Mokbang Diaries: Vol. 1 – Goldfish Ice Cream & Cotton Candy Milkshakes!


With my new bent on food-loving lately (remember my intro post about one of my favorite homemade recipes for Korean root beer chili?) I thought I would start chronicling my favorite cute and delicious eats! I’m lucky enough to have plenty to choose from on the streets of New York City, home of the rainbow bagel and alligator pizza – and I love hunting down unique foods from every borough. ‘Mokbang’ is the Korean buzzword that means ‘eating broadcast’ – a very popular trend right now in Korea! Whether you like hearing about foods to try them yourself, or just like seeing a good snack in progress – I hope you enjoy my future cute mokbang adventures! Here’s some of the cute things I loved in the city lately.

Cotton Candy Bubble Tea Milkshakes

Petrina of famed Lolita and the City and I had a few hours to kill before my most recent fashion show, so we stopped at Vivi Bubble Tea in the Lower East Side. You may have seen their signature bubble teas on Insider Food – a very sweet, pastel drink topped with cookies & cream ice cream and a huge swirl of cotton candy, complete with the chewy pearls of tapioca we love. The waitress thought it was such a hot day, she added a little ice cold nitrogen to our drinks, creating this cool ethereal fog effect!


(Psst: if you hashtag them on social media, the next time you come in for your second cotton candy boba, it’s 50% off. Winner.)

Goldfish Ice Cream – Korean Taiyaki

While this is more a convenience snack than an all-out gourmand creation, it’s sometimes the simplest convenience foods we love most. Taiyaki – a classic Asian treat based on a fish-shaped waffle mold filled with red bean – is enjoying its moment in the foodie limelight with the opening of Taiyaki NYC, who brought the fish shaped ice cream cone to life for New Yorkers. In Korean, we call this beungeubbang (a tongue-twister, I know), which translates to ‘goldfish bread’. I picked up this on-the-go version at my favorite Korean grocery, Hmart.


Instead of red bean, this version has a strawberry jam filling paired with silky vanilla ice cream, a lot like an ice cream sandwich. The fish itself tastes just like a chewy ice cream cone.

I even did a mini-reaction video of trying it for the first time – check it out on my Instagram!

What other cute foods do you want to see, maybe more snacks from Japan and Korea? I really want to try a lot of tasty Korean sweets soon!

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