My Little Pony Project New York!

When Sweet Streets LA first revealed the My Little Pony Project, I just about wanted to curl up under the covers sobbing, “Why does LA get everything?!” Sweet Streets is always doing fabulous art exhibits and installations, with reception parties where all sorts of pretty fairytale people congregate. And this one was about ponies! So when I found out the exhibit was taking its show to New York City, I knew I had to go! And it was a great excuse to pretend to be a unicorn for the day.

The premise of the My Little Pony Project is this: popular pop culture artists and designers are given a large, blank pony to customize any way they wish. In my town, they’ve been doing the same kind of art challenge with giant blank cows, and in Seattle they had giant pigs for a while. This is the same idea, but giant custom ponies! The artists worked on the hair, the bodies, everything!

My top three are definitely Shoujono Tomo (check out this awesome mini-documentary that Tokyo Fashion did on her fashion line!), Bei Badgirl, and Eimi. All the ponies are works of art you can purchase – if someone lends me $3,000, I’ll go snap up one of those ponies right now! I particularly liked Shoujono Tomo’s because she works with a lot of found objects, her pony’s main was full of old pink 80s and 90s girls’ toys! (Shoujono Tomo’s designs have also been spotted on Nicki Minaj!)

Salopette: Angelic Pretty; Tights: Sweetiecakes;  Boots: vintage Adidas; Pony t-shirt: vintage;  Bag: Swimmer

This is what I wore to go to the exhibit! I wanted to go very fairy-kei and I tried to use Kumamiki as my inspiration… And I got a little crazy with the lashes! Sticking them on with tweezers this morning, it was like building a ship in a bottle. Except on my face. Still, I really like how it came out!

And some quick snaps of what my friends wore!  Crystal had a beautiful unicorn horn from a Renaissance faire, and Dalin was rocking her new Creamy Mami x Angelic Pretty bag! And between us I think we had about four alpacas, too.

I was feeling very sad that I didn’t get to see Kumamiki (the designer for Party Baby – you can now buy some of her items at Electric Alice!) at the event, so I completely lost it when we were wandering around Hell’s Kitchen looking for somewhere to eat and she turned the corner walking right towards us! I felt like it was something out of Enchanted or Sex and the City, to run into just the person you wanted to see!

I’m dying to buy some of her brand, Party Baby… If you don’t know about Kumamiki, check out this great mini-documentary on her line and her inspirations. I also have been hemming and hawing a lot lately about going back to pink, and seeing her on chance makes me think it’s a sign. After all, don’t angels have pink hair?

Then we rounded off the day with Southern comfort food, which for me, always means gator ;) My gator burger was fantastic!

But really, the best part of today was catching up with two of my best friends! It’s true, friendship really is magic! Who else but your best friends will ride the subway with your dressed as unicorns? I rest my case.

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  • luly_sugar

    own you girls look so cute! And I love it too party baby brand *0* you´re so lucky to take a pic with her and talk to her! ♡
    what a cute event great pics!
    xoxo sweetie
      ☆彡  ☆彡  

  • It looks like you had a ton of fun! All of you looked so adorable! And you should go back to pink, it was a wonderful color on you. I keep thinking of going dark pink with light pink highlights myself. But work won’t let me right now. Lol. But soon!

    • You should do it some day! My friend Saccharine says if you feel pink inside your heart, that’s what turns your hair pink :)

  • Princess Crystal

    It was a lovely day, princess! Had so much fun with you <3 <3 <3

  • Michaela Mozolová

    I love my little ponies!!!and you look so kawaii ^^

  • I saw you there! I randomly ran into the exhibit the other day and saw you there and stared weirdly for some minutes because you seemed familiar xD

    You looked very different but sooo cute!

  • Pop Princess

    Too cute! Look at how adorable those ponies are!! <3 And the three of you are just sweet enough to give a toothache, too much cute, I have cavity now! :3