Forget Facebook, Get Lacebook


There is a hot new buzz going on in the lolita world. While lolita has always thrived on social media platforms, from the Jurassic-period Livejournal to the more hip Tumblr, mainstream Facebook, and fast-paced Twitter, there has never been a website geared just to lolita social networking. Traveling through word of mouth over the weekend, the new social media platform Lacebook has exploded in membership.

Not to be left without trying the new trend, I got myself a Lacebook a few days ago. It’s still pretty exclusive to keep out random creepers, so you need, as we say in the tristate, to “know a guy who knows a guy”. To join up, you first need an invite code and you’ll have to tell your friend with the code what your name and username will be. The perks of exclusivity? No weird old guys taking the word lolita the wrong way, and the site has the added ability of being “unGooglable” (send me royalties if this word catches on, okay?) The downside is that I’m sure there’s lots of awesome lolitas who haven’t gotten their invite code yet, so there is a moderation to how the community grows. Time will tell if, like the real Facebook, exclusivity will pass or stay in place.

When you get into the site, you’ll see it’s a slimmed-down version of Facebook, with a dash of Lookbook and a touch of good old forum. There’s a large wall of lolita snaps to peruse, which you can comment on and rate on a scale of one to five scales. There’s a collection of lolita resource videos, events going on, and different groups to join based on substyle or brand.

Also like Facebook, you get to customize your own profile page with photo albums, a brief bio and interests, and even a cute cover photo (I chose My Melody, but some of my friends chose graveyards scenes and I’m sure Angelic Pretty prints will be popular.)

Is it a total replacement for all your other social media platforms? No, you’ll still find yourself turning to Tumblr, Twitter, and others to connect with your lolita friends or just post pictures of your lunch. However, it definitely lends a more lolita air to showing off your outfit shots, talking to other lolitas, and checking out what’s new in the community. I even added a mini Cocoppa button to my iPad so I can access the site easily.

If you’re already on Lacebook, check out my profile – I’m AngelCake, the same name as my Tumblr URL! Are you liking Lacebook so far?

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  • I love Lacebook! It has this nice, cosy feeling! =D

  • I’ve been trying to get a Lacebook for a few weeks now, but with no luck. :( It looks very cute though, so hopefully I will be able to get an account soon!

  • I really want to join but I haven’t even gone to a single meet up, let alone met a lolita in real life that would send the request for me *sigh*

    Maybe one day!