Lolita Blog Carnival: 3 Print Themes I’m Dreaming Of

It seems like lolita fashion can make a border print out of anything. Skulls, gingerbread houses, fairytale books, circus lions, you name it – it’s been done, right? Well, not exactly… There are still a few ideas I am dying to see made into the cute new It Print. (Are you listening, Maki and Asuka? This is a GOLD MINE of print ideas right here.)

We’ve seen plenty of cat prints come and go in lolita, but always the focus is on either black cats, white cats, or Persian cats (In Innocent World’s print there is ONE Himalayan cat – but only one and she has fairy wings. Doesn’t count). I grew up with Siamese cats, and their pretty pointed faces and blue eyes (and for their cousins ragdolls and Himalayans, long fluffy fur) mean elegance and sweetness to me. I would also love to have the colorways themed after the different colored points – lilac, chocolate, seal, or flame. If you’re unfamiliar with Siamese cats, you check out their beautiful point colors! Flame is my current favorite since it looks like butterscotch or caramel, but lilac is a close second.

Another print theme we’ve worn down – tea. Everyone loves a tea party, teapot, teatime print. I’d love to see another hot beverage get some love – coffee. Coffee beans, coffee jelly (which I am dying to try), French presses, and cutest of all, latte art. I would love to see hearts and bear faces and swirled AP letters in coffee cups. Plus, they could peddle us nearly the exact same teacup jewelry and re-release the teacup purse in a few different colors, or go the pancake-mix-box route and present us with a classy burlap coffee bean bag to carry. I dig it.

We’ve seen Hello Kitty team up with lolita brands in the past, but I think the perfect collaboration print would be a lolita brand – of course I’m dreaming of Angelic Pretty, since that’s where my slavish devotion lies – with Sanrio’s Little Twin Stars. We just saw Baby the Stars Shine Bright collab with Disney for Alice in Wonderland, so is this really too far a stretch? Lolitas already love Little Twin Stars for its pastel palette and, um, stars, so a lolita brand should definitely be taking advantage of this market.

I loved doing this week’s Lolita Blog Carnival, mostly because I got to spam you all with the kind of photos that usually only see my Tumblr. Are you a lolita blogger looking to get blogging prompts, connect with other lolita bloggers, and gain readers? Make sure you check out joining Lolita Blog Carnival!

To see everyone else’s dream prints, check out the links below!

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  • Nice work on these collages, they made me smile! ♥

  • whoops

  • I’ve always liked Lilacs but my own furbaby is a Blue Point and I wouldn’t change her for the world!! =◕‿‿◕=

    • Awww, you’re so lucky to have one right now! I’m looking to adopt… there’s really so many pretty Siamese and Himmies in shelters!

  • Pop Princess

    I would loveeee a little cafe coffee print, they are so cute in real life, they would be TOO cute in a border print! <3

  • Namie

    I totally agree about the coffee print~  A latte art print would be adorable and cozy and perfect, maybe even for fall/winter!

    And yay, so much love for Little Twin Stars! I’d also love a Sugarbunnies print. They are so cute!

  • Oh I love these three ideas. Those cats are adorable, I love Himalayan guinea pigs which reminds me how much I’d personally love to see a guinea pig print :) I absolutely adore your tea and Little Twin Stars ideas!

    Florrie x

  • I would absolutely love to see more Siamese cats in Lolita too! They’re such pretty and elegant cats!

  • Man  a coffee print would be epic!

    And lol kitties, you know my girls Sheba and Sierra will feature in a print sometimes soon ;D I think they will be wearing cute jewellery and little princess crowns ^^

  • Tea and kittens. There should definitely be tea and kittens.

  • What a wonderful idea! I would love to have a point cat print as they are my favorites. (Especially Birmans) <3 My friend has a seal point Himalayan named Boof and he is the sweetest thing I have ever come across. So a lolita dress with these little characters on it would definitely have a place in my heart.

  • My dream print would be with Scottish Terriers. The are so cute and energetic. I keep hoping one of the brands will use these iconic pups.