Top 3 Pastel 90s Toys We Love

After this Sunday’s My Little Pony Exhibit, I started thinking about all the other 90s and late 80s pastel toys we loved and grew up with. This was a golden era for girls’ toys, made in creamy dreamy colors and big eyes with twinkles. Whether its nostalgia or how well they fit with Japanese sweet fashion trends like fairy-kei and sweet lolita, many girls still love collecting these cuties today.

If you didn’t have Puppy (or Bunny or Kitty or Pony) Surprise as a child you might be kind of creeped out… The theme is that the little puppies or other baby animals come out of a velcroed pouch in Mom’s stomach. The ‘surprise’ is that the box doesn’t say how many baby pets you’ll get until you open the box. Some later editions revealed to your the baby animal’s gender only after you had opened the package, too. (For a trip down memory lane, watch this commercial. I love all these old commercials for girls’ toys!)

Today, they’re beloved collectibles for their pretty faces and ice cream pastel bodies.While some of their fur might not have kept as well as we’d have liked, their molded faces are still as sweet ever. Even Tabuchi, founder of the fairy-kei brand Spank!, has a few.

If My Little Ponies were roly-poly and fighting off the Rainbow of Darkness, Fashion Star Fillies were the long-legged supermodel ponies on the catwalk who were braiding their hair. These slightly larger horses were made by Kenner in the mid-1980s, and were made for dressing up. They wore everything from jazzercise wear to prom dresses to wedding gowns. But I think what we like most about them is their fanciful, beautiful pearly colors and oodles of easily-lost hairclips. I’m just going to let one thing sink in for a minute… as pretty as these ponies are, someone made them jazzercise wear. Jazzercise. Oh, 80s and 90s, we miss you, but we are kind of glad you’re gone.

Watch the commercial here! This weird retro music and their names, like Joelle – and the fact they wear garters – really highlights how strange this idea was. And gave girls really unrealistic expectations about horses.

Precious Places were actually a Fisher-Price product, meant for younger children. The figures are pretty simplistic, but the houses are the real gems of this toy line. Each set featured a small pastel dollhouse, such as a ballet studio, a stable, a wedding chapel, or a Victorian mansion. The lights all worked (with batteries hidden in the chimney) and the dolls could interact with the house through magnets in the accompanying magic wands. I still have my pink-and-yellow ballet studio (like the one picture on the bottom right) and it makes a lovely display on my dresser.

Precious Places has a really sweet commercial as well that shows how the magnetic keys work and really highlights the working electric lights that featured in the tiny houses.


Are you in love with collecting vintage 80s and 90s toys? Do you remember having any of these are a child?

If you want to read more about 80s and 90s toys, check out these sites:

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Ghost of the Doll – a great resource for looking up old toys

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  • Miuko

    Awww they are so cute, I really love to look at old toys but I must admit I don’t know any of these!

  • lady_saltina

    I think I had Kitty Surprise when I was a kid. I am fairly certain I also had a Fashion Star Fillie, but perhaps a second-hand one, because I can’t remember ever dressing her up, and I certainly don’t remember that commercial. Do you remember Sky Dancers? I had a whole bunch of them, but I definitely used them as weapons rather than dolls…. I loved Polly Pocket and Littlest Pet Shop as well. 

  • osuneyedgirl

    I remember having a Kitty Surprise when I was little! I think that there was a Puppy Surprise, and I’m fairly certain that I had one too. I still have all of my 90’s Littlest Petshop animals and my old Polly Pockets. I’m so glad my mom and dad kept a decent amount of my toys!

    • I still have all my Littlest Pet Shop too – so much cuter than the ones they sell today!

      • osuneyedgirl

        I agree! I loved when they were tiny animals instead of these alien looking things with giant heads.

        • The sad part is, I think they were inspired by what they think are ‘kawaii’ Japanese style… To me they just look freaky!

  • I still have ALL my vintage Polly Pocket sets!  (You know, back when they were actually pocket sized, not the ridiculous rubbery things they put out now!)  No missing pieces save for a trophy from an equestrian set…  I think those were the second-best “90’s toys” I had after My Little Pony. =)

  • I love vintage/classic toys. The artwork for the animal surprise plush toy is especially inspiring. One of these days I’ve got to start collecting toys like these. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Petrina

    I feel like SkyDancers should be in this post. :D  The only thing reminscent of the 90s I had was like a Gloworm. But I do remember the Puppy/Kitty Surprise commercials. 

  • PrincessVictoria

    Such a lovely post! Btw, did you know that the Furbys are now available in more colours? They’re really cute, haha xD

    • A friend of mine and I were Facetime-ing last night and she showed me her Furby… I wanted one as a child, now they scare the absolute fluff out of me. It’s like watching a pastel horror movie O-O

      • PrincessVictoria

        Haha really? I have one of the old grey ones :D

  • Oldschool mlp and unicorns <3