Valentine’s Love: Sweethearts

[left to right, top to bottom: Milkfed, Drop Dead clothing (photo from daughterofhungryghosts); Twinkie-chan; Starlightdecodream; unknown; Angelic Pretty; unknown]

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day and the coordinate I have planned for a Valentine’s tea party with my friends, I’ve been working on a few DIY accessories! Now is the perfect time to get cute things from your craft store, like foam hearts, heart confetti, or conversation-heart anything. (I love conversation hearts! I mean, they taste like chalky old Tums, but they are pastel and say things and last forever, so they make great craft supplies.) Now is also a great time to check dollar stores for tacky Valentine’s items you can DIY and muck around with.

I found these very realistic clay beads from the Etsy shop ‘Treasures in Clay’ and used them to make interchangeable stud earrings with just a little glue and blank earring backs.

If you don’t mind temporary items, you can follow these instructions to make real candy heart rings and hair clips! If you’re feeling more ambitious, someone also had the great idea to make candy heart pillbox hats for Valentine’s!

My next mission is to copy these conversation heart nails I spotted from! The words are stamped on with Konad stampers, and use an Essie ‘make-any-color-matte’ polish to give them the same finish as the real candy. Check out the post here, it’s really a great detailed tutorial. But even if you can’t get your hands on the image plates they use, pastel nails reminiscent of the candies would be just as sweet alone or with heart-shaped glitter nail polish.

My other DIY projects are more fairy-kei or fairy-lolita themed – I usually say fairy-loli, but someone on Tumblr said fairy-lita the other day which is just as cute a phrase!

I’d seen a few street snaps where girls had DIY’d sleep masks. They reminded me like fairy-kei or dolly-kei versions of the original lolita rectangular headdress. You can also see a dolly-kei or natural-kei example of a decorative sleep mask at Moss Garden – hers is actually a form made of cardboard!

I found the masks at Michael’s for a dollar apiece, and then covered it with vintage lavender unicorn sheets (that I have other projects planned for as well!). I chose the part of the fabric with the rainbow and clouds, and then added a pre-ruffled bit of ribbon around the edge and a few bows left over from other projects. Technically I suppose it could be a working eye mask or sleep mask as well, like for the plane, but it makes me look like some kind of kawaii kidnapping victim when I wear it, so doubtful that I’ll be donning it at the airport any time soon!

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much for this post, it is really inspiring :D

  • Takeowizard

    Heehee “Kawaii kidnapping victim.” I love the idea of using real conversation hearts! So cute! Hopefully it won’t rain though ;)

    • I read you can coat them in clear nail polish, actually, but the forecast for our tea party in New York City is SNOW, so I’m not sure that clear polish alone would be effective!

  • I love all of these ideas so much! ;3 It’s nice that you’ve found a GOOD purpose for those gross candy hearts–since I know I won’t be eating any! <3 And those clay ones look so real, I thought they were until I read that…

    • I bought a big bag to give away (because of their adorability) but I don’t eat them and I don’t expect anyone else to! I want chocolates in a big heart box – those are my Valentine’s candy of choice! I resist buying myself a box until they’re on sale, I’m saving my stomach for the box my boyfriend bought <3

  • Kelly F.

    I LOVE conversation hearts! I’ll definitely try some of these crafts.  :D

  • Anonymous

    I bet covering one with outdoor style ModPodge would work too!

  • Tahyun

    Cute post! Really great links, too. Thanks for sharing. ^.^

  • Love the sleep mask, Victoria! Glad you liked mine too XD

  • ladycathead

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading what you write. I find you just as lovely inside as you are out. Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay awesome and don’t give up. You are loved more than you know.

  • Very cute ideas! I love how the sleep mask came out :)

    And Fairy-Lita…yes, I love that term! That’s exactly how I dress too xD

    ~ Kieli ~

  • Oh what a cute sleep mask! :) I never eat those candy hearts, but they do look aesthetically pleasing.