Anime Con Survival: Beauty Edition



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I just got back from a weekend at Anime Next – a crazy few days of public transit, hotel rooms with strangers and way too much eye-makeup. I had a great time at the con – my weekend was centered around the presence of lolita brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I modeled for their fashion show, attended their customer-loyalty tea party, and got an autographed poster from Isobe! I’ll be covering all of that in my next post.

Today, girly girls and beauty lovers of the world and anime conventions – cute cosplayers, lolitas, and the occasional himegyaru, I’m looking at you! – let’s talk about beauty survival. How are you going to look your best at anime conventions, particularly if you know you’ve got photo-takers headed your way? Better yet, how are you going to make sure you don’t get a hefty con hangover within the first twenty-four hours?

Face care. Especially if you’re not flying into a con and the TSA is limiting your liquids, go to the trouble of hauling your face products. Your good cleansers are important, especially if you’re caking on special event makeup or loads of lashes. If you can’t spare the space (everything I bring on public transit, like buses or trains, I have to carry myself!) go for portables. My facial tools last weekend: sample sleep packs from my last Korean makeup order, heavy-duty Japanese liquid eye makeup remover, my good foamy cleanser, and sample-sized make up from Sephora. Another great product to bring is a self-contained face mask, like these. I just got a resealable pack of them from Hong Kong courtesy of my girl Petrina of Lolita and the City (this pack from Holika Holika in VitaC). They may make you look like a lucha wrestler but it’s worth it. Bonus – if you don’t have a face mask, use your hotel coffee maker to brew hot water and round up tea bags from your concierge or continental breakfast. You can put them on your eyes in a pinch, especially if you’re short on sleep.

Take off your makeup at the end of the day. Makeup towelettes are good if you’re super busy or tight on space. Throw them in your purse for touch-ups as well, or eyeliner oops if you don’t want to drag a big bottle of liquid remover. But there is no excuse to crash in your false lashes or body paint or special effects makeup. And when you wake up, your skin will be upset with you. I’m a repeat offender for this when I travel and couch-surf and makeup wipes have helped me break the habit. Currently I like these Maybelline ones, but they may dry you out a little if you’re prone to that.

Drink water, especially if you’re partying. Nothing wrong with a little hotel room after party! If you’re consuming alcohol, really go for that water before bed. But you should also be drinking one through out the day. If you can, have a bottle of water with you. If you can’t, take every advantage of those bubblers and those free water stations.

Sleep is still important. Often it’s hard to sleep at conventions, on airplanes, or away from home. Finagle that you get something besides the floor. If that’s definitely not happening, consider bringing an egg crate (toss it in the car or line the bottom of your suitcase with it) or an air mattress. And get to bed at a reasonable hour! This weekend, all my roommates were models who had the same early hair and makeup call, which helped. To assist you in your quest for sleep: a dollar store eye mask and some ear plugs, and possibly some Tylenol PM if you’re in uncomfortable sleeping situations.

Sunblock. Most anime conventions are summer affairs. If you’re spending any time outside or in direct light, grab some airbrush sun screen. Need a reason why you should always use sunblock? Check out this dude’s face. Enough said.

If you’re going to an anime convention for the first time, there’s also plenty of basic, every day con-survival tips you should read before you hit pre-reg. Make sure you check out this master poster for all the classic street smarts!

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  • Kowareta Doll

    This is a great post! I remember my first con and I was exhausted by the end of it haha