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Lolita Blog Carnival: My Lolita Playlist

Gothic Pink | Tommy Heavenly6 ❤ Primadonna Girl | Marina & the Diamonds ❤ Cover Girl & This Is The Beginning | Rupaul ❤

Tea Party | Kerli ❤ Starry-Eyed | Ellie Goulding ❤ PonPonPon {musix box version} | Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ❤

Throw It In the Bag | MC Melod¥ Doll

These are my top favorite lolita-inspiring songs! I usually listen to these while I’m getting dressed or putting on my makeup in the morning… (I need one of these pretty badly to pimp out my iPhone! My old rhinestone HK dock wasn’t compatible with newer generations somehow…)

I love music with a lolita twist to it, like lyrics about tea parties and cakes, but I also want a hard, kind of clubby beat and ego-boosting lyrics, hence why I’m in love with RuPaul and Primadonna Girl. I think any lolita can connect with the line, “I’ve got a big ego, I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal though”.

I also thought I’d throw in my music box version of Kyary’s Pon Pon Pon! A girl on Youtube makes Japanese pop into music box versions, and I’ve made it my new ringtone. It’s just so twinkly!

Final track had to be Throw It In the Bag. I turn up my bass for this one. MC Melod¥ Doll, you gotta release your next single, I am dying for love of lolita rap.

 See what other Lolita Blog Carnival members love to listen to!

Le Boudoir | RambleRori | GeishaBaby | Kirakirashoujo | Sweet Lolita Doll94 | Sweet and Simple | La Petite Princess

Commercially Alternative | Swirly Purple & Green Crayon | Pop Princess | Dollhouse Diaries | Princess Palace

 (Just a reminder – if you want to join the Lolita Blog Carnival, you must send an application! Lots of lolitas are requesting to join without applying – so I can’t approve them!)

What are your top favorite songs that remind you of lolita, or just get you amped to wear the frills?

Lolita Blog Carnival: Makeup Tips You Swear By

This week’s theme for the Lolita Blog Carnival is makeup tips, so here are four of my secrets to get that ‘girl, ya look flawless’ face. I use most of these tips in my daily beauty routine to keep my skin looking healthy, and prettily made up for either sweet fashion or just going to school.

1. Let your skin breathe!

The more I learn about Japanese makeup techniques, like huge lashes and contouring, the more makeup I like to wear on a daily basis. Doing my hair and makeup is a relaxing way for me to get ready to face the day. Usually I make my cup of tea and turn on some music, and then get down to business. And when it comes to meetups, I especially torture my skin with primers, eyeliner, glue – the works. So as much as I love doing my makeup, I try to take at least one day off a week to let my skin breathe! The day after a meetup is a great day to go makeup-free. If I really can’t face going out without, I will cheat with just some BB cream.

2. Reward your face!

Even if you do give your face a daycation, you should still be taking good care of it. Make sure you do wash off any makeup you’re wearing, for starters. I travel a lot, so often instead of bringing my favorite face wash (Hadanomy collagen wash really gets that eyeliner gone!) I carry these disposable makeup-removing towelettes. I buy them pretty cheaply at places like Forever21 (rose petal or lavender fragrance) or the Christmas Tree Shop (green tea or cucumber), but you can get more expensive or medicated wipes at your drugstore or beauty shop. I also am trying different kinds of Korean moisturizers and masks lately, in an effort to be kind to my skin. Even just a homemade mask once a week is a great thing to do for you face.

3. My, what big eyes you have…

My favorite makeup technique to work on is big eyes. While I’m not interested in getting into gyaru fashion, I do admire some of their skills, like giant eyes and extensions. I routinely hunt up makeup tutorials or magazine scans and save them to my iPhone’s camera roll so I can access them on the go. Sometimes I study other lolitas’ makeup I like! Right now, I am shamelessly emulating Princess Peachie’s eye shape and makeup tips. If you haven’t seen them, check out her makeup Youtube videos! Or, if you want to see more of my favorite eye tutorials and inspirations – everything from Japanese girls to vintage magazines – check out the makeup tag on my Tumblr!

4. Brushes are a must… and can look pretty cute.

Until I started using brushes, I didn’t know how much I needed them. Putting on foundation with my fingers – or even a sponge – now just sounds silly to me. The only thing I still like to apply with my fingers is BB cream, since it is, after all, a skin product. Brushes even out your application and keep your fingers from covering your face with oil. (Make sure to wash them at least weekly!) I am way too excited to get my hands on these cute new brushes from MAC’s Holiday 2012 collection!

5. Lashes are way too much fun.

Big eyes and lashes go together – it’s hard to do one without the other. False lashes are pretty easy to master, given some practice. Make sure you trim the lash to fit your eye before applying, and then add glue (I like Duo brand in white/clear). When the glue is tacky, carefully place as close to your lash line as possible. I love collecting all kinds of eyelashes. Half-lash sets are my favorite for daily wear or for a more played-down look – they give your eyes an angelic accent without looking too fake.


So, what did other Lolita Blog Carnival bloggers say about their favorite makeup tips and tricks?

♡ Good Morning Lovely ♡  Commercially Alternative ♡ 2 Teaspoons of Sugar

♡ Sweet & Simple ♡ Sweet Lolita Doll ♡ Lolita Poupee

Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Print Themes I’m Dreaming Of

It seems like lolita fashion can make a border print out of anything. Skulls, gingerbread houses, fairytale books, circus lions, you name it – it’s been done, right? Well, not exactly… There are still a few ideas I am dying to see made into the cute new It Print. (Are you listening, Maki and Asuka? This is a GOLD MINE of print ideas right here.)

We’ve seen plenty of cat prints come and go in lolita, but always the focus is on either black cats, white cats, or Persian cats (In Innocent World’s print there is ONE Himalayan cat – but only one and she has fairy wings. Doesn’t count). I grew up with Siamese cats, and their pretty pointed faces and blue eyes (and for their cousins ragdolls and Himalayans, long fluffy fur) mean elegance and sweetness to me. I would also love to have the colorways themed after the different colored points – lilac, chocolate, seal, or flame. If you’re unfamiliar with Siamese cats, you check out their beautiful point colors! Flame is my current favorite since it looks like butterscotch or caramel, but lilac is a close second.

Another print theme we’ve worn down – tea. Everyone loves a tea party, teapot, teatime print. I’d love to see another hot beverage get some love – coffee. Coffee beans, coffee jelly (which I am dying to try), French presses, and cutest of all, latte art. I would love to see hearts and bear faces and swirled AP letters in coffee cups. Plus, they could peddle us nearly the exact same teacup jewelry and re-release the teacup purse in a few different colors, or go the pancake-mix-box route and present us with a classy burlap coffee bean bag to carry. I dig it.

We’ve seen Hello Kitty team up with lolita brands in the past, but I think the perfect collaboration print would be a lolita brand – of course I’m dreaming of Angelic Pretty, since that’s where my slavish devotion lies – with Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars. We just saw Baby the Stars Shine Bright collab with Disney for Alice in Wonderland, so is this really too far a stretch? Lolitas already love Little Twin Stars for its pastel palette and, um, stars, so a lolita brand should definitely be taking advantage of this market.

I loved doing this week’s Lolita Blog Carnival, mostly because I got to spam you all with the kind of photos that usually only see my Tumblr. Are you a lolita blogger looking to get blogging prompts, connect with other lolita bloggers, and gain readers? Make sure you check out joining Lolita Blog Carnival!

To see everyone else’s dream prints, check out the links below!

Good Morning Lovely Sweet Lolita Doll ♡ Darkly Darling Pop Princess

La Petite Princesse ♡ Commercially Alternative ♡ A Lace Jail A Life in Disguise

Secret Window ♡ Rainbow Star Candy ♡ Lolita Poupee ♡ FYeahLolita

Dixmacabre Sewing Chronicle ♡ Laurita 

♡ Leather Lace and Arsenic ♡ Puppenschloss ♡ Candy-Coated Life ♡ Carnival Salte

Toothless Tigers ♡ Her Lumpiness ♡ Fashion Fairytales and Sewing Secrets ♡ Ramblerori

Lolita Blog Carnival: $100 Coordinate Challenge

The challenge: one lolita coordinate, totally purchasable, one-hundred-per-cent for sale, any style of your choice – but your total must come to $100 or less! For lolita fashion lovers, it’s a pretty tight budget. These opulent dresses, hairstyles, and handbags on a shoestring? Is that even possible? With a little innovation and creativity, it definitely is.

Buy: Infanta Dolly House OP | Buy: Sheer Dot Tights | Buy: Pink Bow Heels

 The dress. Because I wanted to get the most bang for my buck, I chose a oncepiece – this way you don’t need to purchase a blouse. Qutieland has the dress, an original print from Chinese dressmaker Infanta, for $95+ – but buying it direct from the website saves you $30 in price hikes. I love this dress, which is available as a onepiece or jumperskirt, in buttercream yellow, pistachio mint, or pink cherry. It’s very much a take-off of Angelic Pretty’s Dreamy Dollhouse without being an exact replica.

The tights. I wanted something more versatile and delicate than patterned socks, so I chose these sheer white dot tights. Not only do they look great with anything, they only cost $3 on eBay. Where is the god of your $40 socks now?!

The shoes. I still wanted to go with a more delicate lolita coordinate, and I didn’t want to shell out $60 for Bodyline shoes, the usual cheapest option for lolita footwear. Surfing, an Asian fashion website (yes, they ship overseas!) found these pretty little pink bow-adorned wedge heels for only $33.

This coordinate is completely read for a meetup, your first time out in lolita, or a day at a convention. There’s no rule that says you have to drop a lot of cash to drop a lot of jaws – with amazement, of course! ;)


Okay, but let’s say you’ve got a teensy bit more money to burn. Girl, upgrade! For only $50 more, you can add some finishing touches to your look, like…

Infanta Dolly House Half Bonnet: $8 | Candy Star & Ribbon Bracelet: $3.50 | GLW Blonde and pink blended bob wig: $35

The best part of this coordinate article is that – all of these items are for sale. Right now. No out-of-stock, no coupons, no auction-sniping – just good deals. Click on the links to buy! (And no, I’m not being compensated for these links… I just know how frustrating it is to love a piece shown on a blog, only to see you can’t buy it yourself!)

So, what does ‘Lolita Blog Carnival’ mean?

Lolita Blog Carnival is a blogging network and community started by Caro-chan of FYeahLolita and me, along with Christina of Ramble Rori as our third moderator. Lolita bloggers join up to participate in article challenges, to meet friends, and share links. Every Friday we’ll have a new article prompt, or challenge, for you to read! By the end of Friday, check back to see links to all the other blogs that participated in the same prompt that week! This week, for example, you can read other bloggers’ response to the $100 coordinate challenge!

Click on the carnival tent in the sidebar to access the Facebook page information. If you’re a lolita blogger, we’d love it if you sent in an application and applied for an invite! (The group is only closed so there’ll be some surprise with every week’s topic. No peeking!) We also have a Twitter and Tumblr in the works, so you can see all of your favorite blogs weigh in on a topic in one place!

Other lolita bloggers show off their $100 coordinates!

F Yeah Lolita

Darkly Darling



Sweet & Simple

Magic A La Mode

A Lace Jail

Starry Dreams

Her Lumpiness

Note: Items on Taobao will require a shopping service like Taobaospree. For the purposes of this article, fees and shipping are not included as they may vary according to your region.

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