Back from Baltimore!: Otakon Scrapbook

While I didn’t collect cosplay and lolita photos this year – way too busy modeling and catching up with friends! – I got quite a few favorite photos from this year’s Otakon 2012! We’re already planning to go back next year!

Here’s a shot of the very simple outfit I wore on the bus for the ride to Baltimore. We always catch the bus in New York and then settle in for an easy ride until we hit the city. I’m just glad I didn’t have to drive! This Little Twin Stars t-shirt is from the big Uniqlo store on 5th Ave. It has a tiny bow keyhole detail in the back, so cute and comfortable.

On Friday I got a great shot with my friend and Otakon bunkmate, Julia, who’s just starting out in lolita with a punky look. I love her shaved sides! Believe it or not, we’re both in Angelic Pretty here – really shows how the brand can be very versatile depending on how you style it.

My coordinate for Friday was pink Toy Parade salopette and an Angelic Pretty blouse I hand-dyed lavender in my kitchen! I was tired of all my white blouses, so I sacrificed an older one and got this cute color combo.

I know, I had way too much fun adding the purikura stamps to these… It’s how I while away my time backstage or getting my makeup done! Rakuga-cute is my app of choice right now, and I’m addicted to buying all the different stamp sets. Blogger style and the new Makeup stamps are my favorite! If you check my Twitter or Instagram you can see more photos I posted on mobile from the convention. It was my first time doing outfit collages on my phone instead of Photoshop, but I really liked it!

I also modeled that evening in the lolita indie designers fashion show, for a Korean label called Haenuli – I think that’s how they romanize it – in a really cute pink and sailor inspired number. I haven’t seen very many photos of that outfit though, so let me know if you spot any!


Dalin ran the Otakon Lolita Swap Meet this year, hence why we’re camped out on the convention floor surrounded by brand! We twinned in Sugar Hearts that day. It was Dalin’s first time in a wig and I think it was such a cute change for her. This photo could be the one of us two that I finally frame…!

I met happy-unbirthday on Saturday! I follow her adorable Tumblr but had no idea she also read Parfait Doll. I was totally blown away by her style and gorgeous DIY fashion look – she did all the lace and pearls on these crazy shoes herself, and decorated the corset! Her big inspiration, she said, is Emilie Autumn. I often feel pressured to stay within the lolita guideline, and I was totally emboldened seeing her out-of-the-box look… I wanna try something like this some day! …I even kind of want those Necomimi cat ears like hers – they wiggle in reaction to her thoughts!

I also got to meet Tempest Paige again this year (and bought quite a bit at her Sweet Poison booth…) but unfortunately my photo of her adorable Toy Parade coordinate came out all blurry…


Trying to fuse with Piccolo! ★ Dalin of Magical a La Mode & I getting a hair and makeup shot – her theme for Sunday was Minnie Mouse! ★ my new Korilakkuma plushie ★ Dalin and I both found Nega and Posi plushies from Creamy Mami ★ even more plushies!

Okay, I have a lot of stuffed animals… and of course they don’t all fit on my bed, so they crowd onto my guest bed as well. But there’s just something about buying plushies at anime conventions that I really like. I usually make the excuse that they’ll be good pillows on the bus ride home but mostly they’re just so soft and cute looking that I can’t resist. At least I didn’t add to my alpaca collection this year! (Speaking of alpacas, I have a huge crush on Senor Arkapasso…)

My coordinate collage in Dreamy Dollhouse. This is one of the first natural wigs I’ve worn in a long time, but it’s basically the blonde I am naturally right now. It’s by Purple Plum – one of my favorite wig companies! They were really helpful in finding me a wig for my coordinate when I bought this one in the Dealers’ Hall.

Everything in this coordinate is Angelic Pretty, except the turquoise star ribbon, which is from Rakuten shop Chocomint.

When we finally got home, we rounded out the day with a late afternoon visit to King Kone. The sprinkles on top of our con weekend! I got to meet a lot of readers, which really renewed my blogging faith so to speak. Thanks especially to the girl – I have your tumblr, I believe – who drew me a portrait, wrote me a letter and gave me a box of strawberry cookies! They were delicious and just what I needed after the fashion show!

I’m hoping to make my next convention New York Comic Con, so please look for me there!

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  • Looks like you guys had fun! I need to try out Otakon one of these years – I wish it didn’t fall on ConnectiCon’s weekend all the time. Really like your socks in your Toy Parade coord too. :D

    • You should come! It’s so huge, so much bigger than Connecticon, and there are so many lolitas I only met about 20% of them I think! We’re gathering people for a big room conglomerate right now actually, so if you’re interested, drop me a line!~

      • I just checked the dates for Otakon and ConnectiCon, and they fall almost a month apart from each other, so I definitely can do Otakon next year. :D I would be totally down to go with you guys, since it would be my first time going to it. Thank you for the offer. :)

        • Yes they moved the date for next year! We have a big gang getting together hotel rooms so drop me a line & I’d be happy to add you to the FB discussion group! 

  • Susankolpa

    I am crazy about you

  • Caitlin

    I’m going to New York Comic-con and have been your fan for the longest time, almost sense the first post! I so hope you go ^.^

  • Kim Pham

    Oooh, thanks for mentioning happyun-birthday! I’m following both of her blogs now~ And for mentioning rakuga cute too! Now I wish I made enough money for an iphone!!! :)

  • ☆☆Heyy Victoria!☆☆
    You look amazing in everything you wear, i’m so jealous XD
    Otakon looks so amazing! I wish there were bigger conventions where I live~


  • Looks like you really had a lot of fun! I’m with Christina, your Toy Parade outfit looks great.
    And you look adorable in the blond wig. It suits you so well!

  • milkystrawberry

    You look simply gorgeous in all theses pics! I do hope you go to NYCC, because my dad said I might be able to go, and I would love to meet you!

    I have a question about it too, what kind of stalls are there? More action figures, or cute things?

    • Every year is different, but there have been cute things in the past! They’ve combined Comic-con and the New York Anime Fest, so it’s like an anime convention as well as a comic book convention. The artist ally has cute stuff, and I’ve even bought brand there in the past! (No guarantees on brand there this year, however!)

      • milkystrawberry

         OOH cute things! I hope to find an arkapasso! 

        I’d love to just find  a brand headbow, though something more would be nice ;)

        • I think there would be alpacas at least, they’re at every con this year!

          • milkystrawberry

             Thank you for the helpful advice!

  • Michaela Mozolová

    wonderful outfits,love ur white heels *___*

  • Tanuki Companion

    So pretty! Do you have any idea where you your blue wig? Or is your hair dyed that way?