Serendipity 3

In celebration for an early International Lolita Day (starting my new accounting course has cinched my ILD as a big study session this year, sigh), a few of my New York City lolita friends and I went out on the town for a weekend! Although my camera clonked out as soon as we hit the venue, my trusty iPhone got plenty of the photos I needed!

Serendipity’s is a wonderful restaurant for kitsch, vintage, and everyone from rockabillies to girly-girl types. Some things you should know about them: they have a pretty cool jewelry display; are known for their giant sundaes including a $1,000 one; and you should definitely try a frozen hot chocolate or Pink Ice! Dalin had an amazing Forbidden Broadway Sundae. It was huge! Thankfully the waiters are no stranger to the one-dessert, many-spoons approach.

I found this video of Serendipity’s featuring their Golden Opulence $1,000 Sundae, a crazy Marie-Antoinette worthy creation made of edible gold leaf, Tahitian vanilla, and orange-and-passionfruit-infused caviar (fish eggs on a sundae?!) and rare Italian chocolate. This video also has a great panorama of the inside of the restaurant as well! It looks very topsy-turvy and reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. This may top Alice’s Teacup as my new favorite place for themed fanciful dining!

Plus, some of the weird and wonderful chotzkes you could pick up at the boutique downstairs. I got my Barbie necklace, very Nicki Minaj, for only $20. It makes a great addition to my statement-and-name necklace collection.

My outfit for the meetup – I wanted a delicate, lacy feeling with the white and lavender, but since it was a scorchingly hot and humid day I skipped the blouse and wig in favor of a more comfortable style. For once I kept my glasses at the lavender was a perfect match! Taken at night in front of the Rockefeller Center – not just for Christmas time!

Dress: H. FRILL; ✰ socks: Angelic Pretty; ✰ bow: offbrand; ✰ purse: Pink Macaroon; ✰ necklace: Serendipity’s gift shop; ✰ bottom right image via Ben Rowland Photography

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  • I can’t wait to go next time I visit! =D =D =D You looked beeaaauuutiful as always~ <3 See? Your natural hair is AWESOME! 

  • Wow~~ Everything looks awesome!! I would love to visit a restaurant like that–giant sweets? yes, please! haha~

    Love your outfit~ It is too hot for elaborate outfits… Yours is simple and sweet. Nice bag too! 

  • How fun, and you look adorable as always. I read somewhere that the $1000 sundae is served with a golden spoon and you are allowed to take the spoon with you…I sure hope they do at that price LOL

  • Petrina

    There’s also a $25,000 sundae called Frozen Haute Chocolate. On the bright side you get a gold bracelet and get to keep the spoon and the bowl (also gold).

    As for that giganticorn…it certainly is gigantic. XD

  • Oh, I love you with your natural hair! :) You should wear it like that more often!

  • This is such a wonderful and pretty coordinate!  Also your hair is super pretty!

  • strawberrycutie

    They have really awesome frozen hot chocolate!