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Clap If You Believe: Finding Your Voice After a Decade of Blogging

A Decade of Blogging

I have spent an embarrassing amount of months now trying and failing to make even one weekly Youtube videos. Or, any Youtube videos, at all. To anyone reading this right now, who makes videos regularly and thinks nothing of it, I’m sure that sounds silly. I’ve always thought that about people who say ‘oh, I wish I could dress like you do. But I just couldn’t pull that off.’ It sounded so hollow and silly to me. Of course you can. Buy the pink hair dye. Lift your arms, flap a little, think happy thoughts and pixie dust. Lace up the combat boots. Go out there and be anything you want to be. But now I feel it. That creeping dread, a paralyzing fear.

It tenses my muscles. It sparks the nerves in my fingers and they twitch over the delete key. I can’t believe how easy it looks from the outside – just turn on the camera and talk, right? It’s the imperfection that gets me. I hate the idea of making anything flimsy, anything less than my vision. I want it all to be exactly the glossy, ethereal daydream I keep in my head. And of course it won’t be, because art is never about making something glossy and perfect. It’s about trying to make something, and failing, and trying again, and maybe letting the failures molder a little, but there is a glimpse there sometimes. A glimpse of the magic you tried to make. I used to see it all the time. I’d finish a post, slam the submit key, and know in my heart I had written some *good shit*. The conclusion glowed. The words rang out sharp. Comments and emails would roll in. It touched people. Connected people. I had made something alive, something that stirred.

And yet today what I can only feel is a deep sense of paralysis, a certain kind of waking sleep, when you can’t yet move your limbs.


[Click here to watch the original vlog! They didn’t have video thumbnails when this video was made… so I made an imaginary one!]

I just watched my own low-budget, crappy vlog from, God, maybe five years ago, and it was so incredibly better than what I think I could muster today. I’m watching this scrawny pink haired girl with awe and wondering where it all went. Can I snap my fingers and be her again, weird sweater/rockabilly skirt combo and all? I’d give up these pomade eyebrows for an ounce of her innate guts and charisma. I talked right to the camera as if there was a real human there, without any of that crushing emptiness that currently happens when I switch on the camera. There’s no tiny voice in your head that says ‘this is stupid, what do you think you’re doing, who do you think you are?’ I wasn’t shy, I didn’t stutter, trail off, or use any lengthy cuts. It’s my own hair, no giant wigs to hide my naturally fine strands, and fairly little makeup (it’s true – youth and its invisible pores are surely wasted on the young).

I just look like myself. My twenty two year old self, I think, encased in digital amber. WHY is she so less fearless than me? What creepy shadow of edging fear has grown in me since then? Past me can talk about anything. Current me stumbles over what to say. Current me wonders why it’s so dark on the set. Current me is judging the throw pillows in the background. Current me wants her to smile bigger, joke louder, sound fuller, start every video with HI GUYS WELCOME BACK TO MY CHANNEL and past me just smiles and says ‘hi i’m victoria suzanne sit back, take a chill’ and I scream internally again, WHY is this so easy for her? Why are the articles so easy for her, how does she update three times a week with these deeply optimistic fairy tale thoughts, with princess ideals, with badly photoshopped pictures of her hair and her dog covered and heart stickers, and where is that girl now?

Is she judging me for not posting regularly, as I am judging her for those roots, for that lipgloss, for those ridiculous heart stickers. Is she still chasing her Neverland shadow, and I’ve locked mine up? Should I take all these sticky feelings and try to turn them into art like I used to, without hesitation, and spread it all out for you like sloppy peanut butter sandwiches? That’s what she would do. She was fearless. I feel like I’ve disappointed you, with the more moderated and minimalist thing I’ve become now. But more so I feel like I’ve disappointed her. She used to be a fairy princess. If she’s still in there? I wonder if I’ll ever know. I guess she won’t be if I don’t try to wake her up. True love’s kiss. Clap if you believe.

Inside the Rose  Quartz Cave

As of 2018 I will have been writing my blog for a decade. It’s been entirely full of ups and downs, hospital stays, hard nights, things I’ve shown the Internet and you, my dear readers, ever loyal, and things I’ve never told anyone. Ten years is a long time to keep at anything, let alone keep writing at the same pastel-pink blog. It’s crazy to expect Lolita Charm, or Parfait Doll, to stay the same after these years. I’m not the same. I’m not eighteen, or twenty two, or even twenty six anymore. I’m sure I’ve rebooted and restarted and hiatus-ed a million times between then and now. That’s to be expected, too. But I keep coming back to this space, to one of the longest and greatest things I’ve ever created, and sometimes back to that past girl. She reaches out from the pages like Dorian Grey. I don’t always agree with her. She can be naive, high-horsed, or sometimes just plain wrong. She still gets her fan mail though; letters written to 2008 blog posts in the form of snarky comments, or adoring tweens who are hoping she’s still going to post better pictures of her DIY canopy bed.

You can watch her in the video above, if you like. I’m not sure if she’s still here or not. I guess I’m off to find her, but then again, I think she’s always been looking for me too. Here’s to another decade of pink, fashion, and fairytales, no matter what they may look like, in Neverland or New York. Thank you for reading along with me – and always, as I do, hoping for just one more installment.

(Psst… for more OOTDs and photos from this rose quartz cave, make sure to follow @victoriasuzanne on Instagram!)

Kawaii Instagram School: How To Slay Your Flatlay


credits to @stylepolyakova & @ a_socialnative & @alvatrejo & @mamachaannn

credits to @stylepolyakova & @ a_socialnative & @alvatrejo & @mamachaannn

I have gotten even more into snapping shots for my Insta lately! Taking photos on the go of my favorite places and foods has become one of my top hobbies, including hunting down cute spots and snacks to Instagram! Since I also review a lot of cute restaurants (check out my guide to New York City’s pinkest cafes and shops!) I’ve been working on one of the most iconic Instagram photo layouts: the flatlay.

Flatlay is the term for still-life photos shot from above, usually food, makeup, or fashion products. A flatlay can be a great way to showcase products, show a glimpse into your day when a selfie isn’t gonna cut it (we’ve all be there, right? #undereyebags?). If you’re a fashion blogger, consider using flatlays to arrange entire outfits you’re thinking of wearing or to show example styles. The rules are different depending on if you’re at home or on the go, but there’s definitely a trick to nailing either kind. Here’s my favorite tried-and-true tips for a great flatlay.

great use of filling up the square by @thepinkdiary

great use of filling up the square by @thepinkdiary

Work square.

For Instagram, we all know square is best. Turning your phone’s camera to square-mode is a given when arranging your flatlay. Feel free to move or change things with the camera on, too, so you can see ahead of time what your photo will look like. Filling the square is also important – you want to make sure there’s no gaping holes in your design.

an on-the-go flatlay using jewelry, sunglasses, phone case, and outfit details from

an on-the-go flatlay using jewelry, sunglasses, phone case, and outfit details from

Bring accessories. 

Using props can be a great way to bring your aesthetic into a photo away from home. A fashion magazine, sunglasses, lipstick, jewelry, a phone case, or even your own manicure or bejeweled fingers can work. If you’re shooting onto a table or counter, getting your feet or the pattern of your dress in the shot also adds personality. You can use whatever you have on hand, or if you’re going out specifically to snap food photos, think ahead and bring some likely items.

Floral friends.

Another easy, girly touch: fresh flowers. Pick them up from a street vendor or grab your own if you’ve got a bountiful yard. Roses always look classy, but daisies are becoming popular too. For an airy feel that’s popular in Korean insta pixs right now, pull over some greenery like a potted plants or strands of ivy.

lovely outfit flatlay on a neutral background by my friend @chiffon.fleur

lovely outfit flatlay on a neutral background by my friend @chiffon.fleur

Mind your background.

If you’re shooting at home, it’s easy to experiment with different backgrounds like textured fabric (fluffy faux fur is especially fun), faux backdrops like a single marble tile or piece of painted wood, scrapbook paper, or even your bedspread or rug. On the go, you’ll probably be using your cafe table. Keep in mind the aesthetic of your overall feed – dark tables will look good with dark feeds, and white tables or light wood will look better on light themed profiles. If you have a delicious snack that isn’t grooving with you table, consider adding in your props to take away from the backdrop. Or if I’m unprepared, I’ll ditch the flatlay altogether and look for a likely colored wall, like in my unicorn ice cream cone above.

Think color palette. 

Flatlays are a visual treat for the eyes, a little like designing a still life moodboard. When considering your accessories, always be thinking of a color palette. Usually one or two colors worked around a neutral is a good balance. In my case it’s usually pink (surprise) but if you have a dedicated color on your Insta, now is the time to use it. Shout out to my pal Lessie, who manages an amazing monochrome Insta!

a sweet muted flatlay in natural light by @g4ladies

a sweet muted flatlay in natural light by @g4ladies

Natural light is king.

If you’re at home, finding your biggest window and setting up your background there is a given. In restaurants or cafes, try to grab a seat next to the window or even outside if there’s outdoor seating. At the same time, try to avoid harsh shadows from too strong light – indirect, white light is best. A lot of bloggers suggest morning light is the purest choice, particularly on slightly overcast days.

Here’s a few other blog articles I liked on flatlay advice:

Suzie Speaks: How To Create A Flatlay With Basic Props

Amanda Adams: Background Options For Your Instagram Flatlays

I Am Mumpreneur: 7 Steps To A Perfect Flatlay

Dizzybrunette: How to Master the Flatlay

Or, if you want a huge dose of inspo, check out the IG tag #flatlayforever – to see tons of cute flatlays of every style and color palette.

I’m still learning how to master my flatlay skills too, so feel free to comment if you have any secret tips and tricks to a great flatlay photo! If you’ve tried any of these tips, let me know and link your Insta!

Read the other articles on on how to have a super kawaii instagram!

How To Have a Super Kawaii Instagram

How To Have An (EVEN MORE) Super Kawaii Instagram 

How to Have a (EVEN MORE) Super Kawaii Instagram


When I last wrote my popular “How to Have a Super Kawaii Instagram“, in 2012, seems like several eons ago in social media age. Apps can spring up overnight and change the face of mobile blogging and connection in an instant (can anyone remember a time before Pokemon Go?). So with the advent of AliceHolic, another new app for mobile kawaii style, I thought it was high time to revive my favorites-list of editing apps for 2016, along with some of my go-to tips for getting that IG starpower following to witness all this cuteness.


BeautyCam Is Every Girl’s Real MVP

Whether you just enjoy the forgiving filters that manage to add great candy color while also smoothing out your skin, or get crazy with the leg-lengthening and eye-enlarger, I still can’t let this app go unmentioned. I’ve used this to fix dark circles, remove scars or bruises, or even just zap out a stubborn pimple. Is this DIY retouching at its finest? Yes, but I have no regrets in the option to remake and modify my image in a way that feels most comfortable. Plus, they have a feature to add live bokeh like hearts, stars, or snowflakes to your selfies. Who can turn that down? Check out the Beautycam info page here.

Every Filter You Need

I quickly grew bored with the stock filters on Instagram, and instead rely on SelfieCity. Packed with filters for every style, and with a few easy edits like background blur, vignette corners or square cropping. I probably use this on my every photo before it goes live. They also routinely add new collections of filters, which is always fun to see.


Augmented Reality Beauty is Trending

Brought on by the Snapchat live-selfie style filters to give you the well-known puppy dog faces and flower crowns, I’ve found two favorites from Korea: the Egg Action Selfie Cam and Snow Camera. Both of them show your face inside a jelly, a strawberry, as your friend, or with rainbow tears. They’re not exactly serious selfie game, but they are seriously fun time wasters for you and your friends.


MakeupPlus For Your Good Days and Bad Days

MakeupPlus applies a variety of makeup styles and products to your photographs. It’s gone through many incarnations, and I must confess a love-hate relationship with this app. Every time I get comfortable with the new interface or find a look that works for me, it seems like they update the app. As it’s become more popular overseas, they’ve increased skin tones and makeup colors, but significantly moved away from their aegyo-heavy Korean roots to a more edgy Western style, as evidenced even by their makeup tutorials and base model. I like this app for casually dressing up a no-makeup face, or for adding definition to an already-made-up face, like brightening blush or adding extra lashes.




Growing Your Instagram Presence

What’s the point of being super duper kawaii on Instagram if no one is there to see it? (If a kawaii pink sparkly tree falls in the forest, and no one hearts it… oh, forget it.) There’s a few top ways to get more involved with your microblogging social media, and you can do them in just a few minutes a day.

Post regularly – typically one or twice a day will keep fresh content and fresh interest in your account.

Choosing a theme or style can generate interest as well. Whether this is styled by category of content or just a general color scheme, considering how your images fit together as a group will give a unified look to your photos.

Like like like! Interacting with other accounts, whether they’re following you, you’re following them, or you find them with the recommendations page – gets you involved. Send out heart emojis, write and respond to comments – y’know, the social part of social media. Being involved is the best way to make Instagram rewarding and help you build online friends and online personality.

Use hashtags and geotags to up your visibility! I love checking out photos taken from the same restaurant or event I’m at, or different themes, both to get my photos noticed and to see how other people photographed the same subject. If you’re interested in getting involved with different languages or cultures on IG as well, consider tagging your photos in the language you’re studying or the culture you’d like to interact with. Japanese or Korean hashtags can get your stuff spotted by Japanese and Korean fashionistas for example!


So if you’re ready to really have the kawaii instgram of your social media dreams, start today! Even just one new photo today can be the start of a cute new curation that expresses what you find beautiful! Leave your username in the comments or on our Facebook page thread!

Everything You Want to Know About The New Lolitas’ Instagram

Watch out, Lacebook has competition! Lolita fashion specific social media has gone mobile with the addition of the new app, AliceHolic (check it on the App Store here). Connect with other lolitas from around the world inside this Japanese kawaii-only app. 

The advantages over Instagram? No scrolling through pages upon pages of unrelated puppy or pink frappe pics; if you need instant fashion inspo this app has you covered like a direct dose of cuteness. Of all the social media where I curate my lolita fashion daydreams, from Pinterest to Tumblr to Facebook, I have to admit that this one is the easiest. Opening up your feed looks like this:


The app’s default language is Japanese, but a friend told me you can switch to English or Mandarin in the settings if you prefer (the gear icon, naturally). Each heart is an equivalent to an Instagram like or double-tap, and a star is a follow. You can view either a chronological feed of everyone’s latest updates or just the ones you choose to follow. The latest tech update now introduces the option of push notifications if you’re really into who’s hearting what. Unfortunately, it’s not available for Android platforms yet.

Do we really need another social media platform? Honestly, we probably don’t, but what’s the harm in enjoying a little lolita-specific free app and lacey graphics? And there’s the added bonus of meeting and oogling new lolitas that you haven’t seen yet from around the world, instead of the small pool of the already established lolita communities.

Now, if you really want to make a splash with your first post, consider checking out my guide on mobile photo editing for How to Have a Super Kawaii Instagram! Hmm… anyone up for a 2016 reboot of the cutest photo editing apps for your phone? I know I’ve got a slew of new ones to share!

My name is parfaitdollvictoria on AliceHolic, by the way! What’s yours? Make sure to heart and star me up!

Why I Don’t Miss EGL

why don't I miss egl?Wow, what a blast from the past is was reading Dresses and Devilment’s look-back on the once great Livejournal lolita fashion community EGL! Founded over a decade ago and the strong hub for many lolitas of my “generation” (the era of 2006 or so, when I got into the scene), this simple community was the backdrop of lolita interaction. While I loved reminiscing about the old site, I have to say, I don’t miss it. There’s a new style to communicating about the fashion online, and I think it’s got its pros!

Everyone’s Got Original Content

Before, when EGL was king, a lot of lolitas relied on a few big contributors to create new content. Guides, outfit posts, and events were all run by a small group who enjoyed putting together new resources for the community. Now with the flush of social media, there are more outfit shots and easy ways to share and selfie than ever. Scroll through the #eglcommunity tag on Instagram – girls everywhere are stepping up to show their stuff. Lengthy Livejournal posts with cumbersome tags and HTML are a thing of the past – showcase your dress unboxing or meetup in real time with tons of social media platforms. Instant sharing at meetups and events makes lolita a real-time experience even if you’re stuck at home.

Make Your Own Sandbox

If EGL had its rules and theme set, the new social media world of fashion is the opposite. Anything goes when it’s your own platform. Feel free to jumble up all your interests and different fashion styles into whatever mix you’d like. Tumblr can help you currate together your outfit ideas and inspirations as well as your favorite looks from others. New social media is more personal and less rigid than a fixed community. I remember when I started my blog, that was one of the appeals – I could make it my own space! My Pinterest fashion board is an easy way to organize my favorite inspirational photos, no categories required.

Real Time Chat – No Problem

Pages and pages of long, forum style comments were the preferred style of EGL. With multiple interfaces now like Facebook, instant messenger, Lacebook, Instagram, and Pinterest we have so many more ways to communicate. If you’re a lolita granny like me, do you remember refreshing the page for comments?! Oh, the minutes of my life lost to that F5 key when trying to follow a discussion on EGL. Now we can even host digital tea parties or event planning meetings over Skype, or have massive group chats.

Safer Shopping

Livejournal never really meant to work as a place to exchange goods and money, but we shoehorned it in there anyway. Facebook is still pretty clunky at sales, perhaps, but Lace Market, eBay, Etsy and Storenvy all make up for that.

Missing Memories

I used to love poring over the EGL Memories when I first started doing my lolita research. They seemed full of great information, especially the Lolita Handbook that practically raised me. Now a lot of the memories have fallen out of date, are a mass of broken and tangled links, and broken images – the saddest part, since they were once illustrated by EGL mod carnet_atelier’s adorable chibi themed artwork to teach the different lolita substyles and clothing items. I remember reading them as a beginner like they were all I would ever need to know in life, in awe of the girls with enough experience to write them.


The lolita web community is truly an amazing beast. When I think back on what we’ve come from – the simple forums and boards, the baby-faced Internet that lolita fashion has grown up alongside – I’m truly amazed. This fashion, despite being physical lace and threads, has always translated into tech to unite us from its inception. Sharing street snaps and tutorials and advice has kept us interlinked around the world. Now we can peek into the lives of lolitas around the world in real time, from Singapore to South America, from my own streets of New York City and into the rolling fields of Ukraine or Poland. Even better, as technology becomes easier to use and more enmeshed in our daily lives, we can all create content as easily as a few swipes. I can’t wait to see lolita fashion continue to evolve alongside its technology.

What’s your favorite way to share your lolita style online? Are you constantly mobile or still loving the desktop console?

Pinkly Ever After Lucky Pack and the Happy & Cute Virus!

Pinkly Ever After Love!

Last week I received my Pinkly Ever After lucky pack – you may have caught the sneak peak on my Instagram, @victoriasuzanne! Pinkly Ever After is one of my favorite up-and-coming indie fashion labels. Although they began in Canada, they have now relocated to their home country of South Korea, back in the land of cute! I’ve loved their designs since they first began and fangirl over their brief musical career as Pinku Project on a regular basis still, ahem.

I went to the post office on a rainy day and feverishly ripped open all the pink bubble wrap in my car like a crazy glitter-induced drug addict (<~<) (the things we do for fashion, huh?) Inside was a mountain of sparkly goodies! Below, you can see the complete set! I ordered two and they came all in the same package, so it was like a cute explosion!

My favorite piece is the unicorn badge, I’ll probably pin it to my jacket for the upcoming meetup this weekend!

I also received, as I mentioned in my last post, a long letter from Pinkly Ever After’s designer Robin and her right-hand magical girl Baby. It really touched my heart and made me want to start blogging again! She also gave me details on our next big Pinkly Project coming out! I can share this information now that it’s been posted on the official site.

This is the first sickness I’ve been happy to have, haha. Pinkly Ever After chose me to represent America and infect them with cute clothes, fashion, and girls’ bravery! I’m looking for a girl in the tristate area to give a Cinderella-like magical girl or lolita makeover to! If you or someone you know wants to get into cute fashion but doesn’t know where to start, and lives in the tristate or New York City area, please message the Parfait Doll Facebook page! Maybe you could be that special girl! We’ll be filming a transformation sequence with the help of Dalin of Magic A La Mode! I’ll release more information as I receive it from PEA, so please follow my Twitter @victoriasuzanne for updates as well! (o^-^o)

Just Where Have I Been?!

snapshots from my "internet vacation"!

It’s time for me to start blogging again. It’s hard to believe I’ve been gone from my blog since June! I’m sorry if I worried you, readers! I did receive a few notes from readers asking if I was okay. I have been a little sick recently, but really I’ve just been busy! (Fingers crossed that I’ll stay healthy through the winter!) Since this June I traveled to Baltimore for Otakon, saw my family in Seattle, and got new kittens with my boyfriend. I’ve started learning how to cook a little more, became the fashion show manager for Rufflecon 2014, modeled at Connecticon, and hung out with Takamasa Sakurai and Sebastian Masuda. And of course started a new semester as university, complete with the recent shooting scare on campus.

In all that, I haven’t been blogging.

Blogging has weighed heavy on my mind. I’m a perfectionist, particularly when it comes to visual things. My laptop isn’t working as well as it should be these days. My camera isn’t as a fancy as I’d like. In short, I guilted myself out of blogging and into procrastinating. I convinced myself people weren’t reading much these days anyway – would I be missed if I skipped a few posts? A week turned into a month, and now it’s November. I’ve got that blogging guilt, girls. I’ve always liked writing and blogging has been a great creative outlet for me. I’ve changed a lot since I began this blog in 2008 – almost six years ago! My style is different now, my view of the lolita world and fashion is different too, but I’m not ready to give up on this blog. (Why I’ve been shelling out for the hosting every six months to keep the site “on air”… ahem.)

Really, I was inspired to keep going by my ever-inspiration Robin-unni of Pinkly Ever After (see, Robin, unni! (^o~). When I made a recent purchase from her label, I received more than a pink package from South Korea full of glittery pastel goodies (review next post!). Most precious, she sent me an adorably pink five-page letter covered in stickers and drawings of magical girls. She said I had always inspired her and my blog had jump-started her label many moons ago. She reminded me that my desire to wear what I want and my desire to share that bravery with other girls is more important than labeling my style, and that it’s not my outfit posts people need – it’s the spirit in this blog. I’m not going to let my own insecurities defeat me from doing what I love and working on this site for the girls out there who have loved it in the past and might need it in the future.

Look forward to the regular Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule starting this week! See you then! (*^-^*)


Lolita Blog Carnival: My Lolita Playlist

Gothic Pink | Tommy Heavenly6 ❤ Primadonna Girl | Marina & the Diamonds ❤ Cover Girl & This Is The Beginning | Rupaul ❤

Tea Party | Kerli ❤ Starry-Eyed | Ellie Goulding ❤ PonPonPon {musix box version} | Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ❤

Throw It In the Bag | MC Melod¥ Doll

These are my top favorite lolita-inspiring songs! I usually listen to these while I’m getting dressed or putting on my makeup in the morning… (I need one of these pretty badly to pimp out my iPhone! My old rhinestone HK dock wasn’t compatible with newer generations somehow…)

I love music with a lolita twist to it, like lyrics about tea parties and cakes, but I also want a hard, kind of clubby beat and ego-boosting lyrics, hence why I’m in love with RuPaul and Primadonna Girl. I think any lolita can connect with the line, “I’ve got a big ego, I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal though”.

I also thought I’d throw in my music box version of Kyary’s Pon Pon Pon! A girl on Youtube makes Japanese pop into music box versions, and I’ve made it my new ringtone. It’s just so twinkly!

Final track had to be Throw It In the Bag. I turn up my bass for this one. MC Melod¥ Doll, you gotta release your next single, I am dying for love of lolita rap.

 See what other Lolita Blog Carnival members love to listen to!

Le Boudoir | RambleRori | GeishaBaby | Kirakirashoujo | Sweet Lolita Doll94 | Sweet and Simple | La Petite Princess

Commercially Alternative | Swirly Purple & Green Crayon | Pop Princess | Dollhouse Diaries | Princess Palace

 (Just a reminder – if you want to join the Lolita Blog Carnival, you must send an application! Lots of lolitas are requesting to join without applying – so I can’t approve them!)

What are your top favorite songs that remind you of lolita, or just get you amped to wear the frills?

Lolita Blog Carnival: Makeup Tips You Swear By

This week’s theme for the Lolita Blog Carnival is makeup tips, so here are four of my secrets to get that ‘girl, ya look flawless’ face. I use most of these tips in my daily beauty routine to keep my skin looking healthy, and prettily made up for either sweet fashion or just going to school.

1. Let your skin breathe!

The more I learn about Japanese makeup techniques, like huge lashes and contouring, the more makeup I like to wear on a daily basis. Doing my hair and makeup is a relaxing way for me to get ready to face the day. Usually I make my cup of tea and turn on some music, and then get down to business. And when it comes to meetups, I especially torture my skin with primers, eyeliner, glue – the works. So as much as I love doing my makeup, I try to take at least one day off a week to let my skin breathe! The day after a meetup is a great day to go makeup-free. If I really can’t face going out without, I will cheat with just some BB cream.

2. Reward your face!

Even if you do give your face a daycation, you should still be taking good care of it. Make sure you do wash off any makeup you’re wearing, for starters. I travel a lot, so often instead of bringing my favorite face wash (Hadanomy collagen wash really gets that eyeliner gone!) I carry these disposable makeup-removing towelettes. I buy them pretty cheaply at places like Forever21 (rose petal or lavender fragrance) or the Christmas Tree Shop (green tea or cucumber), but you can get more expensive or medicated wipes at your drugstore or beauty shop. I also am trying different kinds of Korean moisturizers and masks lately, in an effort to be kind to my skin. Even just a homemade mask once a week is a great thing to do for you face.

3. My, what big eyes you have…

My favorite makeup technique to work on is big eyes. While I’m not interested in getting into gyaru fashion, I do admire some of their skills, like giant eyes and extensions. I routinely hunt up makeup tutorials or magazine scans and save them to my iPhone’s camera roll so I can access them on the go. Sometimes I study other lolitas’ makeup I like! Right now, I am shamelessly emulating Princess Peachie’s eye shape and makeup tips. If you haven’t seen them, check out her makeup Youtube videos! Or, if you want to see more of my favorite eye tutorials and inspirations – everything from Japanese girls to vintage magazines – check out the makeup tag on my Tumblr!

4. Brushes are a must… and can look pretty cute.

Until I started using brushes, I didn’t know how much I needed them. Putting on foundation with my fingers – or even a sponge – now just sounds silly to me. The only thing I still like to apply with my fingers is BB cream, since it is, after all, a skin product. Brushes even out your application and keep your fingers from covering your face with oil. (Make sure to wash them at least weekly!) I am way too excited to get my hands on these cute new brushes from MAC’s Holiday 2012 collection!

5. Lashes are way too much fun.

Big eyes and lashes go together – it’s hard to do one without the other. False lashes are pretty easy to master, given some practice. Make sure you trim the lash to fit your eye before applying, and then add glue (I like Duo brand in white/clear). When the glue is tacky, carefully place as close to your lash line as possible. I love collecting all kinds of eyelashes. Half-lash sets are my favorite for daily wear or for a more played-down look – they give your eyes an angelic accent without looking too fake.


So, what did other Lolita Blog Carnival bloggers say about their favorite makeup tips and tricks?

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Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Print Themes I’m Dreaming Of

It seems like lolita fashion can make a border print out of anything. Skulls, gingerbread houses, fairytale books, circus lions, you name it – it’s been done, right? Well, not exactly… There are still a few ideas I am dying to see made into the cute new It Print. (Are you listening, Maki and Asuka? This is a GOLD MINE of print ideas right here.)

We’ve seen plenty of cat prints come and go in lolita, but always the focus is on either black cats, white cats, or Persian cats (In Innocent World’s print there is ONE Himalayan cat – but only one and she has fairy wings. Doesn’t count). I grew up with Siamese cats, and their pretty pointed faces and blue eyes (and for their cousins ragdolls and Himalayans, long fluffy fur) mean elegance and sweetness to me. I would also love to have the colorways themed after the different colored points – lilac, chocolate, seal, or flame. If you’re unfamiliar with Siamese cats, you check out their beautiful point colors! Flame is my current favorite since it looks like butterscotch or caramel, but lilac is a close second.

Another print theme we’ve worn down – tea. Everyone loves a tea party, teapot, teatime print. I’d love to see another hot beverage get some love – coffee. Coffee beans, coffee jelly (which I am dying to try), French presses, and cutest of all, latte art. I would love to see hearts and bear faces and swirled AP letters in coffee cups. Plus, they could peddle us nearly the exact same teacup jewelry and re-release the teacup purse in a few different colors, or go the pancake-mix-box route and present us with a classy burlap coffee bean bag to carry. I dig it.

We’ve seen Hello Kitty team up with lolita brands in the past, but I think the perfect collaboration print would be a lolita brand – of course I’m dreaming of Angelic Pretty, since that’s where my slavish devotion lies – with Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars. We just saw Baby the Stars Shine Bright collab with Disney for Alice in Wonderland, so is this really too far a stretch? Lolitas already love Little Twin Stars for its pastel palette and, um, stars, so a lolita brand should definitely be taking advantage of this market.

I loved doing this week’s Lolita Blog Carnival, mostly because I got to spam you all with the kind of photos that usually only see my Tumblr. Are you a lolita blogger looking to get blogging prompts, connect with other lolita bloggers, and gain readers? Make sure you check out joining Lolita Blog Carnival!

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