls, like curly ponytails. Mostly you just pop on the wig, clip on the falls, and go! It’s instantly cute and a great way to change up the color and tones of your coordinates. But that’s not the only way to go! They’re so much more versatile than that. The one I’m using here is from Cosplay Wigs USA, in their wavy light brown model. I love mine, it’s such a pretty warm cinnamon with beautifully full curls!  You can see me wearing it here.

So here are three really easy ways you can style your lolita wig that will stand out from the crowd!

This one I’ve dubbed the ‘Sailor Moon’ because it reminds me of her signature ‘odango’ style. It looks best if you add on brooches, clips or matching hairbows on elastics. I’ve decided to use a Chocomint star clip, because it reminds me of the fantasy space theme and continues the Sailor Moon look, but anything you think is cute would be a great accent! [As always, click for larger~]

The Braided Crown is perfect for more classic, toned-down sweet, or even mori girl styles. The braids are a pretty accent of texture, and this look beautifully sets off faux roses or an elegant bow. Make sure you braid to the very ends, and use clear elastics – I used regular fabric ones so that you can see how the braids are wrapped.

The Hime (for those not in the know, hime is the Japanese word for princess ) Fountain gives the appearance of very full, cascading curls, and looks best accented with a large head-eating bow or tiara comb. This is probably the easiest style here – it’s still clip-and-go, you just move the extensions up a little! ;) I saw Maki wearing this look at the San Francisco Angelic Pretty opening and thought it looked so adorable! I’m wearing this look with my pink and blonde wig at the Tangled meetup!

And just a little extra – did you know it’s Sanrio’s 50th birthday this year?! As a final bang, McDonald’s is giving out digital Sanrio watches. I swung by (mm, caramel mocha!) and got one… but was a little let down by how plain it looked! Even though I got My Melody  … she looked a little sad, not good for a Sanrio character!

The six watches you could get with Happy Meal… I’m dying for the white Sugarbunny! I’m not sure why this picture doesn’t show brown Sugarbunny, I think in some places they have Badtz-Maru instead.
So I sat down with an extra packet of Swarvoski rhinestones and a leftover glitter bow cabochon! I’m so pleased with result:
I think it’s kind of kitschy cute! I can’t wait to wear a My Melody coordinate now! She’s never been my absolute favorite character (a spot reserved for Sugar Minuet & Little Twin Stars) but I can’t say no to anything that comes in pure pink with a tiny little smile!  Just goes to show that you can find cuteness anywhere 

Moshi Moshi!

There comes a time in every young lolita’s life… no, that’s not right. Let me try again. There comes an item in every young lolita life’s that she realizes is the most amazing, crazy thing she has ever bought. She couldn’t imagine it before she found lolita; even after finding lolita, she can’t believe anything this special and epic exists. It makes her want to be more; it makes her want to be better, pinker, cuter, frillier. She want to be worthy of it. She wants to have it for always. Is it her first brand dress? That cake hat? A unicorn-shaped purse?

For me, the answer is obvious.

It’s my phone case.

If you’ve been reading Lolita Charm lately, you’ll know my love and current fascination with deco. When I decided to get a new phone for the first time in two years, I wanted to go all the way. We’re talking the works – case, swarovskis, pink, lace, everything. After doing some research and snooping around deco image forums, I realized I could not make all that I wanted. If I wanted to have a phone as crazy and fabulous as I imagined, I’d have to hire a professional deco artist.


Alice Doll is the sugary and Angelic Pretty-loving label of Alex, who is well-known for bringing the cute. Her works range from phone cases to Nintendo DS cases and even picture frames and art commissions. I loved the style of her previous works – somewhere between sweets and hime, with lots of glitter and bows. So I dropped her a line and waited.

She got back to me quickly and we soon transitioned our chats from messages to instant messenger. Chatting was the best way to work out the final product. I chose a solid pink case instead of clear, because my phone was gray instead of pink – and we picked it out together for just the right shade of baby pink. When she finished the first version, she sent me pictures over IM and we could discuss it right there. I’ve never been able to work so closely and openly with any comissioner before – it was really tailor-made and customized exactly the way I wanted it.

Here’s the prototype:

After some discussion I decided to get both the front and back done – originally I wanted to do the back myself. This way they would match. She gladly agreed to redo the case for me, and after a short time she showed me this:

Which just knocked me off my feet!

After a few more adjustments, this is the finished product I received in the mail yesteday:

(shown here in its texting mode, where it opens like a DS);

The front plate, which is done in several tones of pink swarovski crystals and pearls;

Here’s the back plate, my favorite features being the bow she sewed out of satin striped fabric and the lace, which she hand-dyes to get just the right shade of pale pink. She also hand-makes the ice cream cabochons to your color specifications – mine are vanilla, strawberry (pink), and lavender (which, by the way, is a real flavor at my local ice cream stand and a perennial favorite!). The back also features a pink dipped crueller, two roses, a sakura blossom, a teddy bear, and two colors of cream topped with glitter and a few pink swarovskis.

It was the easiest thing to commission this case – she ordered the case, deco’d it according to your specifications, and then sent it out well-packaged and arriving only two days after shipping. We even talked over IM while I opened it, so she got to see my excitement and any problems could be discussed immediately (mostly I wasn’t putting it on right for a minute… oops!) And for the curious, the final total was only $35. I know I’d spend much more than that on supplies and then trying to replicate this beautiful style – let alone on time and effort that still wouldn’t have that touch of expertise Alex gives her finished pieces. I can’t wait to take this to my next meetup and show it off!

Alex was a great comissioner to work with and I can’t wait to see how Alice Doll continues to evolve and grow, with new products and options :) And you’ll probably be seeing more of Alice Doll around Lolita Charm – keep an eye out towards the end of June!
Psst — check out Alice Doll by clicking here!
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