How To Wear Lolita Fashion for the Holidays

If you’ve got a holiday lolita party coming up, are just in love with holiday cheer and winter lolita fashion style, or just want to figure out how to take the cutest holiday photos for your Insta this December – Parfait Doll has you covered. Check out this moodboard for the cutest holiday-themed lolita outfit inspo! 

how to wear lolita for the holidays

how to wear lolita for the holiday

Some tips for a holiday lolita themed outfit!

  • Try wearing a seasonal color such as red (naturally), red and green tartan, navy (like the dark night sky), pastel blue like ice, mint like peppermints, or even just snow white.
  • Fluffy winter furs, cashmere hats and scarves, or earmuffs can be a toasty addition. Especially if you live in a cold area, don’t be afraid to throw on some warm gear. Berets are really popular right now, but I also like hats with furry pompoms!
  • Heavy fabrics like velveteen, brushed wool, or flannel can also do the trick. I even made my own flannel bloomers one particularly cold year.
  • Christmas ornaments like glass balls, tinsel, or stars can be cute added to hair accessories or as earrings.
  • There’s no wrong time of year for glitter freckles.

To get adorable winter themed photos, try these ideas:

  • Anything with fairy lights is a go-to spot. Use a bokeh filter or soft focused background to make pretty glowing lights in your photograph, for a dreamy December feeling.
  • Anywhere there is a decorated Christmas tree has potential! You can always use your own tree, or head out into your city to find trees in all shapes, sizes, and colors. My favorite coffee shop has a beautiful tall white tree, and I have a pink tinsel one at home. Even fake trees at a department or craft store can make a pretty backdrop.
  • If you’re more into a soft and cozy feeling, try blankets or furs in neutral colors as backdrops.

Is everyone ready for their holiday teas and parties this year? I know all my German friends are waking up to sweets in their shoes this morning! Tell us your favorite holiday traditions in the comments of the Facebook page!

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