How to Have a (EVEN MORE) Super Kawaii Instagram


When I last wrote my popular “How to Have a Super Kawaii Instagram“, in 2012, seems like several eons ago in social media age. Apps can spring up overnight and change the face of mobile blogging and connection in an instant (can anyone remember a time before Pokemon Go?). So with the advent of AliceHolic, another new app for mobile kawaii style, I thought it was high time to revive my favorites-list of editing apps for 2016, along with some of my go-to tips for getting that IG starpower following to witness all this cuteness.


BeautyCam¬†Is Every Girl’s Real MVP

Whether you just enjoy the forgiving filters that manage to add great candy color while also smoothing out your skin, or get crazy with the leg-lengthening and eye-enlarger, I still can’t let this app go unmentioned. I’ve used this to fix dark circles, remove scars or bruises, or even just zap out a stubborn pimple. Is this DIY retouching at its finest? Yes, but I have no regrets in the option to remake and modify my image in a way that feels most comfortable. Plus, they have a feature to add live bokeh like hearts, stars, or snowflakes to your selfies. Who can turn that down? Check out the Beautycam info page here.

Every Filter You Need

I quickly grew bored with the stock filters on Instagram, and instead rely on SelfieCity. Packed with filters for every style, and with a few easy edits like background blur, vignette corners or square cropping. I probably use this on my every photo before it goes live. They also routinely add new collections of filters, which is always fun to see.


Augmented Reality Beauty is Trending

Brought on by the Snapchat live-selfie style filters to give you the well-known puppy dog faces and flower crowns, I’ve found two favorites from Korea: the Egg Action Selfie Cam and Snow Camera. Both of them show your face inside a jelly, a strawberry, as your friend, or with rainbow tears. They’re not exactly serious selfie game, but they are seriously fun time wasters for you and your friends.


MakeupPlus For Your Good Days and Bad Days

MakeupPlus applies a variety of makeup styles and products to your photographs. It’s gone through many incarnations, and I must confess a love-hate relationship with this app. Every time I get comfortable with the new interface or find a look that works for me, it seems like they update the app. As it’s become more popular overseas, they’ve increased skin tones and makeup colors, but significantly moved away from their aegyo-heavy Korean roots to a more edgy Western style, as evidenced even by their makeup tutorials and base model. I like this app for casually dressing up a no-makeup face, or for adding definition to an already-made-up face, like brightening blush or adding extra lashes.




Growing Your Instagram Presence

What’s the point of being super duper kawaii on Instagram if no one is there to see it? (If a kawaii pink sparkly tree falls in the forest, and no one hearts it… oh, forget it.) There’s a few top ways to get more involved with your microblogging social media, and you can do them in just a few minutes a day.

Post regularly – typically one or twice a day will keep fresh content and fresh interest in your account.

Choosing a theme or style can generate interest as well. Whether this is styled by category of content or just a general color scheme, considering how your images fit together as a group will give a unified look to your photos.

Like like like! Interacting with other accounts, whether they’re following you, you’re following them, or you find them with the recommendations page – gets you involved. Send out heart emojis, write and respond to comments – y’know, the social part of social media. Being involved is the best way to make Instagram rewarding and help you build online friends and online personality.

Use hashtags and geotags¬†to up your visibility! I love checking out photos taken from the same restaurant or event I’m at, or different themes, both to get my photos noticed and to see how other people photographed the same subject. If you’re interested in getting involved with different languages or cultures on IG as well, consider tagging your photos in the language you’re studying or the culture you’d like to interact with. Japanese or Korean hashtags can get your stuff spotted by Japanese and Korean fashionistas for example!


So if you’re ready to really have the kawaii instgram of your social media dreams, start today! Even just one new photo today can be the start of a cute new curation that expresses what you find beautiful! Leave your username in the comments or on our Facebook page thread!

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