The Foolproof Lolita Holiday Shopping Guide

the 2017 kawaii holiday gift guide

Dear Mom, Dad, or hapless boyfriend/girlfriend who has been linked to this page, only a few weeks before Christmas/Hannukah/Festivus,

Listen, I get it. It’s only a few weeks before the big day, the lolita in your life has given you a Christmas list with a million buzzwords (what, exactly, is an AP OP with matching pannier and otks and canotier, and why is it $600?!), you don’t know the difference between chemical lace, cluny lace, or raschel lace, and your desire to leave the couch, especially in the cold, is exceptionally low. You have a laptop, a credit card, and whole lot of holiday goodwill and the deserve to make your lolita happy this holiday, but – no idea where to start.

This is the complete foolproof guide on ordering lolita fashion for the holidays without any insane shopping services, translation machines, a Japanese or Chinese speaking bestie, or weird wire transfers that may or may not be intercepted by a Nigerian prince.

Or if you’re way too nervous to order clothes for somebody else (million dollar question: will it fit?!), here’s my original kawaii gift guide. And here’s a kawaii gift guide for under $50! And in case that’s not enough, try this video from Princess Peachy about what to get the lolitas in your life.

For those who still want to venture in the world of lolita fashion shopping, let’s continue.

Lolita Fashion Retailers in the United States

These shops are selling within the United States, with easy-to-use websites and typically take straight-up credit card. No matter your lolita skill level, if you know how to shop online, you should find shopping here a breeze.

Harajuku Hearts – a San Francisco based shop for multiple lolita brands in various styles.

Angelic Pretty USA – an American retailer of Japanese brand Angelic pretty – gift cards available

Tokyo Rebel – a New York City based retailer with multiple brands in several styles from classic, gothic, sweet and punk – gift cards available

Tokyo Otaku Mode – a retailer with such cute brands as Swankiss, Milklim, and galaxxxy – a Chinese middleman seller of lolita fashion – a Taobao reseller that I personally recommend and have ordered from in the past

A note about Devilinspired and LolitaWardrobe – they both order things to be custom-made overseas, which can take time, or things that are currently in stock and only need to be shipped out. Make sure your presents will come in time for your holiday by choosing items that are in-stock and ready to be shipped!

Amazon and eBay Retailers

Sometimes you can find good places to get kawaii or lolita-inspired fashion on Amazon or eBay through third-party sellers. Here’s a few of my favorite products or sellers on these platforms. If you are ordering through these sellers, make sure that your gift is not going to take a long time to get to your doorstep – sometimes Chinese sellers especially can take a long time to get goods into your hands. But so long as your shipping is checked, this shopping is as easy as Add to Cart. There’s also plenty of cute gifts on Amazon you can think of, like the ones mentioned in Peachy’s video.

Lolita Shoes from Amazon – I’ve worn and loved many a lolita shoe collection from Amazon. Several of these also offer Prime, free 2-Day shipping. I don’t personally recommend lolita clothing from Amazon, but shoes are typically a safe bet.

Liz Lisa Official eBay shop – a sweet princess styled fashion house of ‘himekaji’ or ‘casual princess style’, these pieces can also be worked into some lolita fashion looks or worn as-is for a dolly but more casual style

Secondhand Sellers

This method is not entirely foolproof, so that’s why it’s in third place on our guide! If you are used to buying other goods online with Paypal, you can easily find lolita fashion in all styles and types using the secondhand sales market. The way it works is this: once you go through these linked shops and find an item you’d like to purchase, message the seller and set up a Paypal transfer and they’ll ship the item out to you. This method is best if you want your item ASAP (like, you forgot the lolita in question’s birthday is next week, and there’s no guarantee¬†an official lolita store like above can get it there in time). Explain to the seller that you need that sweet overnight shipping or priority mail, and you can potentially have your item within three days.

LaceMarket – secondhand sellers of lolita fashion who may be willing to get your item FedExed, shipped, or sent by dogsled in record time

BONUS ROUND: Mall Shopping and Gift Cards

For the truly last-minute among you, here is your ultimate survival guide. Here’s a list of favorite places at your local mall or big-box where you can get gift cards that any lolita in your life is sure to love.

Lush – all-natural bath and body products, especially with seasonal favorites like Snow Fairy

Sephora – the mothership, aka a makeup superstore, for everything from perfume to eye shadow palettes

Ulta – hair and makeup supply superstore similar to Sephora

Michaels Craft Store – for all of her DIY needs, from pearls and rhinestones to faux roses and ribbons

MAC Cosmetics – because okay, we all need makeup, MAC is the classic choice

Kate Spade – um, adorable designer purses and jewelry for any chic style, yes

I also labeled in bold the lolita fashion specific stores that will sell you gift cards! If you do go the gift card route, make sure to use a nice holiday card with a personal note and attach some chocolates or a bouquet of flowers so that the tree isn’t too bare looking Christmas morning.

So if you think the lolita in your life is secretly but maybe not so secretly expecting you to read her mind come Christmas morning…

christmas in lolita fashion

Make sure you keep this easy lolita fashion shopping directory on hand! And lolitas reading this right now, I’m sure you – ahem, I mean, Sandy Claws – can think of someone special to send it to! What is your dream lolita gift this holiday season?

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