Treasure Hunt ♡

Today my mother and her best friend and I went antiquing in northern Connecticut! Okay, it’s a pretty fine line between antiques and junk shops up there, but you never know what you might find. I found a lot of lovely mirrored bureaus (like this one I took my outfit shot in, it was actually called “Princess Mirror”, spasm of happiness), a few original Kewpies, a wardrobe that clearly is a way to Narnia (HUGE), a lot of vintage Barbies, some strange folk (the aliens are talking to them, they say?) and a new gelato spot near my town. And since it was my first day off in a while – no work and no school, what an idea – I wore a little casual lolita outfit despite the heat. Happy Garden time! ♡

I want one of these wooden playscale (Barbie-sized) houses for my Pullips pretty badly, but this one doesn’t have a third floor… And they’re too expensive new. I drool over them when they go on sale at Christmas time…

In the “Princess Mirror”, today’s coordinate: Happy Garden, Toy Parade hairbow (they match really well, since the lavenders and mints are the same), and SWIMMER heart-shaped tote bag. Lavender glasses frames are Juicy Couture.

This particular antique store was a huge emporium of the cutest shabby chic furniture. I am in desperate need of a house so I can fill it with these adorable pieces. This rose hutch or dishes cabinet has such lovely filigree… And these were the sidewalk pieces! So much more inside!

They had about a dozen 1980s and early 90s Barbie dolls inside! This one was my favorite. All the balloons on her dress remind me of Pinkie Pie! The crazily-patterned dresses of that Barbie era and the “Happy Birthday” theme ones are my favorite. Wispy 80s bangs, super pastel, and giant mutton chop sleeves. This would be my dream  birthday present, most likely because I am, in fact, still eight years old.

And then of course we rounded out the day with iced coffee and gelato on the way home. This stuff is made right in the northwest corner at the foot of the Berkshire mountains, local dairy cows!

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  • Michaela Mozolová

    I love this antique wardrobe ^^

  • Antiquing is always fun, even if you don’t buy anything. ^^

  • Lilly

    Gosh! I actually  have that Barbie doll :O I got it as a present years and years ago. Looking back, I actually still have all of my 90s Barbies…..

  • I really love the furniture! ^o^ So adorable! 

  • Sulberry

    I had that barbie when I was little! *Cries with happiness* Although, kind of weird that I am only 18 and my toys are considered vintage. Although, that is kind of awesome. :D