Lolita Blog Carnival: Makeup Tips You Swear By

This week’s theme for the Lolita Blog Carnival is makeup tips, so here are four of my secrets to get that ‘girl, ya look flawless’ face. I use most of these tips in my daily beauty routine to keep my skin looking healthy, and prettily made up for either sweet fashion or just going to school.

1. Let your skin breathe!

The more I learn about Japanese makeup techniques, like huge lashes and contouring, the more makeup I like to wear on a daily basis. Doing my hair and makeup is a relaxing way for me to get ready to face the day. Usually I make my cup of tea and turn on some music, and then get down to business. And when it comes to meetups, I especially torture my skin with primers, eyeliner, glue – the works. So as much as I love doing my makeup, I try to take at least one day off a week to let my skin breathe! The day after a meetup is a great day to go makeup-free. If I really can’t face going out without, I will cheat with just some BB cream.

2. Reward your face!

Even if you do give your face a daycation, you should still be taking good care of it. Make sure you do wash off any makeup you’re wearing, for starters. I travel a lot, so often instead of bringing my favorite face wash (Hadanomy collagen wash really gets that eyeliner gone!) I carry these disposable makeup-removing towelettes. I buy them pretty cheaply at places like Forever21 (rose petal or lavender fragrance) or the Christmas Tree Shop (green tea or cucumber), but you can get more expensive or medicated wipes at your drugstore or beauty shop. I also am trying different kinds of Korean moisturizers and masks lately, in an effort to be kind to my skin. Even just a homemade mask once a week is a great thing to do for you face.

3. My, what big eyes you have…

My favorite makeup technique to work on is big eyes. While I’m not interested in getting into gyaru fashion, I do admire some of their skills, like giant eyes and extensions. I routinely hunt up makeup tutorials or magazine scans and save them to my iPhone’s camera roll so I can access them on the go. Sometimes I study other lolitas’ makeup I like! Right now, I am shamelessly emulating Princess Peachie’s eye shape and makeup tips. If you haven’t seen them, check out her makeup Youtube videos! Or, if you want to see more of my favorite eye tutorials and inspirations – everything from Japanese girls to vintage magazines – check out the makeup tag on my Tumblr!

4. Brushes are a must… and can look pretty cute.

Until I started using brushes, I didn’t know how much I needed them. Putting on foundation with my fingers – or even a sponge – now just sounds silly to me. The only thing I still like to apply with my fingers is BB cream, since it is, after all, a skin product. Brushes even out your application and keep your fingers from covering your face with oil. (Make sure to wash them at least weekly!) I am way too excited to get my hands on these cute new brushes from MAC’s Holiday 2012 collection!

5. Lashes are way too much fun.

Big eyes and lashes go together – it’s hard to do one without the other. False lashes are pretty easy to master, given some practice. Make sure you trim the lash to fit your eye before applying, and then add glue (I like Duo brand in white/clear). When the glue is tacky, carefully place as close to your lash line as possible. I love collecting all kinds of eyelashes. Half-lash sets are my favorite for daily wear or for a more played-down look – they give your eyes an angelic accent without looking too fake.


So, what did other Lolita Blog Carnival bloggers say about their favorite makeup tips and tricks?

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  • TheresaChristineTFZ

    Great post about beauty! I didn’t know that Forever21 sold in such sweet scents. I’ll have to check that out the next time I shop. I agree that half-lash sets are most fun and actually at times easiest to put on.

    MAC makes excellent make up brushes, but their holiday collections usually lack in the quality, resulting in shedding and bleeding.
    The collection (original Black handles) MAC brushes are pretty pricey but the quality is superb. Ecotools makes great brushes that are vegan and cruelty free, plus extremely affordable.

    • Good to know about MAC’s holiday collections! I’ve always heard they’re a great deal, but no one wants shedding… On the other hand, they’re coming out with pink brushes, and I may sacrifice quality for pink! XD

      • TheresaChristineTFZ

        Oh Pink brushes – are they a limited collection or “PRO” brushes with pink handles? One of my favorite brushes right now are by Sigma (their quality is very spotty and they are much cheaper than MAC). The ones I love are these: They are vegan and have flawless application especially for foundation. Plus they have cute colors :)! Sonia Kashul (Target) has excellent brushes and around the Holidays they have special collections that are very pretty!

        I do have to go find these MAC pink brushes!

  • Why you show me the MAC pretties, now I want errything T_____T
    The packaging for the palettes is so Cinema Doll D:

  • Ahh, I’ve used alot of tips from Peachie, she does the cute simple doll eyes so well!

  • Franzilein

    A List, and it’s about beauty :) everything I need…
    Thank you for mentioning Princess Peachie, I didn’t know her before, she’s great :)