Stephanie Visits New York City!

This Saturday, Stephanie was visiting from Canada, so I arranged a meetup so she could hang out with all (and it seems like I really mean all, it was definitely the ‘lolita army’ on the move!) the New York City lolitas. We were threatened with rain, but the showers held off and the lighting was beautifully overcast. I also got to spend time with two other friends, Joanna and Nina, for the first time, plus all my favorites, so it was really a lovely day!

After we nabbed some quick lunch at a French cafe (the croque monsieur, my dream boyfriend, goodness was that good!) we stopped off for milkshakes at LT Burger on the way to the meetup. I had been dying to try their macaron milkshake! It’s made with almond gelato and chunks of marzipan, and it’s topped with a macaron. (Which I didn’t get to eat, since it was under the dome lid…)

We met everyone at the mall in fear of rain, but the rain seemed to hold off, so we headed to Central Park, where Stephanie took photos of everyone! Waiting in front of the mall, I also got an impromptu interview for some kind of television project… all in the life of a New York City girl ;)

All the girls in Angelic Pretty at the meet! Tia in Lyrical Bunny, Lexie in Sugary Carnival, myself in Sweet Cream House, Nina in Ribbon Marchen, and Joanna and Stephanie twinning in Decoration Dream! Decoration Dream is the most adorable buttercream shade of yellow in person, so much different than the stock photos online… Officially added to my dream dress list!

Double outfit shot! Here’s Stephanie and I posed together. I’m wearing:

Sweet Cream Salopette, pink cutsew, bracelets, rings, hair ribbon, parka (not shown) by Angelic Pretty

Sheer ribbon socks, teddy bear clip by Baby the Stars Shine Bright | Pink wedges by Bodyline | Pink bag by unknown brand

Resting my feet in Central Park, this adorable couple wanted a picture with us and their tiny French bulldog puppy, a little sack of warm black velvet named Morticia. How perfect is that? She needs a Gomez! Honestly, having a stranger walk up to me and put a puppy in my lap was the highlight of the day.

photos courtesy of Lolita And the City

 I’m so glad we all got to spend time together on Saturday! There were so many people I couldn’t get photos of everyone, I’m sorry! Hope to see you all again soon – and hope that Stephanie can come back to visit soon… or maybe I’ll head up to Toronto some day for a visit!

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