Welcome to my Smash Book!

I’ve been keeping this little book (journal? scrapbook? collection of stickers?!) for nearly a year now, and since I just completed another set of pages I thought it was high time to show you all. I’ve never been a traditional scrapbooker (all those layouts, $10 stickers and negative space make my skin itch) but I’ve always kept art journals, which were usually writing and a lot of drawing or watercolors. When I started attending more lolita events and networking, I quickly amassed a huge collection of papery odds and ends – pamphlets, brand tags, business cards, flyers, postcards – all sorts of things. For a while I let them languish in a drawer or clutter up my ribbon board. But after last year’s Otakon I had so much that I took matters into my own hands and started gluing. This is the result!


(Hoping to start making videos again… we’ll see! Music is the instrumental version of Rarity’s song “Art of the Dress” from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!)

“Smash” journaling or scrapbooking, also called “low-pressure scrapbooking” (they’ve piqued my interest there) is letting loose the restrictions of Martha Stewart style scrapbooks and just collaging free-form. I use a simple spiral-bound art journal with sturdy pages, a glue stick, and a paper cutter or X-acto knife as my main tools. When I go to New York I hunt up Japanese stickers, memo pads (great for the smaller scale I’ve gone with) or decorative tape. (If you can’t make it to a big city, check Etsy for Japanese crafting goodies!) In some cases I’ll delve into my mom’s traditional scrapbooking supplies like punches (to create cute paper lace) or scrapbook paper. On the quirky level, the one thing I hope I never lose is my vintage label maker – I love it for adding my own text, especially now that I’ve found pastel tape!

One of the things I am excited to do with my smash book is to start including Instagram! I saw a scrapbook magazine mention that Instagram is an easy way to process photos, and when I found out you can get your Instagrams made into stickers… A match made in heaven! It’s like making your own purikura, or sticker cameras – remember when the iZone was popular? Check out Prinstagram or Instagoodies to get your Instagram photos printed! I’m waiting to get back from San Francisco to get mine… I’m sure this trip will have some beautiful photos!

Instax Mini is another item on my smash book wishlist – an adorable Japanese camera that makes tiny Polaroids. You can put them into these super sweet miniature albums, but they’d also be great additions to smash books. (And yes, the cameras come in an array of pastel colors.)

image via mochithings.com

 Keeping a smash book is an easy way to relax with no-pressure crafting, and in my case, many a happy hour can be spent sticking unicorns on things. It’s also been a great way to mark events in my lolita history, like events, vacations, gigs or big cons – or even just purchase, like my first Innocent World lucky pack. Clean out your collection of lolita tidbits – get out your glue stick and brand tags and get to smashing!

Does anybody else keep a lolita scrapbook or paper collection? Leave a comment!

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