Baby Unicorns & Bat-loli!

Sorry for the absence, I’ve just had finals for my summer accounting course and I had to ban myself from blogging time until it was finished, so hard! This weekend is my birthday and I’m headed off to see my lovelies all weekend in New York City, so look for photos and perhaps a new video on Monday! As a tidbit to tide you over, check out my new logo done by the very talented Savannah Alexandra! You may recognize her work from her recent Frill convention posters!

Isn’t it darling? If I run into you at Otakon, make sure to ask for a sticker or unicorn business card! Her name is Sailor Unimoon! I know it’s cheesy but that’s just what popped into my head. I just started watching Jewelpet Tinkle as well, and she definitely looks like a cute Jewelpet to me!

As another diversion, check out Savannah’s great Batloli comic – a lolita batman that rescues lolitas in trouble. Batloli was dreamed up when a mysterious lolita significantly supported the Frill convention under that pseudonym.

Click for larger!

Make sure you check out her tumblr to see more of her adorable artwork! The short she just completed for her animation class is pretty adorable too!

Until Monday, make sure you’re following my Twitter or Instagram! I’m addicted to this mobile blogging, so you can see cute fashion, shopping or food photos of my weekend in New York City in real time!

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  • Ah Batloli made me smile! What an incredible comic! :)

    I hope you have an absolutely magical, wonderful birthday weekend <3
    Florrie x

  • Kimberly Clarke

    I really love your new logo! It is super cute and totally reminds me of you! :) And the Batloli comics are amazing! I can’t wait to read more.¬†

  • Haha, Batloli’s great!
    Happy Birthday Victoria~ <3

  • Michaela Mozolov√°

    heheeh I love it *___*

  • Awww! Sailor Unimoon looks so precious! I know the name sounds cheesy, but at the same time it sounds so right! <3