Lavender Love

♡ Lavender & pink winged heart satchel: $29 USD | ♡ Lavender lace collar cardigan: $16 USD | ♡ Sheer lavender overdress: $16 USD | ♡ Persian Cat Brooch: $7 USD

If you love lavender like I do, here are four cute items to get your fix! I think all together they’d make for an adorable lavender fairy-kei  or casual sweet style coordinate. Click the links above to buy – remember, though, you’ll need a shopping service like Taobaospree to order from Taobao!

Prices are in Chinese Yuan, make sure to convert them to your local currency!

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  • That brooch is terrifying and I love it! I am also loving that bag! 

    • Haha, Caro, terrifying?! My boyfriend says no new cats right now, so I’m buying all cat fashions instead! :P

      • xD I guess I meant “terrified looking”, this trend of dressedup cats makes me love because they “I’m scared of you, go away and let me just be a cat” expressions on their faces, but they’re covered in glitter and stuff.

        Now is the perfect time to be buying cat-replacement clothes xD I think I would love to see an all-cat fairy kei coordinate!

        • Oh yes I love that face! The pink kitten on my laptop deco has the same ‘stop making me pink and let me die’ face. I am not sure why it’s cute and if it makes me a terrible person or not.

  • Liza Steege

    How can I shop with this onlinestore? 

  • PrincessVictoria

    Love :3
    I’d love those things for Cult Party Kei <3

  • Amazing finds!!! Thanks so much for sharing :D I literally foamed at the mouth when I saw that bag *o*

  • ♪♫ So cute! I think I might have found a new bag for school next year :D ♪♫

  • I love lavender, so once I had seen the word in the title, I just had to come to this post and what an interesting post it is! My favourites has to be the cardigan and the brooch (though it will be very interesting to wear a kitty brooch on your torso o-o) I would definitely wear that cardigan if I have it! xD

  • lchopalong

    I love the cardigan and over dress, but I’m not bold enough to order through a service yet.

  • Mari

    I love lavender!
    It’s my fav pastel color.

    I loved all items. ^w^