Style with Sailor Moon!

In case you haven’t heard yet, big news for cute magical girl lovers everywhere – Sailor Moon, the iconic magical girl schoolgirl-turned-warrior of our generator, is getting a whole new anime series in honor of her 20th anniversary! As a lot of magical girls are hitting big anniversaries lately, they’re coming back into the forefront with fans and fashion designers, like Creamy Mami, so they’re suddenly having a fresh surge in popularity!

The claim is that the new anime will more closely follow the manga, which got its own re-release just a few months ago. I got my first copy when I was in San Francisco this June! I can’t wait to see how the new anime differs from the first!

While I only vaguely remember watching Sailor Moon as child (if I recall, it came on too early for me to catch it after school… but I did have a glittery t-shirt!) I’ve got more into the series lately since the fans and the beautiful artwork of the series can be a little addictive. (And then I found out that Sailor Moon and I have the same birthday… and zodiac sign… and are both kind of lazy and don’t want to study…) I’ve also really attached to magical girls as a whole because they kick butt while looking cute – proof that you don’t need to be masculine (please, businesswomen of the 80s, spare us the macho shoulders pads) to be aggressive, driven, or focused. In a nutshell…

I only occasionally think of cosplaying as one of the characters, but since my sewing skills are pretty shabby, I love the idea of taking fashion influence from Sailor Moon! Here’s a little collage of items I’d love to add to any sweet lolita, fairy-kei or pop pastel outfit! I’m really liking that dip-dye sailor uniform – I think it’d be a cute project, especially since I’ve been dying a lot of my clothing lately. Both my pink denim jacket and my lavender lolita blouse were accomplished with a little fabric dye and a few hours’ time.

★ Sailor Moon Heart t-shirt ★ Cosmic Sailor Moon necklace ★ Moon sceptre necklace ★ Sailor lolita blouse (Angelic Pretty) ★ dip-dye sailor uniform, unknown – but a great DIY project! ★ Sailor Moon Series R pendant ★ pink bow heels ★ Sailor Moon pochette (with Luna) ★ Sailor Moon coin purse ★ Sailor Moon PGSM badge ★

Do you have any favorite Sailor Moon accessories or outfit inspirations I just snapped up the pink and lavender pochette above, and the PGSM badge for my collection! They’ll be great additions to one of my Otakon outfits in two weeks!

Speaking of, is anyone else going to Otakon? I’ll be there representing Sugar Freedom as their spokesmodel, taking them stateside for the first time! Make sure you check out the indie lolita designers’ fashion show!

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  • I had heard that they are going to restart the Sailor Moon anime and have been feeling pleasantly surprised. I remember watching Sailor Moon in my childhood so it would be a nice treat to see Sailor Moon in her brand new glory. I don’t have any favourite accessories or inspirations, but I do admit that Sailor Moon does have some awesome brooches! xD

  • Kaitlyn Burke

     This is so exciting >.<
    I loved the anime when I was younger,  it's what started me watching it in the first place :D

    The shirt you posted is too cute ^.^

  • Kim Pham

    omg I regret not buying all of the sailor moon dvd sets a long time ago! I’m glad you shared Kuma Craft’s necklaces! They are top notch and soooooooo shiny~ I managed to get a PGSM necklace, although I wish I could’ve bought the crisis necklace! I can’t wait if they decide to re-release official plastic toys (I would totally buy all of the wands!)

    • I have the PGSM and the Neo-Queen Serenity (winged heart), they’re both really gorgeous! I want some of Chibiusa’s pendants too! And if they rerelease new wands I’m so there O-O

  • Kimberly Rabideau

    Oh I heard about the new series!  I’m stoked.  I don’t know how old you are when they were on TV but I watched them when I was like 4 and they kept on tv till I was like 8.  I was obsessed and own most the manga at my parents house.  (Was too embarrassed to take them with me when I moved out lol) These are great fashion ideas.  I’m dying my hair pink soon so I want to be Rini for Halloween I think.  ;)

  • Catherine

    I’ve watched Sailor moon ever since I was a child too. I used to watch them in German as I was living in Germany at the time. I used to really love the Pegasus episodes. Me and my little sister were crazy about Sailor moon. We collected stickers, drew them and coloured them in, we used to get a weekly magazine/funbook about the series. Mainy to colour in and do all the cool puzzels. I even had a “Bunny” doll:) (thats her name translated in English, as her name means Bunny ^^).
    My favoreite characters where Chibiusa, Sailor moon and Sailor Jupiter:D
    I’ve also been thinking of cosplaying either Sailor moon or Chibiusa, ^^ Luckily my mums a dress maker so she can help me out^^

    I really can’t wait to see the new episodes.^-^

  • Danielle

    Oh my gosh! Is it possible to buy the new anime series somewhere? And if not yet then when and where can we get it? Sorry. I’m just a huge Sailor Moon fan and also follower of your blog. lol ^-^

  • I am really excited for this! I only watched it because my older sister loved it! I can’t wait to see her reaction when I tell her they are doing another one. :) 

  • Michaela Mozolová

    epic bag ,3