Anime Next: What I Wore

Last weekend I was at Anime Next, a New Jersey anime convention, both as a happy spectator and as a model for the Japanese lolita fashion house, Baby the Stars Shine Bright. While I’m not sure I’d go back – it took me about five hours to get there via public transportation! – I had a fun time hanging with my girls, walking the runway, shopping at the Baby booth. Since I can’t sum up my weekend in as long a post as I’d like (endless photographs!) I thought I’d hit the highlights and showcase my coordinates for that weekend!


Fittings were Thursday night, so I had all of Friday to relax and enjoy the convention. I had planned this coordinate for a meetup I had to skip, so I thought I’d give it due justice and wear it to the convention. The main features are my pink and lavender tutu and magical schoolgirl necktie from fairy-kei and mahou-kei Canadian brand Pinkly Ever After. Also, check the pastel planet tights – Ophanim’s new sweet-styled creation for her line Deer Cutie!


Sneakers: Wet Seal; cutsew, Angelic Pretty; Hoodie, DreamV; Salopette, Angelic Pretty; Yen ring, MC Melody Doll’s jewelry collection; Parasol, hairbow: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

I also bought enough at the BABY booth to score one of the only 10 tickets for the tea party! Below: my adorable friend Lexie working the booth as BABY shopgirl; myself crying for my wallet; and my ticket! Later on that weekend, I got my tea party ticket autographed by the designers and the CEO, Isobe.


{center photo via Lolita and the City}


Saturday was the day of the fashion show! I was rooming with three other models for Baby (shout out to my roomies, you all looked great!) so getting up early for the 8 a.m. hair and makeup call wasn’t too painful. We spent the morning getting airbrushed (! a first for me. The foundation and blush tastes like colors…), getting the requisite giant falsies, and having our wigs styled. I love you Baby, but this pimp hat they decked me out in was pretty hazardous! I kept worrying it would fall off my head!


My roommate Markie and I were paired up as a twins in JUICY Baby Love Love Berries, a new strawberry themed print for summer. We got all matching accessories, except I was in mint and she was in pink. Originally they said they liked my pink hair for the look, and at the last minute went with a brunette wig. Most of the models had unnaturally colored hair, but you’d never know it from these photos!


{photo via Knightmare6 Photography}

For great Anime Next street snaps, as always, check out my friend Petrina’s blog, Lolita and the City. She’s always diligent about tracking down cute lolitas at events!


Sunday was the BABY tea party and the day to head home. I wore my new dress, Twinkle Constellation. Not my favorite coordinate, since I had to improvise a matching headbow – but I still love this dress. It’s printed with glitter! My friend Lexie and I accidentally twinned on this last day.


Anime Next was a great time and I really enjoyed modeling and working for Baby the Stars Shine Bright again. I’m studying Japanese harder now that it’s becoming more useful in my life (like my Mezamashi TV spot, for example) and it was really interesting to listen to the designers and interpreters speak as I recognize more and more of what they’re saying. I’m also happy to report I friended a lot of the other models after the show – more lolitas I know around the world! A lot of girls also told me they enjoyed my blog. I’ll work hard to keep making blog content for you all :)

You can see me model next at Connecticon, Connecticut’s anime convention, July 12th (in my home state)! I’ve been given free reign to style myself and the organizers told me they expect “fireworks. And wigs larger than your head.” So needless to say, it sounds like it will be a great show! Come see me if you’ll be in the area that weekend, and say hello!

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  • Adorable coordinates! I definitely can’t wait to see what you come up with for CTcon!

  • Love the coordinates! All of you look lovely~

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Rosalynn

    Everyone in the fashion show looks amazing! You got to model one of my Dream Dresses! *_* <3

  • Everyone in the fashion show looks amazing! You got to model one of my Dream Dresses! *_*

  • Oh bb! You were the cutest of us all <3 You make up for my derp faces.
    I am also quite pleased to have my name on your blog MUAHAHA MY GOAL IS COMPLETE.
    I still feel really lucky that I was able to twin with you for the show. You helped me feel relaxed and confident!! THANK YOUUU.

    Can't wait to see your stuff about Connecticon, you gonna be da most kawaii obvs.

  • so adorable, as always! I always love seeing blog posts about people who model in the brand fashion shows, I just think that’s so interesting and fun to read about :DD

  • Victoria! I just stopped by to say happy birthday! I remembered from a past post that you shared your bday with Sailor Moon and it weirdly got engraved in my memory hahah!

    Also all of your coordinates are undoubtedly lovely <3

  • Philip Kunhardt

    Love it! Great hat too, despite it’s hazards! So cool that you got to model for Baby the Stars Shine Bright!!!

  • Cute Outfits Online

    I love all of the outfits! They are all so bright and colourful and lively!

  • What a fun weekend!!! You look amazing modeling for Baby

  • mischivously mint

    Ah you have’nt posted in a very long time i hope you’re doing well! And i look forward to reading all your new blog posts :D