Cotton Candy & Colored Lights

This weekend for me was all about the last hurrahs of summer – the county fair and hanging out under the blue moon with my boy (yes, we got a new hot tub)! Here’s a few photos I snapped at the fair this year – the 100th anniversary!

Who brings home these giant stuffed animals anyway? I was scared to play in case I won and was forced to cram this thing into my bedroom. Shudder, so much polyester! God, you could smuggle drugs in this thing.

By the way – anyone know recognize this guy? He’s an alpaca! There are a lot being raised in my area and they really are sweet-faced and soft… but to be honest, they look nothing like the stuffed Japanese alpacas that are so popular right now… No resemblance, right?

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  • I just have to say I love your photo collage!  It captures the essence of what we want fairs to be.  Also, yes, those huge plushes are insane.  There were a few bears and dogs that size at the little fair I went to with my husband… but what was more disturbing was the plethora of Jamaican bananas.  Seriously, you could win one from almost every game there, in 3 or 4 sizes… they weren’t cute, or funny… and almost every lady had one on her arm.  X_X

    We go for the rides and food!  (Mostly food.)  We walked by the games to check them out and it’s funny that almost all the barkers called out “Princess!” to try to get our attention and come play.  …Which leads to a funny story about giant plushes!  (Sorry, long comment here..!)  After saying that I looked like I came out of a fairy tale one of the workers asked my husband why he wouldn’t win a giant stuff animal for me, since I was so pretty, blah-blah-blah.  I said I didn’t have room for it!  He scoffed and asked how small of a place I could possibly live in.  I said I lived in a shoe.  XD  Ahh, I don’t know if the man fully got it, but my husband was very amused…

    We were there at night for the lights… I wish I would have gotten photos of our outing.

    • Ohh such a sweet story! Great fairy tale reference! ;) and yeah those Jamaican bananas… So strange. Who wants one of those?!

  • That’s funny regarding the stuff animals! Usually it is the other way around! People try so hard to win so they can win that stuff animal, size be darned! xD The amusement park pictures look so fun and so vibrant! 

  • Taylor

    Hi :) how do you get your pictures so gorgeously candy colored? Do you use your phone?? It’s really cute!!! (^ω^)