Yay or Neigh? My Little Ponies on the Brain

It’s no secret I love My Little Pony (I even went to Ponycon last year!) – and I’m always trying to figure out how to wear ponies and pony colors and pony products in my coordinates! I found this cute girl, Ami, on the German sweet lolita blog Puppenschloss – rocking her Generation1 1980s ponies with her Angelic Pretty!

I know this look is pretty daring and high-maintenance (how did she get those ponies to stay, anyway?!) but I’m really kind of loving it! ‘Satellite’ bonnets have become a popular haven for roses, plushies and all kinds of little hair clip goodies to congregate – is it any wonder that OTT (over-the-top) sweet lolita decided whole toys were next? I think it’s a great idea for a photoshoot or even as a foil for true OTT sweet lolita. (Some of the Japanese girls go really crazy with the deco-lolita – this is nothin’!) But if I did give this look a shot, I think I’d try baby ponies – easier on the hair!

So what do you lolitas think? Is this the best thing since border prints or has over-the-top finally gone, well… over?

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