Cute Can Kill Fukuburo!

I’m so pleased – I’ve finally got my hands on some Cute Can Kill! Cute Can Kill is a fairy-kei jewelry shop based out of Italy, known for its glittery unicorns, castles, and sweet bear faces. I’ve even got the CCK background on my phone, I think it’s just that adorable! For months now I’ve been wanting to buy some, but it’s very popular and stock gets sold out quickly. Here are a few of their current designs – don’t you love the star sequins and all those pastels with glitter?

Imagine my surprise when I loaded the webpage to see that they actually had fukuburo – lucky packs – up for purchase! For only 10 € (roughly $13 USD) I got a “magic key” necklace, a dream heart necklace, a big pink heart ring, and of course, and adorable postcard (yes, it immediately went into my lolita scrapbook…)

Here’s the necklace in action! I feel like it’s my magical girl transformation item… I just started reading the Sailor Moon manga & watching Creamy Mami at the same time so I’m feeling very inspired by magical girls right now!

I was really surprised by how high the quality of the merchandise is. I was expecting the items to be made out of glittery polymer clay, but they’re actually poured resin, which makes me believe she makes all the molds herself! They’re all handmade by one fairy-kei and 80s nostalgia lover, Lila – make sure you check out her tumblr, where she’s combined her name and the initials of her brand into the cutest moniker, Lilacck! (Like the lavender flower!)

I believe there are still one or two lucky packs still available for purchase and also some regular stock in, so move quickly you want some of this super fairy-kei glitz! If you want to make sure you catch her stock updates as soon as it happens, be sure to follow:

Cute Can Kill Facebook Fanpage

Cute Can Kill blog

(Psst – see the CCK logo in the sidebar? We’re officially affiliates! Exciting! Parfait Doll is looking to affiliate with other lolita & fairy-kei indie brands and websites too that share the same magical outlook, so drop me a line if you’re interested!)


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  • Kimberly Clarke

    Those earrings are super cute! I would love some of these accessories for my sweet coords and bittersweet coords, and would defiantly get some of these when I have extra money. If they are in stock that is. :D Super cute post, can’t wait to see some of your coords with your new jewelry! :D

    • There will definitely be some fairy-kei/fairyloli coordinates soon! I have some special coordinates planned for my birthday which is in two weeks, so look forward to it! :D

  • Kei

    Wow those are so super cute!  I’m in love with everything you got in the lucky pack!

  • That key necklace is so cute! :3 I’m starting to get into super cute jewelery myself, I’ll save it to my favorites for later ^^

  • sooooooo cute :))


  • Michaela Mozolová

    cuteeeeee I love this key ^___^

  • Miru

    I love the star/key necklace :)

  • Wow, so cool… I don’t usually wear this kind of thing, but I’m oddly attracted to it!