What Not To Wear For Lolitas: The Petticoat Police

Stacy and Clinton better look out – their days of ragging on lolita coordinates are over when Petticoat Police is on the patrol. If you’re on a budget and want to make sure you don’t end up looking like an ‘ita’ (the Japanese term lolitas use to mean, essentially, fashion roadkill), don’t worry, the Petticoat Police has your back. This tumblr blog features dresses you should steer clear from – and why – with charges like bad lace, gratuitous butt-bows, and shoddy construction. (And the tongue-in-cheek police jargon makes this feel like a pretty wacky installment of Beverly Hills Cop, which I love.)

It also showcases inexpensive but lovely dresses from shops such as Taobao and Bodyline they do make great lolita dresses. If you’ve got your heart set on a dress with less-than-stellar reputation, or you’ve already mistakenly bought one, fear not – the Petticoat Police has easy fixes to clean up a perpetrating print or felonious frock. Here’s a few examples of the way Petticoat Police lays down the law back at the precinct.

Law #1: Don’t buy from Milanoo and its subsidiaries – and here’s why.

For a cause near and dear to my heart, Petticoat Police wants to spread the word that popular – or seemingly popular – Chinese replica website Milanoo and all its fake names is a scam.  Any dress you find from them is by default a fashion don’t – since the photos are stolen, you don’t know what you could end up with. Many girls who have ordered from them have ended up with weird garments sent with the pins still in and hem hot-glued together. Don’t let this be you!

Law #2: It doesn’t have to be brand to look good.

If you know what to look for, you can afford a lolita dress for around $40 – $60 USD. I promise! If you’re not sure how to choose  good option, Petticoat Police routinely posts cute dresses that are both affordable and free from chemical lace. Bodyline, Anna House and Taobao dresses all make an appearance to round out your budget-friendly wardrobe.

Law #3: Sometimes a seam-ripper is your best friend.

If you’ve bought a dress only to find that it’s gotten charged with some crimes on Petticoat Police, don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life of bad taste. A lot of lolita dresses just need a little TLC to get cleaned up. In this case, removing the awkward extra pocket, replacing the lace with something soft (yes, even the cluny lace from Joann Fabrics beats out the scratchy chemical stuff), and remove the extra bows.

See? Even some of the worst fashion disasters can be rehabilitated. Petticoat Police is a great resource for girls on a budget and girls just starting out, or even just for a laugh once in a while if you’ve already got your lolita fashion style down pat. After all, who doesn’t want to see a lace monster finally brought to justice? I rest my case.


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  • PrincessVictoria

    I just love this post, thanks. I totally agree with you & the Petticoat Police :3