5 Pastel & Pretty Blogs I’m Crushing On

Ready to round out your blog roll? I’ve been stalking the Internet to find new reading and was well-rewarded with five adorable new blogs to follow! These girls are after my own heart, blogging about fashion, pastels, and all things cute.

(And for new bloggers – social media is a great thing! I discovered all of these blogs through either Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!)

Rosepetaldeer is a blog I found through Instagram, but you can check out plenty of her pink-tinted pics on her website too. She’s an illustrator and textile designer, her info says, ‘from fairyland’. What you really need to know is that this blog is pure eye candy, and her Polaroid photos make a lacey-and-rosy-meets-Virgin-Suicides style. Even more fun: she Instagrammed her entire trip to Japan last month! Cute culture and shopping photos abound!

Cupcake’s Clothes is the wonderful blog of fashion and cute ‘n’ crafty blogger Georgina, a pink-haired plus-size girl from the United Kingdom. While she occasionally wears lolita, she’s more likely to be spotted in pastel and vintage dresses with an air all her own. She’s even won the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards in 2011!

More pink haired fashion can be found at Scathingly Brilliant, where Kate Gabrielle features her 50s inspired pastel dresses and shows off her illustrations (purchasable at Flapper Doodle) and her many adorable, fluffy-faced cats. There are also plenty of interior decor, D.I.Y. and hair tutorials to keep you entertained even when you run out of outfits to oogle!

Intrinsically Florrie is a recent favorite of mine I can’t believe I hadn’t found earlier! Florrie is an English girl with a flare for 50s fashion and sweet lolita – how cute is she here in this print, called Cinderella Rabbit?! She brings her sweet style everywhere from Britain’s Tea Party Club to the front rows of London’s Fashion Week, picking out the pastel and pretty styles we’d really like to see (fashion week, I love you, but you can keep your black snakeskin and such).

Liz, the author of Cute in Korea, shares her fashion, culture and lifestyle experience living in Korea with her boyfriend (scratch that – fiance!) and the cutest kitten ever, Milk. Live vicariously through her as she shows you around Korean shopping, street ads, and even the cutest proposal you’re ever going to see!

So what are you waiting for – start subscribing! You can thank me later! ;)

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  • Thanks so much for sharing these! I’ve opened a few in tabs and I’ll certainly spend some time checking them out ^^~

  • anna

    This is so funny, I actually know three of the blogs you showed already (and I usually have no idea about what’s going on in the blogger world :D).
    I love Kate Gabrielle! Scathingly Brilliant is my favorite blog ever and I follow it religiously! ;) So it’s definitely worth sticking with it.
    I also really like Cupcake’s Clothes.
    And I will definitely check out the blogs I didn’t know yet, thank you for poiting them out!