Yay or Neigh? My Little Ponies on the Brain

It’s no secret I love My Little Pony (I even went to Ponycon last year!) – and I’m always trying to figure out how to wear ponies and pony colors and pony products in my coordinates! I found this cute girl, Ami, on the German sweet lolita blog Puppenschloss – rocking her Generation1 1980s ponies with her Angelic Pretty!

I know this look is pretty daring and high-maintenance (how did she get those ponies to stay, anyway?!) but I’m really kind of loving it! ‘Satellite’ bonnets have become a popular haven for roses, plushies and all kinds of little hair clip goodies to congregate – is it any wonder that OTT (over-the-top) sweet lolita decided whole toys were next? I think it’s a great idea for a photoshoot or even as a foil for true OTT sweet lolita. (Some of the Japanese girls go really crazy with the deco-lolita – this is nothin’!) But if I did give this look a shot, I think I’d try baby ponies – easier on the hair!

So what do you lolitas think? Is this the best thing since border prints or has over-the-top finally gone, well… over?

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  • Lyona

    Oooh, as much as I’m not an OTT fan (I tend to wear classic or gothic), I love looking at sweet and OTT coords. I think she made it work out pretty well, sure it’s a lot, but it works. Maybe the key is the choice of shades and colours? Would be interesting to see her whole coord. :)

    And also, she went easy on the makeup, which is a huuuuge plus when you are putting ponies on your head, I think. :DIn all, I can say I’d probably not wear anything such, I adore these photos! :)

  • It worked in that coord for her. It could have gone disastrous, but no. It’s adorable.

    • I think the colors of her coordinate match the ponies well, which helps. I love the white pony (Sundance) and her punk cutie mark!

  • lchopalong

    I think it works.

    But my burning question is “HOW?” It doesn’t look like they’re clipped to her hair. No way would her bangs support those. It must be clipped to the bonnet somehow. Maybe permanently? 

  • PrincessVictoria

    Ami fighting :D *Already told her it’s super-mega-cool* <3

  • aleksxoxo

    I think it’s way too much…

  • Miuko

    She glued the Ponys to the bonnet with a glue gun, because it’s removable from smooth surfaces ^_^ So the ponys are not destroyed.

  • Cat

    Love it!

  • It’s kinda’ cute . . . *A little surprised that she’s saying that about doll accessories.*

  • osuneyedgirl

    I’ve seen a lot of backlash for including ponies in outfits, and I truly don’t understand why! I think it looks adorable. I looove OOT Sweet coordinates (although my own wardrobe tends to lean toward classic/otome) They’re just so interesting to look at and take so much coordination skill to make perfect. To me, the perfect OOT Sweet coord is a work of art *o* I think it definitely works for her 

    • I love ponies myself, but I’m biased. I don’t see why people are hatin’ on the ponies! XD I would like to see more cats and puppies in sweet lolita too, though!

      • osuneyedgirl

        There are so many animals I would love to see in sweet lolita. What I wouldn’t give for a yellow/orange giraffe dress….

  • Hey girls,

    thanks for the nice comments and the constructive criticism to my outfit +__+  on my Blog you can see all of the photos from that day.
    I think everyone has an own opinion about my outfit and it was just a idea which i have to convert into my outfit.
    But i can say, this bonnet makes headache -__- very much headache. So I have worn it just for the photos.

    I like the ideas of trying out other animals. Maybe its a new inspiration for me :D
    you can find a really really cute cat print from Angelic Pretty … could be nice ;)

  • Bootsybaby

    I think vintage ponies can work well with lolita, but I’m not a fan of mixing in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic stuff.

    • Agree, I think vintage ponies have a great color palette for sweet lolita, versus the newer super-saturated Friendship is Magic ponies.

  • Michaela Mozolová

    It looks epic!!! <3

  • Morgan

    I absolutely love this look! I would wear it as I love ott sweet Lolita ^_^ I would wear mini ponys though…what a neck cramp haha

  • Wow, I love the crown!