30 Ways to Celebrate International Lolita Day

international lolita day

“Babe, I’ll be busy this weekend – it’s International Lolita Day.”

“Again?” asks Boyfriend. “Didn’t that just happen?”


Okay, the Boyfriend isn’t crazy – there’s a reason why it seems like Lolita Day happens so often!

Why yes, International Lolita Day has come again – part two of 2017’s lolita fashion celebrations, as ILD is a bi-annual holiday that occurs on the first Saturday in June as well as the first Saturday of December. (Hint: it’s this week!)  While I’ve been celebrating Lolita Day fairly regularly for the past ten years, I often get notes from readers saying they don’t have Lolita Day plans or don’t have any nearby lolitas to share the day with. So whether you’re in need of planning a last minute meetup or a way to spend Lolita Day on your own, here’s thirty ways to celebrate your lolita self this year!

For us in the northern hemisphere, this will be our winter Lolita Day, somewhat colliding with the holiday season, and therefore sometimes considered the lolitas’ Christmas. But if you’re in the southern hemisphere, December will herald in a sunny summer of warm days, parasols and strawberries. Because of this, I’ve split the list in fifteen ideas for each season, especially since it tends to be a seasonal holiday. However feel free to adapt or borrow any of these ideas that you like for either season!


  1. Have a holiday-themed lolita party with beribboned trees and a lolita secret santa!
  2.  Have a lolita card exchange with your friends or penpals!
  3. Dress up in your best lolita winter coordinate with fluffy earmuffs, boots and mittens
  4. Treat yourself to new winter skincare essentials like lip balms or moisturizers.
  5. Buy up lolita-worthy scented seasonal candles like cinnamon bun, sugar cookie or winter forest.
  6. Invite your lolita bestie to a winter crafternoon for crochet, knitting or lace-making.
  7. Try a new gourmet cocoa mix or blend of tea for a cozy afternoon or refreshing morning pick-me-up.
  8. Take a walk in the winter woods in a forest-inspired coordinate with fawns, mushrooms, rabbits or snowflakes.
  9. Make a lolita holiday ornament to either keep or give to your friends
  10. Add lace or bows to a cardigan or sweater to make a cute and warm DIY project.
  11. Go to a nearby skating rink and host your friends at a lolita fashion skate-off!
  12. Make lolita valentines (paper or digital!) for lolitas in your life or online that you admire
  13. Collage favorite clippings and inspirations from your lolita magazines into a scrapbook or to pin up on your wall.
  14. Closet-clean your wardrobe to get ready for the new season!
  15. Get cozy in your kigurumi or lolita pajamas and turn on your favorite lolita-themed movies like Kamikaze Girls, A Little Princess, or Marie Antoinette


  1. Have a summer picnic with plenty of fresh fruits and a bright spring salad!
  2. Find an antique or cute fan to carry around for steamy days
  3. Decorate a straw hat with roses or ribbon for a pretty lolita sun hat
  4. Wear a fruit-inspired coordinate and go berry-picking
  5. Break out your sailor lolita and visit a lakeshore or seaside for a day, especially if there’s a boardwalk!
  6. Make cute  ice cream sundaes or yogurt parfaits
  7. Visit a cherry blossom festival or other local flower festival
  8. Treat yourself to new summer sunblock or refreshing spray mist – or maybe even a setting spray to keep your makeup in place!
  9. Head to the nail salon for a bright spring pedicure with bows or polka dots
  10. Use seashells to make a hair clip or brooch for a mermaid-themed coordinate
  11. Head to a carnival or fairgrounds to eat cotton candy and ride the carousel
  12. Blow giant bubbles and take some whimsical photos of your lolita friends!
  13. Pick up a new parasol at your local lolita fashion shop
  14. Decorate your bedroom with real or faux roses – they’re on sale in the springtime!
  15. Grow window-box flowers or herbs in a sunny spot – strawberries are especially easy to start inside

As for me, I’m headed out to a dessert tea in New York City, and I’m very excited to wear my new rose-themed dress – make sure to check my Insta @victoriasuzanne for more! Whether you’re flying solo this Lolita Day, planning on pampering yourself, or going out with your friends dressed to the nines, I hope you have a wonderful International Lolita Day this year!

Comment your Lolita Day plans below in the comments or on the ParfaitDoll.com Facebook page!

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