Midsummer Makeup with Tinkerbell: PixiGlow

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Ever since I discovered the crazy-low-priced E.L.F lurking at my local Target, I make it a priority to hit the makeup section whenever I swing by. A few weeks ago, I ran into my new makeup love, far afield from my typical Sephora and MAC purchase. PixiGlow is a new line perfect for a fresh, feminine look for summer, packed with all my favorite things: Disney, fairies, and lots of pink and cream. But don’t worry: this is not your little cousin’s sticky toy Tinkerbell lipsticks.

Pixi, a makeup brand started in London’s Soho, is much-loved by its fans for being fuss-free and natural looking for that “just had a good night’s sleep” look. Now that the line is come to Target, I think it’s definitely hooking more girls stateside than ever before.

Founder Petra Strand said this about the Pixi x Disney collab:

“In collaboration with Disney, we created a unique Tinker Bell collection that captures the fresh-faced, glowing, and timeless beauty of both a Disney icon and the Pixi brand by reinforcing that makeup simply enhances and perfects your natural beauty.”

–Petra Strand, creator of the Pixi makeup line

In the video below, Petra talks about her inspiration behind PixiGlow:


I love that they took the Tinkerbell I’m used to seeing – the sassy, over-used Hot-Topic-lovin’ Tinkerbell who’s seen as jealous and rude in the films – and reimagined her into the fairy I fell in love with when reading the original Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. The illustration used on the packaging and the palette particularly call to a much more ethereal and sweet Tinkerbell than we usually see in pop culture today. I think this could be Disney’s attempt to bring Tinkerbell back to young adult women in much the same way they have with the Disney princess line as of late, as seen in the new Disney Couture and designer lines.

Included in the line are: “Fairy Face”, a full face palette with blush, lips and eyes; a dark green eyeliner, “Straight on till Morning”; a lip tint, “Happy Thoughts Pink”; a pinky-mauve nail polish; taupe eye shadow stick “Catching Shadows”; and powder eyeshadow “Moonlight Luster”.

fairy lips – taken from my Instagram!

So far I’ve tried the tinted lip balm Magic Tink Tint in “Happy Thoughts Pink”, which I am having a love affair with. It’s an easy-to-use crayon shape, which goes on sheer but gradually adjust to the right pink to compliment your skin by the power of, the box claims, ‘fairy magic’, by apparently is actually based on your pH levels. It never feels sticky, greasy, or heavy, like other hydrating lip balms I’ve tried in the past. After about half an hour, it feels totally absorbed, but the color remains in a light, pretty stain that looks very natural, as though you’ve honestly got nothing on. It’s just the thing to throw in your bag for a low-key summer day with a little extra color. Adding more balm will darken the color, though, so be careful if you’re a constant re-applier like I am.

I’ve been hearing good things about the Fairy Face palette, but I also thought the Fairy Dust eyeshadow in Moonlight Luster was a great compliment to warm up and highlight my pale lids. And don’t forget the adorable pink polish!

Make sure you check out Petra Strand’s personal blog, Petra, Personally – where she talks makeup, pastel fashion, and more on Pixi!

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  • I love this makeup line so much!! I have the palette and it’s my most prized makeup possession, haha~~ I really hope they decide to do other fairytale/whimsical collections. I much prefer palettes with this aesthetic and color scheme than palettes that have a lot of dramatic, strong colors. 

    • One reason I love the palette is the soft colors all together, like you said – it’s hard to find those neutral browns, vanillas and pinks all together in a palette without a lot of dark colors as well that I never end up using. 

      I would just die if they started doing the same whimsical makeup palettes or lines for the Disney princesses, maybe as an add-on to the “designer” princesses!

  • pixie_hollow

    Thanks for sharing ! I need this palette now >-<

  • Otome_Maiden

    I just bought the gel blush that they make today and it is the best blush I’ve ever bought. It stands out but not so much that it looks unnatural. I’ll definitely have to buy more from here :3

  • Your posts are always informative and to the point. I love it! ^–^

  • This looks so cute! : D What a great idea! I want to buy it now! 

  • YuOfOwari22

    This makeup line is really cute! Thanks for featuring it! My birthday is in a month so I might start dropping some hints, haha. 

  • What a wonderful collection! That color looks so pretty on your lips :)

  • a l e k s

    There are no Targets in my country *sad face* and I won’t move back to NYC for another 2 months *sad face again*
    You’ve sold me on the lip balm *__*

  • The lip tint balm is the one product I have from this collection and I love it (it’s also my first Pixi product). It’s the one product I really wanted when I first learned about the collection (I’m a major Tinkerbell fan).  It’s what I’m always reaching for these days – I usually top it off with a shimmery pink gloss and it really is the perfect pink.