Everybody Wants to Be a Cat: Pearl Cat Ears

Everybody wants to be a cat. Maru the Japanese cat is famous just for getting in and out of boxes. People spend exorbitant amounts of time photographing their cats and tagging them #catsofinstagram. There are cat cafes where you can hang out petting cats all day with your cup of coffee. And yet again the fashion world takes Disney’s song “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” to new lengths.

top right photo: Mayo from Fashion Salade; bottom left photo: Lea Michele on the cover of Nylon magazine; bottom center photo: pichiinyan; all other photos from Tumblr

Okay, I can’t decide if I am on board with this trend or not. On the one hand, I love a) pearls b) cats c) ears (by which I mean, the fact that the Japanese just can’t get over animal ears – on the other hand, how do you wear this without looking like you stopped by some kind of Breakfast-at-Tiffany’s theme Halloween party?) It sort of reminds me of the usamimi (rabbit ear) headbands that started with the gal world and then filtered all over the Japanese fashion scene. Faddish? Definitely. Cute? For sure. But you know, fashion is about having fun. Takemoto’s character Momoko of Kamikaze Girls says, “Lolita often tumbles onto the side of bad taste.” Taking risks means you may look foolish sometimes. It’s not the end of the world. As averse as the (Western, mostly) lolita world has always been to animal ears, it seems that the rest of fashion has no such issue.

More than likely I am going to give it a shot – they’re too cute not to try! I’m too lazy and ham-fisted to make my own, but they can be found pretty cheaply on eBay or Asian retail sites. If you must have the real glamour item, you can buy them from Topshop or Asos.

Asos ($20.44) Ebay ($4.99+) Topshop ($20) Jacco Fashion ($7.99) DIY (via Moments Like Diamonds)

Okay, show of hands, who wants a pair of these pearly kitty ears – and what do you think you’d wear them with, or to?!

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  • PrincessVictoria

    I love these cat ears :3
    They’re really cute but it’s not like “too much” <3

  • Luly_sugar

    I think is really cute *-*  \(=^‥^)/!

  • Mary

    They kind of fulfill all of the wishes of my twelve-year-old weeaboo self.  

    “Have kitty ears.  Wear them with everyday clothes.  Be able to say, ‘it’s a fashion thing,’ instead of ‘I’m fueling my cat obsession.'”
    I freakin’ love them!

  • I like them; they’re cute and simple. 

  • MilkyBerry

    pichiinyan is a huge bitch but the cat headband is rather cute!

    • I just used her photo as an example and got her permission to do so. Whatever your personal opinion of her, please keep the name-calling off my website.

    • Pearly Pink

       Pichii is a sweetheart, she’s a friend of mine. I’m not sure how you got that opinion of her, but it’s disrespectful to be posting such things publicly.

      And I love the ears! I’d love to make myself one c:

  • Sheila

    They are also great for when your playing Socialbles! You can make one of the cards be that someone has to wear your ears and meow :P Trust me it’s hilarious.

  • Sarah Stone

    I agree, I think they’re completely wearable. Cute and simple

  • Emile

    Although I don’t have an instagram, I do have six cats and a Nikon camera full of cat photos, so I’m afraid I fit the bill for crazy cat lady, haha. Suffice it to say, I would love a pair of these — to wear with anything, anytime I feel like wearing them. Since I don’t have a serious personality, I don’t mind looking foolish to others as long as I’m happy wearing what I want to.

  • I think animal ears are perfectly acceptable depending on the coord you put together. Though I prefer bunny ears myself ^.^ I actually like these but I am very happy I own a bunny Doodleband from Paper♥cute :3

    ~ Kieli ~

  • I caved.  Had to have them and ordered them a week ago.  Love that they are a bit more upscale and still so cute.