Pinkly Ever After Lucky Pack and the Happy & Cute Virus!

Pinkly Ever After Love!

Last week I received my Pinkly Ever After lucky pack – you may have caught the sneak peak on my Instagram, @victoriasuzanne! Pinkly Ever After is one of my favorite up-and-coming indie fashion labels. Although they began in Canada, they have now relocated to their home country of South Korea, back in the land of cute! I’ve loved their designs since they first began and fangirl over their brief musical career as Pinku Project on a regular basis still, ahem.

I went to the post office on a rainy day and feverishly ripped open all the pink bubble wrap in my car like a crazy glitter-induced drug addict (<~<) (the things we do for fashion, huh?) Inside was a mountain of sparkly goodies! Below, you can see the complete set! I ordered two and they came all in the same package, so it was like a cute explosion!

My favorite piece is the unicorn badge, I’ll probably pin it to my jacket for the upcoming meetup this weekend!

I also received, as I mentioned in my last post, a long letter from Pinkly Ever After’s designer Robin and her right-hand magical girl Baby. It really touched my heart and made me want to start blogging again! She also gave me details on our next big Pinkly Project coming out! I can share this information now that it’s been posted on the official site.

This is the first sickness I’ve been happy to have, haha. Pinkly Ever After chose me to represent America and infect them with cute clothes, fashion, and girls’ bravery! I’m looking for a girl in the tristate area to give a Cinderella-like magical girl or lolita makeover to! If you or someone you know wants to get into cute fashion but doesn’t know where to start, and lives in the tristate or New York City area, please message the Parfait Doll Facebook page! Maybe you could be that special girl! We’ll be filming a transformation sequence with the help of Dalin of Magic A La Mode! I’ll release more information as I receive it from PEA, so please follow my Twitter @victoriasuzanne for updates as well! (o^-^o)

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  • The Pinkly Ever After Lucky pack stuff is so cute, and the “Virus” sounds like a lot of fun, can’t wait to see the transformation!