Magical Journey to San Francisco!

Pier 39 at night; the Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in cloud; Peace Plaza

I just returned from my vacation in San Francisco! It’s a long story of how this trip came to be, but mostly I wanted to spend time with my lovely Ellejay V! It is not easy having your best friend live 2,000 miles away… we try to break up that time with visits, trips, and care packages. (We’re both iPhone girls so we also send each other video a lot!) So I flew out for a few days!

It was also really good to see my friends from Angelic Pretty again! Working with them at Acen was so much fun, and I’m glad we got to see each other again. We went out to the Candybar one night – a dessert bar, for a good ol’ fashioned cake ‘n’ booze. Hopefully some day they’ll get to work a convention on the east coast!

I always break the rules and take photos inside the Angelic Pretty shop… look how cute this is! So much pink…!

Angelic Pretty candy novelty and Toy Parade salopette… I actually ended up buying a sweet punk Angelic Pretty salopette instead but I am thinking I should buy the Toy Parade too, it looks so cute in this picture… Salopettes are my new lolita love for sure! They’re so comfortable and don’t require a petticoat, and they look cute on my small frame.

…Is it bad that one of my favorite things to do in San Francisco is go to their Japanese mall? (I promise I did not just fly out there to go to the mall, but…) For starters, they have a great selection of purikura machines, which is one of my favorite things to do. They just closed our only one in Flushing, and normally Ellejay I can’t get too many photos together, so this was a treat!

(warning! even more pictures below the cut!)

They also have a Daiso and Ichiban-kan, Japanese 100 yen or $1.50 stores. They have all kinds of cute trinkets for so cheap! Mostly I stocked up on eyelashes. I still refuse to shell out for Eyemazing and Dolly Wink… I got all this for a $1.50 a pack! I’m set for the next six months if I reuse them carefully~ I also got very cute scrapbooking supplies for my smash book! The stickers were such a find! Also my tiny scissors, I forget the line with the stuffed rabbits but it’s my favorite “generic” character.

We also got to go to a lovely teahouse, Joylove, and met up with some local friends. There were even other lolitas there, proof that the food is good! The scones were excellent, though their decaf menu could use expanding. I’ve totally quit caffeine and it has helped my heart condition so much, so I prefer to drink decaf black teas. Even my favorite jasmine tea has caffeine… But I loved this teahouse since it was so cozy! It was like having a tea party in your grandma’s living room after a long day. Screw tables and chairs, I want all my meals taken on sofas.

Of course we had to visit the New People shop… I got so much there! I’m not a big fan of Baby’s more classic designs, but their accessories are so lovely and delicate. Sheer socks and tights are some of my favorites, I’m so pleased with them – they have pink “ribbon laces” up the leg. I was also lucky enough to get a lucky pack! (Yes, literally lucky!) Inside was a blouse, a pink bow, and earrings that matched my star necklace.

See the unicorn socks?! Ellejay and I both salivated, and there was only one pair left… but the next day when we went back, someone had canceled their reservation so we each got a pair! I actually bought a lot from the Constellation print, but not the actual dress.

I missed the Angelic Pretty horoscope print by only a few days, but I hope to snag that one perhaps!

Thanks so much to Ellejay of Sherry and Cookies for some of the photos! See you soon!

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  • Sounds like you had a great time in San Francisco! I’m actually originally from the Bay Area, so I really, really miss it ;A; ! Someday, I’ll get a chance to go back and one of the first places I plan to visit is the AP and BTSSB stores~ As well as Ichiban Kan! They used to have an online store full of cute bento boxes for cheap! I was so sad when it closed!
    Glad you had fun and thank you for sharing! Your hair color looks fantastic and Ellejay is adorable ^__^

    • Hopefully you can visit soon! I would love to live there, although the weather (warm days, COLD nights) is a little strange to me. I love all the colorful buildings!

      Thanks, my hair was (yet again) an accident! I have to stop using this particular violet, it always comes out weird blues. I think I am just going to coat my head in pink and see what happens…!

  • Michaela Mozolová

    yaaay kawaii *___* want to go to angelic pretty store too

  • Ohhh I didn’t know that the Flushing purikura place closed ;_; I never got to go, now I’m sad!  Oh well.  Looks like a super fun trip!  I’m heading for San Francisco in July, so this got me all pumped, haha.

    • There’s rumor that it’s been reopened in Brooklyn, but I’m not sure on the details to that! I hope it is, even if Brooklyn is out of the way for me – I really love purikura!

  • Wow! It sounds like you had a LOT of fun! ♥
    Grrroar, I really wanna go to San Francisco now! xD♪

    In any case I really enjoyed this post. ^_^;
    It was fun to read. :3

  • wahhh you were in San Francisco? i wish i could have met up with you, that would have been fun! :3 but yes Ichibankan and Daiso have awesome lashes for cheap .. and I haven’t heard of that teahouse ..seems lovely! im so happy you had an awesome time

    • Ohh I thought you were in Hawaii still! I’m so sorry, I would have loved to meet up with you! I have plans to go to Disneyland in January, so depending on your location it’d be great to meet up then!

      • oh i am still in Hawaii, that’s why I wish I was around that San Francisco when you visited! :) <3 

  • Kimberly Clarke

    It sounds like you had a fantastic time! One day in the future me and my sister are going to do a road trip through San Francisco on our way to Washington. They went last year and I got to miss it! Your post defiantly gave me something to look forward to! 

    • Washington is a favorite of mine too, my grandmother and other family live there (Seattle). A road trip up the west coast sounds like a blast!

  • aww you two are super cute, i miss you girls hehe *u* kinda bummed that i didnt get to see you, i was away in texas!

  • Flushing as in Flushing, NY? o.o

    Such pretty photos! I need to visit San Fran and do this. I would love to see a Japanese mall xD You two came out so adorable! And I love the AP stuff! ♥ Thank you for sharing!

    ~ Kieli ~