Just Where Have I Been?!

snapshots from my "internet vacation"!

It’s time for me to start blogging again. It’s hard to believe I’ve been gone from my blog since June! I’m sorry if I worried you, readers! I did receive a few notes from readers asking if I was okay. I have been a little sick recently, but really I’ve just been busy! (Fingers crossed that I’ll stay healthy through the winter!) Since this June I traveled to Baltimore for Otakon, saw my family in Seattle, and got new kittens with my boyfriend. I’ve started learning how to cook a little more, became the fashion show manager for Rufflecon 2014, modeled at Connecticon, and hung out with Takamasa Sakurai and Sebastian Masuda. And of course started a new semester as university, complete with the recent shooting scare on campus.

In all that, I haven’t been blogging.

Blogging has weighed heavy on my mind. I’m a perfectionist, particularly when it comes to visual things. My laptop isn’t working as well as it should be these days. My camera isn’t as a fancy as I’d like. In short, I guilted myself out of blogging and into procrastinating. I convinced myself people weren’t reading much these days anyway – would I be missed if I skipped a few posts? A week turned into a month, and now it’s November. I’ve got that blogging guilt, girls. I’ve always liked writing and blogging has been a great creative outlet for me. I’ve changed a lot since I began this blog in 2008 – almost six years ago! My style is different now, my view of the lolita world and fashion is different too, but I’m not ready to give up on this blog. (Why I’ve been shelling out for the hosting every six months to keep the site “on air”… ahem.)

Really, I was inspired to keep going by my ever-inspiration Robin-unni of Pinkly Ever After (see, Robin, unni! (^o~). When I made a recent purchase from her label, I received more than a pink package from South Korea full of glittery pastel goodies (review next post!). Most precious, she sent me an adorably pink five-page letter covered in stickers and drawings of magical girls. She said I had always inspired her and my blog had jump-started her label many moons ago. She reminded me that my desire to wear what I want and my desire to share that bravery with other girls is more important than labeling my style, and that it’s not my outfit posts people need – it’s the spirit in this blog. I’m not going to let my own insecurities defeat me from doing what I love and working on this site for the girls out there who have loved it in the past and might need it in the future.

Look forward to the regular Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule starting this week! See you then! (*^-^*)


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  • Amelia Frances

    Welcome back! It’s good to hear that you’ve been well. :) I’ve missed your blog, it will be lovely to see your articles again!

  • Welcome back! I’ve actually had similar blog-blocking stuff in my life. You’re blog has been one of my favorites and definitely inspired me to start my own, so I can definitely attest to its spirit being inspiring.

  • I gasped when I saw this post in my bloglovin roll! I’m so glad you’re back! I was worried that you weren’t ok, but very happy to hear you’re well. Can’t wait for your future posts <3

  • Welcome back~! =D
    I’ve missed your blog posts! ^^ But please keep in mind: blogging is not a requirement! Only blog when when you want to! <3 Don't overwork yourself!

    Lots of love, xxx