Chocolate & Biscuits: Sweets Deco Spotlight

I love deco, but I’m usually more of a crystal-and-pearl girl than the cabochon-and-cream bulky style of sweets deco. It seems like everyone is whipping out their caulk gun and sticking some plastic cookies onto their phone cases these days. But Silverleica‘s Etsy shop completely changed how I think about sweets deco! How about deco that really looks like pastries, cookies and French toast?

I’m feeling very inspired by Angelic Pretty’s new gingerbread house print, Sweet Cream House – and this would be the perfect sweets style to decorate your purse, cellphone, or coordinate – matching jewelry! These necklaces and cellphone charms look like real gingersnaps and chocolate syrup. All of the crystals are Swarovski-Crystallized as well – glass, not plastic! – for great sparkle.

How cool is that Blackberry case on the lower right? The entire case is actually a sweet – it looks a bit like a sandwich – and she added chocolate sauce to give it the look of a giant eclair.

Most of her work is done on commission, but she’s selling some cases and jewelry (doesn’t it remind you of sweets deco couture Japanese brand Q-Pot?) for really reasonable prices in her shop. If you want a few cute pieces and don’t want to break the bank, here are my four favorite under $20!

Macaron & Lace Cellphone Charm: $11 | Crown Cookie Necklace: $11 | Antique Chocolate Bar Rings: $9.50 | Merci Chocolat Eiffel Tower Necklace: $10

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  •  I’m not much into deco at all, but those are adorable. I could even imagine myself getting some. <3

  • oh my sweet Jesus WHY SHE NO SELL THESE PIECES ; ^; dem character pieces…

  • Wow! Those are super adorable and so realistic too! My absolute favourite is naturally the one on the bottom left, the Hello Kitty! xD 

  • i’m going through a massive craze of gingerbread houses at the moment.. and I had no idea about Angelic Pretty’s new print.. I think I’m in love~ XD

  • These are ridiculously cute!! And you’re right, they would go very nicely with the new AP print *___*