My August Bucket List: 8 Things to Do Before Summer Ends

When it’s the end of finals in May, it seems like the summer is going to last forever – and now here it is around the corner, almost gone. I suddenly realized the other day I only have two weeks left before my classes start again! With that in mind, I scribbled on a piece of junk mail my “August Bucket List”.

Go to the beach one (or two) last time. Living in New England means beach time is picturesque, studded with chintzy Nantucket basket jewelry, and all together too short. Before autumn sweeps in I want to hit up my favorite beach, Watch Hill, for one more day, and maybe snag one lolling around on the Connecticut shore in a decidedly more casual fashion. Accessories: fishtail braids, lavender bikini, and mermaid wish bracelet.

Pick a new pair of boots and a new purse. Nothing cleans up the rest of your wardrobe like a new pair of boots (admit it, last year’s boots look like they survived some kind of Matrix-worthy war) and a new purse. Structured purses are in, slouchy hobos and eco-totes are definitively out. As for boots, pick something that will go with almost everything – a neutral or your most-used color is a best bet. (Yes, I consider pink to be a neutral.)

See a summer film. There were tons of blockbuster summer movies this year and to be honest with the exception of Moonrise Kingdom, I didn’t find the time to see any of them. I saw a special showing of Totoro last week on a double date with Dalin of Magic a La Mode, but what I really want to see is Farewell My Queen, a film tribute to Marie Antoinette. French history, cute girls in Rococo dresses and mile-high wigs with romantic ladies’ love? I can’t wait! For added kitsch points, the nearest theatre to me showing it is an old barn repurposed into a one-room cinema. Not sure if this will explode my faded-floral-hipster-girl-logic or what.

Go to an outdoor ice cream stand. The one I like best in town has lavender ice cream, flavored with the herb lavender for a spicey and sweet and heavily perfumed flavor. On top of that, they’ve just opened our town’s first gelato shop, too. Where will my allegiance lie?! Maybe I’ll just have to try both to decide the winner…

Take all those photographs from this summer and slap them into some kind of album. Whether you have hard copies and make a scrapbook, finally order all your Instagram photos from Prinstagram, or get your Flickr in order. Don’t let those summer memories languish on a hard-drive somewhere!

Start my school year off right – with a fresh, clean manicure. Chipped glitter tips and fun colors are playful at the beach or on a summer date to a drive in movie, but look shabby in class and offices. While I could go get  a manicure, I’d rather sit around in my pajamas and muck around with the paints. (I’m also one of those repeat offenders that buys “easy French” gimmick kits and never uses them…) Using this great tutorial from The Beauty Department (one of my favorite no-nonsense beauty websites) I gave myself a cute French this morning with strawberry milk tips. Classy and cute! On another manicure related note, for getting off that chunky glitter polish, I finally tried the tin foil method (thanks to the Pink Sith!) and it works like a charm.

Read at least one more book that you haven’t been assigned. I’ve ended up reading some pretty decent books this summer – my top five right now are The Happiness Project, about how to enjoy your life more (doesn’t hurt that it’s written by a New York City mom, who knows where it’s at); The Handmaid’s Tale, a feminist dystopian novel by the famous Margaret Atwood; Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl, which chronicles the feminist movement of the 90s through punk rock (did you know even Kurt Cobain told his fans they should be listening to feminist band Bikini Kill?); Thirteenth Child, a great young adult novel in a world where magic, not science, settled the American pioneer west; and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which you should definitely not judge by it’s movie – the book was so much better. Those are just a few of the ones I really liked, amidst a crowd of others. Right now I’m curling up with the manga re-releases of Sailor Moon at night!

Don’t mourn summer. Okay, maybe you didn’t make it to the band-palooza-thing or you never got around to camping. There will always be next summer. Instead of thinking about how much I hate dark days in November, I’m trying to look forward to all the things I do like about fall and winter: seasonal Starbucks, maple sugar candy, Thanksgiving with my family, and planning New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend at Disney World this year!

What’s on your summer bucket list? Did you get everything squeezed in this summer or are you still hoping to fit in a few more days of sunshine?

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  • Rocky

    Good Ideas! <3

  • Such a lovely list! My classes don’t start until October but I still have the feeling that the summer holidays are nearly over. Thanks for the inspiration! <3

  • I’m glad that you also though Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was better as the book.  It’s one of my favourites and I was disappointed by the movie, but I also didn’t expect too much from it!  I also would really like to see Farewell My Queen but I don’t think it’s playing anywhere near me…oh well.

    • The movie was so disappointing. I wanted to see the grandfather’s “story of lost words” in so much more detail. It would have been so beautiful. I think the movie time limit did them in, really.