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Lolita Style Invades Valley of the Dolls

I was pleased to see on a new set of lolita brand clothing dolls – this time making their debut from the stylings of Mitsukazu Mihara (famed artist of the Gothic and Lolita Bible) and the beloved punk/gothic lolita line, Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s Alice and the Pirates!

For a refresher course on Mitsukazu Miharu, here’s a few samples of her artwork:

Here you can see the artwork the dolls were based off of (cover of the GLB Vol. 41):

And here are the adorable dolls in question!

This couple features Pullip as an elegant Gothic blonde ‘Nella’, with little-brother-like kodona Isul, in this model dubbed ‘Johan’, both in matching black velvet. If you’ve been looking to add a sweet street style dressed boy to your collection, Isul often dresses in a kodona look. In fact, he’s even been touted as the ‘boy lolita’, dressed in one plaid and black outfit that features a sumptuous bonnet and knickerbockers. These dolls are currently on pre-order for their November release.

In further collaboration, Kera magazine’s Kera Shop and Alice and the Pirates also designed the same outfits for sale in human sizes. Unfortunately Nella’s outfit seems to have sold out like hot cakes!

I love the sad, ‘confused’ style of face-up on this waifish pair! My big hope is that with the addition of Alice and the Pirates to the Pullip world, that perhaps Baby the Stars Shine Bright collaborations are next. Can you just imagine these flush-cheeked dolls in Baby’s signature rabbit or heart-shaped aprons, or perhaps a opulent Doll Heroine bonnet and gown?

Besides the Alice and the Pirates dolls, Dangerous Nude has also collaborated with Pullip to produce a pink version of this year’s Alice in Wonderland homage, ‘Romantic Alice’. She features beautifully blonde and tawny variegated hair and elaborate lacy tea-colored pinafore. Apparently dressing like your doll is big in Japan (or perhaps a welcome alternative for those who either prefer to purchase the doll, or those who prefer to wear the item), because you can also buy the matching human-sized outfit, with matching pinafore. The look is somehow mori meets lolita meets street style all at once with layers of mocha lace, bubblegum pink fabric, and spunky polka dots. Kera Shop is selling both.


In my own dolly world, I recently scored a new collapsible Barbie house (the 2002 ‘Talking Townhouse’ model shown above… mine still insists in a robotic voice that Barbie prefers a diet of chicken nuggets, pizza, soda, and cake while watching the ‘Shopping Show’) at a local flea market for a paltry $5. While the house is in played-with condition, I’m in love with the townhouse shape and soaring Gothic windows. The current palette is lilac and mint, but I have the notion to give it a healthy coat of white spray paint and perhaps contact-paper wallpaper to fashion it into a Gothic or Victorian rowhouse. It’d be the perfect place for Gothic lolita Nella and my other doll-crush, Innocent World’s Tiphona. My current endeavor is how to remove the modular furniture from the upstairs – who would put a shower stall in a bedroom?! I’ve already managed to remove the low bed, but the other pieces have remained steadfastly stubborn. Hopefully I’ll end up with an adorable turn-of-the-century Pullip house to show you!

Bluehaired Boys

As is obvious from my pictures and endless prattle, I’m an advocate for unnaturally colored hair – the entire rainbow spectrum from shockingly sugary pink to deepest violet. In my previous post from this winter, Pink Please!, I talked about the process of becoming – and being – a pinkhead. Being a pinkhead (or pinkhaired person) has honestly been one of the best decisions of my life. I started out in a dorm bathroom with two chunks of raspberry hair framing my face, then moved on the pink hilights on blonde, and from there was just overwhelmed with color. Pink hair isn’t just about looking different for me or celebrating my ‘favorite color’ – it’s about expressing part of who I am. Pink hair is because I am some crazy kind of princess; pink hair is because I really don’t need to blend in. It’s been a very personal choice for me and I am proud to be celebrating over a year of pink hair this spring! ♥

Recently I welcomed another pretty-feathered person into my life – my boyfriend Matt, who keeps his hair with a river-blue turquoise underlayer. So this post is two-fold in purpose – one, about using unnatural dye for male styles, specifically our experience; and two, because some of my readers have requested to see more of my new prince ;)

I did Matt’s hair myself, so I can easily give you the basics of what went into his plumage:

-one box of bleach from the drugstore, Herbal Essences (I was lucky enough to pick up a box n sale for $4, most others look about $9)
-a rat tailed comb, the kind with a long handle ending in a point
-one bottle of my favorite brand of dye, Special Effects, in Fishbowl (you can see me wearing it last summer by clicking here!) This color is just the right balance of blue and green. Matt wanted a green, but I thought a blue would pick up his eyes more – and this color is the best of both worlds.
First things first, we started off with a clean head of hair and a test strand. This means I snip out a chunk of his hair from where it’s darkest – the lower layers in the back, closest to his roots – and tap it securely to a piece of paper or tin foil. Then we put some of the bleach on to see just how long it takes for his hair to lighten enough. To recap for those unfamiliar with the process of unnatural color dying: your must bleach hair first to attain any kind of brightness. The dye itself is like colored cellophane – most easily distinguishable when shown against light colors.
Therefore if you are not a light or diamond blonde, it’s best if you bust out the bleach first.
In Matt’s case, it took half an hour before his hair lightened to a color reminiscent of honey or peanut butter. We wanted a deeper jewel tone instead of a techno-ish neon, so this was the right choice. I used the rat-tail’s comb to select a few under layers in his bangs to bleach, then wrapped them in tin foil so they could develop. Half an hour later, the now-blonde strands get the same treatment – except they get smothered in blue dye before being wrapped in fresh foil. Don’t forget plastic gloves when you do this! The dye can definitely stain your hands, nails, and clothes. (Protip: put the best brand away when dying your or your signifigant other’s hair!)
If you’re shooting for a pastel, let the dye sit for only ten minutes or so – refreshing my candy pink means a very short time on my hair, which is especially susceptible because multiple dyings make the hair more porous, or likely to soak up the color. In Matt’s case we were shooting for something darker and more in the denim/teal family, so we left his dye on for about half an hour. For super crazy bright color, you can even leave the dye on over night. There’s no developer or chemicals, just veggie dye, so it’s safe to do so.
The result? One very happy bluehaired boy! (I’m not sure the term ‘bluehead’ is ever going to catch on…)
Our next challenge is to dye his beard with a little blue to match. Bleach is likely to irritate the sensitive skin of the face, especially since he has sensitive skin to begin with, so it will be an interesting experiment. But the appeal of a modern French fairytale Bluebeard is too great to resist! Hopefully with a little luck, I’ll post photos of his new devilishly bluebeared prince style next!

click the links on Pink Please! for more helpful and how-to articles on unnatural hair dye!
psst! want to see more secrets about Lolita Charm’s Victoria Suzanne before it hits the blog? Follow lolitacharm on tumblr – home of all kinds of pretty inspirations and LC easter eggs!

Lolita Vs. The Perpetual Manstand

Lolita is a hobby and subculture that most girls enjoy for themselves. They build their lifestyle around what they find is cute and appealing; they purchase the clothes they think reflect their idea of an ideal lolita. And while many lolitas have friends also into lolita, they still go home at the end of the day and are in their own cocoon of frills.

But life at home is not always alone – there comes a time when signifigant others come into the picture. Friends, roommates, and family are all privy to the lolita’s lifestyle, but living with a signifigant other is another story. This person lives so closely to the lolita lifestyle and culture that they can’t help but be part of it. For S.O.s (signifigant others) just adapting to the lolita lifestyle, it can be a confusing place. How do you involve your S.O. in your lolita hobby? Are you doomed to spend hours alone in the bathroom curling your hair, while your loved one is watching reruns on the couch? Is your loved one completely baffled by how much underwear (underwhere?) you don for lolita, or doesn’t understand why Angelic Pretty has so many prints named Milky _____? (Hey, nobody does.)

Consider it very much like the female version of videogames. Many girls have boyfriends who are entrenched in videogames – and at first, they might be left in the cold while their darling finishes another round of Smash Bros. (or whatever you crazy kids are playing these days! :P). But rather than complain about the games or spend less time together, these girls grab a controller and a handbook and learn how to play themselves – maybe even discovering that they like it! Both videogames and lolita are time-consuming hobbies, and mostly single-player (if you’ll pardon the expression) – meaning they’re not typically a couples activity. But with some practice and accommodation, nobody has to feel neglected while their S.O. kills orcs or shops for new hairbows.

Here are a few ideas on how to involve your S.O. in your lolita hobby (without resorting to making your manly man pop on a bow!)

  • Go online shopping with him. Whether you do it with him leaning over your shoulder or by sending him emails with cute links, involve him in the process of selecting clothes and defining your style. Any guy is interested in what his girl wears, because visual appeal is a big part of the male psyche. The big part here is to dialogue – talk about it! You love this dress for the lace, but maybe he prefers another because surprisingly, he thinks polka dots are cute! Giving him the opportunity to have input will definitely interest him in your hobby without demanding he take an active role in it.
  • Play dress-up. The real-life version of online shopping, this gives your S.O. the chance to see not only what you have for lolita clothes (your chance to show off!) but also a crash course in what goes wear, how to ties bows, and to see what he finds appealing on you. Maybe he never would have thought how much he likes to see ribbon lacing on you, or how practical bloomers really are. Again, it brings him into your world and he gets to have input.
  • Don’t go alone. Take your S.O. to a lolita meetup so he can get the gist of what goes on and what lolita is all about. Although reluctant to attend a frilly tea shop, most guys I know would rather go with their girl and endure the poof than sit at home waiting for her to get back – after all, they just want to be with you!
  • Dress-up Round Two. Maybe your boy doesn’t want to be dressed up as a girl (shock!) or even as a devilish, Oscar-Wilde dandy (too many frilly sleeves and Seinfeld-esque poet shirts?) but that doesn’t mean he can’t dress up with you. Find what he likes to wear from flipping through magazines of any kind – whether he’s into an urban style, cowboy look, skater boy, steampunk, or industrial goth. Some other good inspirations are period action films where the men are time-appropriate but still masculine and swash-buckling – my boyfriend loves the look of many outfits in the new Sherlock Holmes film. Essentially, it doesn’t matter what he wears or whether or not you ‘match’, but getting to join in the fun of shopping and dressing to kill when with you is sure to be a mood booster.
  • Polyvore It. If you’ve been working with your S.O. on lolita fashion and you think he has a good handle on it, give him free reign and let him choose your outfit for a day. Depending on his skill (and your trust level), it can be for either a meetup or just out to get coffee.
  • All Caught Up. Don’t just keep it between yourself and your pals and an instant messenger – share all the gossip with your S.O. Being privy to all the lolita crowd in-jokes or the current goings-on is a great way to have things in common, and even guys love to dish the dirt. They’ll fit in better with meetups if they can snort along with you at Angelic Pretty’s latest crazy caper of merchandising, and they won’t be staring off into space while everyone chats.
  • Meet in the middle. If your boyfriend has a specific hobby he’s in love with, is there a way for the two to meet? A wonderful friend of mine, Crystal of Pretty Wonderland, told me that she and her husband enjoy one of their mutual hobbies LARPing (live-action roleplay) for a steampunk group, where she plays a lolita-based character set in a steampunk world. They can both have their cup of tea (if you’ll excuse the pun) and still spend time together.

When it comes down to it, your S.O. just wants to be with you and involved with you – just like you want to be involved with and spending time with your S.O. Nobody has to give up what they like to be in a healthy relationship. There have been countless articles in women’s magazines on ‘relating to your man and his desire to fix carburetors/grill/play Halo’ so why not an article on ‘relating to your girl and her desire to wear frilly clothes/paint things pink/explore old graveyards’? Do you have other ways in which you share your lolita hobby with your S.O.?

Note: I have chosen to mostly write this from a heterosexual viewpoint, as a girl discussing boys, but please apply these to the gender of your current relationship in whatever form that might be.

photo courtesy of tumblr – though obviously the point of this article is that your S.O. would prefer not to look like Akira! :P

Lolita Meetup Debriefing: For Your +1

So you’ve decided to attend a lolita meetup. Doesn’t seem unusual, does it? You may have been to plenty and even hosted a few. But you’ve decided to throw in a monkey-wrench – bringing your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, or newly interested pal. How do you prep them for meeting a big gang of lolitas for the first time? Just make sure to cover these topics:

+1, Please. Make sure to talk to your meetup coordinator/host before you bring your +1. Showing up with an unmentioned extra is rude, especially if there are reservations involved. And for the love of God, don’t bring a crowd – especially an unannounced crowd. The meetup coordinator needs to know the final head count for things like reservations, group prices, pre-bought tickets, and just to make sure how many people are there. Usually one friend is enough to accompany you. If you really must, I would say two is the maximum – and again, be clear on that to the hostess.

What to wear? Is your friend going to need to be dressed up, down, or just smart casual? If you’re introducing a new friend to the lolita scene, you might want to provide her with something to wear while she gets a feel for the fashion and as of yet has no wardrobe. If you’re bringing your boyfriend/girlfriend and they’re not looking to dress up, make sure they are smartly turned out – button-down shirts, slacks, and nice shoes for men; baby-shower worthy attire for females (simple dresses and skirts, nice slacks, etc). If you think you’ll be dressing your signifigant other in future, ask other guests where they got their things or what they’d recommend. That way, you have a jumping off point for next time.

Hopefully I don’t have to mention this but: hygiene. This is a nice event and many of these little ladies spent several hours getting ready. For guys, this means washed hair and shaved neckbeard. For girls, this means something more than an unstyled ponytail. And of course both genders should be using deodorant, etc.

What to say? Give your signifigant other a basic rundown of things that should/shouldn’t be said to the other lolitas. Nice costume, however well-meant by your friend, won’t go over well. If you haven’t talked about lolita culture and etiquette with your friend, do it before you go! Don’t find out the hard way that your boyfriend thinks Chii is a great example of a lolita. If you don’t have a gang of local lolitas that your friend is already used to, try a smaller meetup or just having a lolita friend or two round to ‘socialize’ your friend with. They’ll be quick to correct him on the typical mistakes of interacting with lolitas, like the costume comment, and he can ask questions and learn in a low-pressure environment. If your friend is already comfortable around other lolitas, just make sure to give him the rundown of people you know and what to expect.

Two is company… It’s easy to pair off with your friend and go into your own relationship. Remember that you are at the meet to socialize, mingle, and meet other people – so don’t limit yourself to each other. But also make sure not to drop your friend like a hot potato as soon as some frills prance into sight. It has to be an equal partnership between the two of you. Encourage your friend to stay close, but also mingle and chat with the other lolitas. If your +1 is polite, social, and interested, they will be happily invited back.

For the Lovebirds: If you’re bringing your boyfriend/girlfriend with whom you are romantically involved, limit PDA to anything you wouldn’t do in front of your grandma. Nobody wants to see you sloppily make out while everyone else is having tea. Acceptable are: kisses on the cheek, holding hands, hugs. Anything past that shouldn’t be done at a public event, especially one where you may not know many or any people, and some may be signifigantly younger. Keep it PG please – if it wouldn’t be suitable in a Disney movie, it’s not suitable for a meetup.

Don’t forget other meetup etiquette. Make sure to be on time as possible (I say as possible because time is a funny thing and I myself tend to be perpetually 10 minutes late;), and call your meetup host if you’re going to be much later or are not showing all together. Don’t skip out on the bill, behave well, and mingle – etc.
If you follow this checklist, you’re sure to have another great meetup – this time, with your signifigant other by your side. Who knows? You may have even made a new initiate!

Dos and Don’t of Hitting on Lolitas

Picture it: you’re at a crowded club/convention/subway/student center/concert/boutique. You see a girl in quite the lacy dress and big sparkly nails and – oh wow, such luscious and curly hair! And that bow – be still your heart! You walk towards your object of sudden affection and open with…

Don’ts (or, How to Avoid Being Slapped):
  • I bet I know what your favorite color is!
  • Hey Alice in Wonderland, check out my rabbit hole!
  • You look about eight. That’s hot.
  • You look like an anime character!
  • Damn, girl, you workin’ that pink!
  • Enjoying your costume? (eyebrow wiggles ensue)
  • I’ll be your Candyman!
  • Do you ever… share guys? (for lolitas in groups of two or more)
  • Can I eat that off of you? (for girls in sweets patterned dresses)
  • Do you do bachelor parties?

(note: most of these are REAL pick-up lines my friends and I have experienced in lolita!)

Dos (Or, How to Talk To A Lolita)

Recently a male friend of mine asked how he should talk to a lolita, particularly if he was looking for one with the intent to date her. The lolitas around him (yes, we have quite a few!) all looked back and forth at each other. “Like a normal girl,” said one, and then she stopped herself. “Well, that’s not entirely true. Be polite. Don’t treat her like she’s doing anything different. Don’t be snide. Don’t call it a costume.” Those are good guidelines, but here’s an expansion: how do you chat up a lolita? Are there any ways to get her attention in a sea of people who bother her? How do you stand out?

Pay Attention to Detail!

Don’t: “I like your dress.”

Do: “I love the rose pattern, it’s very sophisticated.”

What’s wrong with simply the ice-breaking compliment of ‘I like your dress’? Well, it’s just too bland. Everyone, from the postal worker to your grandma, has said they like her dress. Show her you’re paying attention. By pointing out something smaller like the roses in the print or a specific accessory, you are showing your interest is more than surface-level. Then say what you like about it! Does it sparkle? Is it classy? It shows that you’re genuine. (This will also mean that you’re avoding the ‘Nice shoes…’ line. Ideally.)

It’s Okay to Be a Little ‘Stupid’

Don’t: “Why are you dressed like that?”

Do: “Your style is unusual, I really like it. Can you explain it to me?”

She doesn’t expect you to know everything about lolita, and it’s best not to pretend you do. If you ask her about it, she’s usually more than willing to tell you – after all, it’s one of her favorite things to talk about! And approach with a sense of humility – lots of people ask her ‘what’s up with that outfit’ and it’s easy for her to end up being defensive. If you give her a ‘soft ball’ question that wants to know more without implying prejudice, she’s more likely to talk to you.

Avoid the Obvious

Don’t: You like pink?

Do: (see section I)

She knows she likes pink. She is wearing a lot of pink, with pink nails, pink bag, pink hair, pink socks, and pink phone. Stating the obvious will not gain you any points. Head back to section I, Pay Attention to Detail. It may seem like an innocuous ice breaker, but it makes you look less than swift. Instead, ask her about the book in her lap, what music she is listening to, or how she got all those cookies and rhinestones on her phone. Showing an interest in not only her clothes but also any visible hobbies will get a conversation going much faster than asking about her favorite color.

Don’t Mention Lolita At All!

Really want bonus points? Pretend you see girls like this all the time and bring up something that has nothing to do with her hair, crazy eyelashes, clothes, or blinged out phone. Ask about the weather, if that’s all you can muster, but keep the topic off of how unusual she is. She’ll be impressed that you’re interested in her for something besides the way she’s dressed!

Note: I wanted to include some good pick-up lines for lolitas. And then I realized there aren’t any. Boys: pick-up lines are never a good idea. Try to be original, please.

Unless it’s the fall from heaven line. I always go for that one! ;)

photo courtesy of tumblr

Beautiful Boys

This year I’ve been lucky enough to meet many new lolitas, and even find the rare gems that aren’t quite what you expect. These are the brolitas, our brothers-in-lace, who doll up with us and share petticoats. Brolita is the slang term that means a male cross dressing in lolita clothing, with all of the hair and makeup and other accoutrement.

A friend of mine, who sometimes cosplays as a female character, recently told me that he wanted to try wearing lolita. After presenting him with probably hundreds of pictures, it became apparent that gothic lolita was more to his taste, rather than the sugary stuff I tend to wear – which makes sense, as he usually prefers wearing metal band t-shirts.

So Miss Lumpy and I invited him over for a day of dress-up and study, which we dubbed Princess Day. The following is what ensued.

A Crash Course in Brolita from thecharmchannel on Vimeo.

You’ll notice this is not hosted on the Charm Channel by Youtube. Due to Youtube’s new copyright laws, this particular video is hosted by Vimeo instead. The Youtube version is live but has no audio.

When asked why he wanted to dress lolita, his answer was striking to anyone who has ever donned the frills: “I want to feel pretty. There’s a feminine part of me I want to express.” I think any lolita, no matter gender or appearance or orientation, has said they just want to feel pretty or wear things they find pretty. It is the ultimate basis of lolita fashion, like a car’s engine: without it, there’s no drive.

I’m so proud of Dave. He boldly went where no man had gone before (well, this particular man) – into the poofdom. And he’s really quite beautiful. I hope this encourages all the other beautiful boys in this world.

Idiot’s Guide to Loving a Lolita

In response to Miss Lumpy’s excellently written post on a Guy’s Guide to Romancing a Lolita, I decided to put together the Idiot’s Guide – consider it an appendix or cheat-sheet to the one above! Make copies onto note cards if you’re really nervous about your first date with Miss Princess. Try out just a few or go the whole nine yards and try out every single one! Of course this is also applicable for ladies, as well :) Happy flirting!

  • Invent adorable pet names whenever possible. Suggestions: treasure, kitten, or creampuff. (For sweets, of course!) And almost any style of girl would enjoy lady, princess, or dearest. Take it a little old-fashioned!
  • Bring home tiny things from your travels – a glittery hair pin, a single flower, a chocolate that made you think of her. This does wonders if you’re traveling a lot for work or school.
  • Send her letters, the old-fashioned kind. Make your handwriting presentable and be yourself – with a little more cute than a ‘hey sup’. Just don’t go James Joyce on her – keep it pretty PG-13 unless you’re already together.
  • Compliment something like her false eyelashes, her lipgloss, or new bow. She puts a lot of effort into her appearance with things you may not notice, and it will make her heart melt if you do.
  • Flowers. Any time, any place. Steal them from windowboxes, buy them at a florist, or even a bouquet of autumn leaves.
  • Keep an eye out for events that interest her, especially seasonal. If you ask her to see the Nutcracker Ballet this winter, you’re probably set.
  • Has she left a momento behind at your place – a hair ribbon, a rhinestone? Keep it with you. Picture it now, when she finds out: ‘You’ve kept my hair ribbon? How sweet!’
  • Keep up on what’s going on in her community. She’ll be amazed that you have a notion about the difference between Melty Choc and Milky-chan.
  • Rent vintage movies for the evening, and make cupcakes. Even from a box is fine.
  • Split a sundae together.
  • You’ll always get points if you wend your way through the craziness of Japanese ordering to get her something like a bonnet or parasol for a holiday or birthday. Enlist her friends if necessary!
  • Draw, paint, photo, play music? Make her a subject.
  • If you have one nearby, suffer through a purikura machine. Then let her cover your face with sparkles. (Note: a lot of these tips are about suffering through her cuteness. But isn’t that what you love about her?! And she’s probably willing to play Dungeons & Dragons with your friends sometimes, right?)
  • Send your texts with lots of emoticons or emoji – take your smiley face up a notch.
  • Manstand. Huge points for manstanding as she picks through a shop, and extra if you come along for the commentary.
  • Learn how to tie a bow correctly. Inevitably there will be a day when she offers you a wrist, a sash, or ribbon, and ask you to tie it. If you look at her at a loss… well, you get the picture.
  • Extra for experts: learn how to fix bobby pins, wigs, or lace the back of a dress correctly. Lolitas wear an absolute ton of very complicated clothing and sometimes it feels like we need assistance! Again, if you’re really lost, ask her friends to teach you the intricacies of bows, ribbons, and corseting.
  • Dress with her, or at least look mildly fashionable. Today’s fashions for men involve a lot of heraldry on button downs, thermals with Gothic arches, and adorable sweater vests. Swing by your department store and try it.
  • Hopefully you’re already doing this, but keep clean! If you have long hair, make sure you wash and condition and possibly even use a clear glaze (John Frieda makes an excellent one) regularly.
  • If you’re of drinking age, know and order her favorite drink. She’ll be touched you remember, and thought of her.
  • Similar to the above: learn her Starbucks order, or how she takes her tea!
  • Pretend you’re from the 1800s – hold open doors, pull out the chair, and make sure you walk on the outside of the street. If she falls on ridiculous shoes, try to catch her!
  • With this – if you’re already dating and she doesn’t mind, foot massages. Seems a little over the top but she just spent all day in those shoes. Alternately: get her Dr. Scholl’s for ladies.
  • Learn a few tidbits on the fashion guidelines, if she has taught you already – like the differences between good or bad lace. It’ll save her the awkward moment if you bring home the latest Hot Topic concoction.
  • Remember White Day, which is March 14th and traditionally the day guys give girls things in Japan. Even something little, like a white carnation or rose, would be appreciated. Hopefully she made you chocolates as well, on the 14th! ;)
  • Got a puppy, bunny, or kitty? Introduce the two for major adorability (make sure she’s not allergic!) Have a lint roller for pet hair.
  • If you spot a skirt or tee that you think is lolita-esque, make a mental note and mention it to her.
  • Brush up on your classical poetry and Shakespeare!
  • Take dance lessons with her, preferably ballroom, but swing is cool too.
  • Most important point: simply take her for what she is, however unusual that may be. Whether she’s a cotton candy fairy or a little Gothic maiden, love her for her quirks. That’s all you need, really.
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