Five Kawaii Instagrammers You Should be Following

While all your mainstream buddies are fawning over the latest Taylor or Bieber tweet, you’re poking your phone wishing you could get a closer peek in the lives of some cute lolita or kawaii fashion celebs you’d really rather hear about. Thanks to the wonders of the digital age, you can get a front row seat to the lives of some of the cutest girls and celebrities right from your smartphone. Envelope please – check out my top five kawaii Instagrammers!

Kyary, the up-and-coming Japanese pop sensation, regularly updates her Instagram with crazy outfit inspiration and backstage photos from her various concerts and musical appearances. My favorite is her outfit snaps where she shows off her own daily style. Where else can you see a adorable girl slap a pink convertible on her head?!

Angelic Pretty’s favorite model RinRin shows photos direct from Japan, with everything from casual outfit shots to snaps of work and shopping. She just joined Instagram and doesn’t have very many followers yet, so please show her support – maybe she’ll be encouraged to start uploading more photos of her daily life as a lolita model!

Imai Kira, the legendary lolita fashion artist (she’s drawn numerous prints and art work for Angelic Pretty) posts gorgeous photographs to her Instagram frequently. Besides snaps of her art or printed products, she has a very “shabby chic” vibe that suits a classic lolita or morigirl’s tastes perfectly. Warning: she’s a complete crazy cat lady. Isn’t her Siamese just beautiful? Makes me want one!

Lila, designer of Italian fairy-kei jewelry brand Cute Can Kill, has some of the most addictively cute Instagram photos on my feed, no doubt. Whether she’s posting photos of her creamsicle colored cat (okay, cats do make up about 80% of Instagram photos…), 80s toys she’s found, or new products she’s going to air, I can’t help but heart up a storm on her page.

If you love bright makeup and dyed hair then you will fall head over heels for Shrinkle’s Instagram, the owner of Sugarpill Cosmetics. In these little snapshots are her daily makeup, retro and vintage pop finds (I am dying for Locketship’s new NeaPAWlitan kitty cones she’s pictured here), and behind-the-scenes shots of the super bright girls who work for SugarPill.

Okay, your turn! Do you have any Instagram crushes you can’t help but heart, heart, heart? Make sure to leave your Instagram handle so I can take a look at yours, too – mine’s @victoriasuzanne!

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  • Liilacck

    Omg but but.. how sweet of youuu to put me in your list! ! ; ///v//;♥♥♥

    I’m super super happy if I can let you smile with my silly photos, thank you so much you’re so so lovely and sweet!<333 *hugs*

  • My goodness, what are the odds! I was just browsing Instagram looking for more cuties to follow and I thought I’d check your blog for your handle! These all look great, and I’ll follow you, too! I’m @ElleHime on Instagram. =) Thanks for the freakishly timely update, haha!

  • Vee Ursulak

    I love Shrinkle. She’s pretty amazing and so is Sugarpill Cosmetics.

  • Now I kinda want to get an instagram… These all look like awesome people to follow!!! 

  • This is so neat! I follow Kyary’s proxy on Tumblr, but I didn’t know she maintained any accounts herself! :D I love all of these! Let us know if you have any more. 

    • I’m not sure if that Tumblr is actually connected to Kyary or if she just snapped up the username…? I follow her too and it doesn’t seem like Kyary much.

      • Nah, the tumblr is run by a girl named Ringo. It’s really nice though, Ringo translates a lot of her tweets and blog entries to English! :D

        • Oh I didn’t know that! Maybe we’re talking about two different tumblrs? What’s the username?

          • Kyarychan. She posts pictures of kyary, news, and translations. :3

  • Vanilla Glimmer

    Awesome! I’m following all of them now haha ^.^ my handle is @ilikefrenchtoast (haha derpy name, I know). ;3 Great post!