What I Wore To Dracula’s Ballet

On Saturday night, a friend took me out to the theatre! They were performing Bram Stoker’s Dracula as a ballet, perfect as Halloween approaches! I had wanted to do something creepy, but at the last minute chose to go all-princess instead. As it was, I gathered enough attention in just this – no one dresses up for the ballet anymore! Next time I’ll have to bring opera glasses and really show them…

Dress, hair bow: Angelic Pretty

Shoes: Liz Lisa (I think? I’m not sure if they’re real or not…) Yes they make me four inches taller, and no I can’t walk in them without face-planting into the pavement. But they’re too cute, so I’ll just spend the rest of my life leaning on surfaces.

Everything else: offbrand

…And then my night ended with frozen yogurt. Perfect evening achieved!

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  • Jo B

    You just look like a ballet disney princess of some sort, totally gorgeous.
    I am extremely jealous that you got to see that ballet. It sounds like the best ballet ever!

  • Megan

    I seriously adore those shoes, and if I wasn’t already 5’9″ in flats I’d be all over them!

  • Miuko

    Wow you look so pretty! I can’t imagine Dracula as a ballett, but I think it must be fantastic!

    • It was very dramatic and Gothic! There was a group of ballerinas as ‘mourners’ who carried crucifixes and Bibles… Very eerie!

  • Brievilone

    Pretty! I was thinking about wearing a similar style to the Nutcracker! I love your tights and how nicely they compliment the outfit.

  • You look amazing! I didn’t get to wear Lolita to “Jekyll and Hyde” because the ones I went with thought I would be disrespectfully overdressed.. and even so, I was probably the most fancy person there in a simple black dress and shawl :/ People just don’t dress up for the theatre anymore. It’s such a shame!
    I would say you are dressed extremely appropriately for the occasion according to my taste!

    • Aw, thanks! The dancers wear entirely different things, so I don’t know how you would be ‘disrespectfully overdressed’… It’s not a wedding!

  • Cassia Lewis

    you look lovely! I agree about no one dressing up :( First time I went to a west end theatre I wore thhhhiss like £150 dress and I was so out of place, No one was dressed up except me and my family, we rocked it tho! :D

  • Kayla Roman

    Dracula as a ballet sounds AMAZING. Whenever I go to the theatre, there are tons of people dressed down. What’s the deal with that? I always thought it was common knowledge that you still dress up to go, it’s like proper theatre etiquette. You look stellar, and I love those shoes!

    • Thanks dear! Yes, so many people in jeans or just casual stuff like turtlenecks… Sigh. Dracula was a pretty cool ballet to see! The lighting and smoke was crazy!

  • PrincessVictoria

    Dracula as a ballet sounds really interesting! And I love how you coordinate offbrand pieces with brand stuff! :)

  • You look gorgeous! I bet you got lots of compliments! It’s so much fun to dress up to go to the theatre or to a concert!

  • lavendermintrose

    Very nice outfit! Love all of that pink, + those shoes look great, especially with those tights ^_^ And it’s great that you still think it’s good to dress up to go to the theater! I agree, not enough people do so anymore…


  • Damiën Tenda

    You look gorgeos ♥

  • You look really great! <3

  • wonderful coord!!!

  • Whenever I go to the opera house for a concert, I get a lot of attention, because everyone seem to be dressed in half formal/half casual, while I’m dressed up form head to toe.
    Gorgeous outfit! <3

  • You look very pretty! It looks very fitting for a play, though it is quite unfortunate to hear that nobody really dresses up for plays nowadays. :( Just going off-topic for a bit, is that a Forever21 heart necklace? The design looks so similar to a necklace that I had seen on the website! xD

  • Susan De Lacey

    That is gorgeous, gee sweet lolita suits you!

  • Jasmina Gyaru

    I have a question for you ;) are you allowed to wear Lolita in the opera? :)
    And you look so pretty!

  • pumpkin_spice

    i’m being overwhelmed by the pink!!!!! (but in a good way :)) my god it’s super super cute!!!

  • Nyuukun

    Where can I find those shoes? They’re too cute~