Prayer to the Six Fashionistas

I found this video on my Facebook feed and instantly felt like sharing it with my readers. For every fashion forward girl who has received the withering glance and the “concerned” question, “Are you really going to do this when you’re 30?”, here is the resounding cry.

Let this be us. When we are old and lolita and fairy-kei and gyaru and mori-girl are words written in books by rabbits, when we are a very small paragraph in a fashion history book or confusing street snaps that people take into pawn shops, let this be us. When we are wrinkled and mussed and our skin is pleated velvety and our eyes faded in color or creased from countless makeup applications and years worth of circle lenses, let this be us. Let us be old ladies in nothing but pink, old ladies with fabulous wigs that drown our faces in crinkled curls, in plastic star jewelry that clatters and our descendants think is not good enough as inheritance. Let us be ladies who refuse to give up quietly, who rfuse to accept the racks of Alfred Dunner of the polar fleece embroidered jackets our neices and granddaughters give us at Christmas with knowing receipts. Let us be old ladies who treasure our dolls dressed in perfect style, old ladies who still hunt for brocade at the thrift shops, old ladies who still know a good pair of Doc Martens when we see them. Let this be us.

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  • Can I just thank you for this? If you were to ask my boyfriend (the only person I confide all my fears to) what one thing he thinks I’m afraid of most, he’d say my fear is to get old. And not because of any reason other than the fact that I’m afraid to get too old to dress the way I like ( a combo of sweet lolita, pastel goth, regular old goth). This video really opened my eyes to the fact that I can get old and not change my style one bit.

    So really, truly, honestly, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you for this post <3

  • Annika

    Oh Victoria, you make me so happy! <3 xo