Outfit of the Day: Love, Barbie

outfit of the day: pink trench coat, New York & Company; ♡ shoes, Ralph Lauren; ♡ socks, offbrand from a lolita swap!; ♡ hairbow, Angelic Pretty.

Underneath: pink blouse from DreamV; ♡ salopette from Angelic Pretty

I got my new autumn/spring coat today! When I saw this pretty pink trench coat in the window at New York and Company, I knew it was perfect for my outfits this autumn. It’s so unlikely to see a coat in pastels in the fall! This pink looks almost ballet pink or neutral in person, and I love the chunky black details. And it cinches with a thick belt so I don’t look like I’m drowning in it. Click here to pick one up for yourself! (And no, this isn’t a sponsored article :P)

My theme for this winter, I think, is going to be “Barbie” – not exactly sure how to define that yet, but definitely elegant, very feminine classics with plenty of pink and black. I’m considering staying blonde a while longer – it’s been kind of fun! I’m really feeling inspired by Barbie’s new webseries “Life in the Dream House” – watch it if you haven’t seen it. It’s a lot like the Barbie and Ken segment of Toy Story, and really tongue in cheek. Highlights? Barbie learns how to drive (“Wait, weren’t you a Nascar racer?”), Ken has the best lines (“It looks like a bakery pooped its pants in here”) and Skipper resurfaces as scene kid. Trust me, you’ll be hooked.

And if you loved the dreamy look of these photos, let me confess that I did all the color editing and Photoshopping on my PHONE – with iPhone apps. And it saves so much time to do most of my blogging mobile. I’ll be featuring my favorite photo-editing apps later in the week, so make sure to check it out!

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  • Miuko

    Oh. my. gosh. This Barbie webseries is soooo ridicolous and awesome at the same time xD I’m totally a fan of it now!

    And your outfit is very pretty, at the moment I’m also changing my wardrobe to a princess style. The combination of black and pink is very good for winter, because the roads are so dirty in this seasond that black is the only good color, but pink accents give your outfit more cuteness… You really inspired me to go more in this direction! :D

    • Oh God the Barbie webseries is so addicting. I hope they make more soon! There are so many great gifs on Tumblr of it, too!

      I know I should get more black items like boots, they’re easier to hide snow slush/other winter dirt… But I get sucked into cream, white and pink still! I’m so glad this outfit inspired you, good luck in your Barbie princess look! :)

      • Miuko

        Yeees I watched them all xD Can’t wait for more!

        This is also what I thought, winter is always soo dirty -.- Thanks^^

  • Marian Magnus

    I loved it!

  • Reina Summers

    I love the outfit , its so cute and your hair goes perfectly with it :) Also i’ll be looking forward to those moblie apps 

    • Thanks! I was a little nervous since this was my first non-Lolita coordinate I’ve ever posted! And yes, so many apps I love! Can’t wait to show you all!

  • If you are going for a Barbie look, then mission accomplished! You look just like her in the photos! 

  • Michaela Mozolová

    cute jacket

  • kwaii-kun!

    i don’t like barbies but you look AMAZING!!