Lolita Blog Carnival: $100 Coordinate Challenge

The challenge: one lolita coordinate, totally purchasable, one-hundred-per-cent for sale, any style of your choice – but your total must come to $100 or less! For lolita fashion lovers, it’s a pretty tight budget. These opulent dresses, hairstyles, and handbags on a shoestring? Is that even possible? With a little innovation and creativity, it definitely is.

Buy: Infanta Dolly House OP | Buy: Sheer Dot Tights | Buy: Pink Bow Heels

 The dress. Because I wanted to get the most bang for my buck, I chose a oncepiece – this way you don’t need to purchase a blouse. Qutieland has the dress, an original print from Chinese dressmaker Infanta, for $95+ – but buying it direct from the website saves you $30 in price hikes. I love this dress, which is available as a onepiece or jumperskirt, in buttercream yellow, pistachio mint, or pink cherry. It’s very much a take-off of Angelic Pretty’s Dreamy Dollhouse without being an exact replica.

The tights. I wanted something more versatile and delicate than patterned socks, so I chose these sheer white dot tights. Not only do they look great with anything, they only cost $3 on eBay. Where is the god of your $40 socks now?!

The shoes. I still wanted to go with a more delicate lolita coordinate, and I didn’t want to shell out $60 for Bodyline shoes, the usual cheapest option for lolita footwear. Surfing, an Asian fashion website (yes, they ship overseas!) found these pretty little pink bow-adorned wedge heels for only $33.

This coordinate is completely read for a meetup, your first time out in lolita, or a day at a convention. There’s no rule that says you have to drop a lot of cash to drop a lot of jaws – with amazement, of course! ;)


Okay, but let’s say you’ve got a teensy bit more money to burn. Girl, upgrade! For only $50 more, you can add some finishing touches to your look, like…

Infanta Dolly House Half Bonnet: $8 | Candy Star & Ribbon Bracelet: $3.50 | GLW Blonde and pink blended bob wig: $35

The best part of this coordinate article is that – all of these items are for sale. Right now. No out-of-stock, no coupons, no auction-sniping – just good deals. Click on the links to buy! (And no, I’m not being compensated for these links… I just know how frustrating it is to love a piece shown on a blog, only to see you can’t buy it yourself!)

So, what does ‘Lolita Blog Carnival’ mean?

Lolita Blog Carnival is a blogging network and community started by Caro-chan of FYeahLolita and me, along with Christina of Ramble Rori as our third moderator. Lolita bloggers join up to participate in article challenges, to meet friends, and share links. Every Friday we’ll have a new article prompt, or challenge, for you to read! By the end of Friday, check back to see links to all the other blogs that participated in the same prompt that week! This week, for example, you can read other bloggers’ response to the $100 coordinate challenge!

Click on the carnival tent in the sidebar to access the Facebook page information. If you’re a lolita blogger, we’d love it if you sent in an application and applied for an invite! (The group is only closed so there’ll be some surprise with every week’s topic. No peeking!) We also have a Twitter and Tumblr in the works, so you can see all of your favorite blogs weigh in on a topic in one place!

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Note: Items on Taobao will require a shopping service like Taobaospree. For the purposes of this article, fees and shipping are not included as they may vary according to your region.

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  • I love those sheer dot tights! They’re such a sweet, and a bit more grown up, addition to Sweet Lolita coords!

  • I love the coord you made! Taobao scares me to be honest haha, but I might look into actually buying from it now!

    • I’m going to give it a go and do a tutorial soon so it’ll be less scary; ^^;; A lot of girls have said they’re nervous to order!

  • Cat

    What a really cool idea! I wish I could join but having a hatius at the moment:-(
    I think from all the outfits from the other blogs yours looks the best.:-)
    I’m really loving the colours and the style<3
    I cant wait to read more :-)

  • cheriecherie

    OMG, it’s freaking adorable! I think my favourite find was those $3 polka dotted tights, I love them! I like how you added the “For $50 more” section as well.

    • Those tights are so popular right now and so cheap! Way too cute to pass up :D I wanted to add a purse, too (I had one picked out…) but it would have broke my budget! XD You could swap the wig for a purse if you prefer :)

  • Beautiful. Absolutly lovely. I love those tights the best.

  • Oh wow! That dress is so cute, I love the mint green! so cheap too….. c:

  • This is an awesome idea you guys have!  I love how all the blogs I’ve read so far have done something a little extra with it.  Your $50 more part, Caro did all 3 substyles, and Miss Lumpy made several $100 coords.  Very cool, looking forward to more!

  • I think you did a spectacular job at keeping within budget and at the same time coming up with a coordinate that still looks like five to seven hundred bucks. I’m also happy that you had added in the links to the specific items that were mentioned. Nothing would irk me more than seeing something cute, but having to go through thousands of listings just to get to it, or might not even be a specific place to go to if the author didn’t mention it! It is also why I tend to add the links/sources to the stuff I buy, and for that I greatly appreciate it.

    I don’t dress up in Lolita (I’m more into Himegyaru), but I am planning on dressing up as one for Halloween and this would help me out greatly! xD 

    • I’m glad you liked it! I love when websites/bloggers source their cute clothes so you can but it, too, so that’s why I try to do the same for my readers when I can!

  • Raegan

    Those heels are darling!

  • I am not in the Lolita Blog Carnival, but I am linking to your post. ^-^
    Have you had positive exprience buying from QutieLand?

  • kwaii-kun!

    i did that. Mostly because my friend makes them for me!

  • Hello and thank you for the interesting information. (I’m French).
    I am looking for the dress that you put not too expensive, and the site where the dress, you must register for the order and we must insert our mobile phone number.
    My mobile number is not Chinese, but it does not work.

    How did you do?

    thank you miles