Everybody’s Starry-Eyed: Space Age Fashion

Two new prints for summer have hit the sweet lolita scene, and it looks like Baby and Angelic Pretty are duking it out in the motif arena yet again. On the left, we have Baby’s Twinkle Constellation and All the Stars (Candy?) print, and on the left is Angelic Pretty’s Dreamy Horoscope.

Don’t the models even have that “oops, guess I copied!” look?

credit to chibi_tenshi for scans, image edited by Victoria Suzanne

First Baby the Stars Shine Bright comes out with their new constellations print, and now Angelic Pretty has done the same. It’s almost like they were given a prompt – what dress would you design using these constellations? Unsurprisingly, they both reinterpretated the same few constellations, the “cute” constellations, which I do not even know existed until today – the Unicorn (Monocerous), Little Bear (Ursa Minor), and the Rabbit (Lepus).

Some better known constellations they could have tried… how about Pegasus, Sirius (the ‘dog’ star, rather than constellation, but who would argue with a starry lolita style puppy?),  or Cassiopeia (the crown)? I will give Baby props for going with Gemini, the Twins, even if it does seem like a Little Twin Stars product (can’t complain,  I love Little Twin Stars!)

All in all, as cute as these dresses are, in my opinion this is one of the most blatant “print wars” we’ve seen the two top sweet lolita brand houses compete in. Anybody remember Memorial Cake versus Sugar Rose Cake? Whether their similar style and very close release time is a coincidence or not, it pits them against each other more than ever.

Stars as a motif are nothing new in lolita, this new theme – lolitas in space – (bonus points if you read it in your PIGSSSS IN SPACEEEE  voice like I did) is definitely and up-and-coming theme I’m dying to see more of. If you want to skip the brand wars and really stand out in a crowd, here’s some out-of-this-world fashion choices.

From left to right: Chubby Bunny “Galaxy Bow”; Strawberry Skies “Nebula” jumperskirt; Locketship “Kitten in Space” ring from their Galactic Glitter collection; Alice and the Pirates’ original try at a “horoscope print”!; Melty Dream “Pastel Galaxy”; Wildfox Couture; MILK x Uniqlo Constellation tunic

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  • Woww~ This is so cute!!! : D 

  • What a great blog idea! =D I’m really excited about this! I’m a bit of an astrobiology nerd, and I am thrilled that space-related things have become trendy. (You should see the dress my friend Jordana made for a planetarium meet!) I LOVE that dress by Strawberry Skies! Is it still available? Do you have the link?

    Between the BABY and AP dresses, I prefer AP. From afar, in my opinion, the BABY dress just looks like another sweet print while AP’s looks more like the cosmos…a sweet, frilly cosmos. ;D

    • The dress was for pre-orders and I think there are no more currently, but I will check around because I’d like one too!

      Surprisingly, I’m with Baby on this one – the delicate, lacy style appeals to me more than the chunkier looks AP is going with!

  • Elle Figment

    Haha! That’s so funny, the post I put up today is called ‘Starry Eyed’.
    I am so in love with cosmic prints atm, out of the two I think I prefer Angelic Pretty’s take on it. A bit of black without being too gothic lolita is a nice change, right?


    • Checked out your post – what a coincidence! Your hair and makeup looks fantastic – the blue is just beautiful!

  • I like the BtSSB pattern, although not that dress design so much. The matching tights (they look like they’re tights, not socks) are really cool, though.
    I found this choice of theme at this time interesting because the currently running Kamen Rider series—a franchise aimed at mostly boys although there is a large female niche audience—has a space theme. This is probably just a coincidence, but it’s fun to think about just the same.

    • The dress cut is definitely a typical lolita dress, but the print is just so adorable. I hope they made these dresses with their textured ‘crepe’ fabric, that would be a real cincher for me. 

      Sounds like you should do a themed coordinate, if the two go together in your mind! :)

  • I am in love with the galaxy trend and seeing lolita in stars is nice! I love it! 

    I like both Baby’s and AP’s prints! It is surprising to see AP less “sweet” then Baby.The funny thing is, I think I can live without the main dresses for now – till second hand. But it is the socks I crave! I hope they come to BabyParis before I move back to the US. -_-
    But I’ve always loved stars! Oh!

  • I was actually about to write a similar post to my blog xD but I am so excited about the surplus of astrological motifs recently!!  I absolutely adore stars and astronomy, which makes me super excited about where this trend is going.

    I honestly like Baby’s print a lot better than AP’s.  The AP one just looks like a sweet version of the Alice and the Pirates constellation print (which is my number one dream dress!) but I think AatP did it better.

  • Do you know where you can purchase the milkxuniqlo tunic? I love it! I’m not seeing the collab on the USA uniqlo site…