Top 20 Holiday Lolita Gifts… Under $50!

We all know that lolita is expensive, especially with the yen versus dollar debacle this holiday season. But if you think the lolita in your life won’t be satisfied unless you drop several car payments worth of moolah, don’t fret. Here are twenty holiday gifts she’ll love – all under $50. Click the links below if you see anything that strikes your fancy in the ‘catalog’ of images!

1. Carousel Skirt (Bodyline): $34 2. Little Dal – $35 3. Magisso Tilting Teacup – $20 4. Mini Lalaloopsy – $7 5. Snow Fairy Gift (Lush) – $22 6.  Little Twin Stars Earbuds – $30 7. Hello Kitty Pink iPhone Case – $ 8.69 8. Angelic Pretty Carnival Ring: $44 9.  Hello Kitty Comb (Sephora) – $12 10. A Little Princess movie – $7.27 11. Roller Harajuku Girls perfume – $16 12. Heart Teacup Set (Macy’s) – $49.99 13. Kamikaze Girls (Novel) – $9.99 14.Hello Kitty x Chubby Bunny puffy pink bow – $30 15. OH DEER necklace – $10 16. Princess Debut Game for Nintendo DS – $32 17. Princess Tutu Complete Set – $24.99 18. Betsey Johnson Crystal Bow Earrings – $50 19. Itunes Japan Gift Card – $32.50 20. The Secret Garden – $9

If you still haven’t found the perfect thing to wrap for this year’s holiday season, check out the Ultimate Lolita Gift Guide – they’re not all under $50, but there are plenty of budget-friendly options included!

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  • Fiammetta Rey

    Until the 21st, has the Princess Tutu set for only $15. That just in general a great site to buy anything anime from. They have great sales. 

    Also, great gift guide! I already bought most of my gifts for people, but this is still good stuff to keep in mind for when birthdays come. 

    • Thanks for the heads’ up on the better price of Princess Tutu! I’m sure that’s good for girls looking to buy it. It just popped up on my Instant Play with Netflix so I am going to rewatch it this winter! And good point on birthdays as well!

  • candice

    Great ideas! Dont forget that socks, hair bows, and accessories-brand and off brand- are not only usually decently priced (compared to a jsk or something), but practical and useable. :]

  • Anonymous

    This is a great list! I’m going to pass it along to my friends, hehe. ^^

  • awesome :)

  • Chera

    Oh my gosh…Princess Debut was MADE for me.  A game after my own heart <3

  • Oh! Those Betsey Johnson earrings! I think I’m in love.

  • Sarah

    Woah, that teacup is amazing. :U

    I love these gift guides. They are great for brainstorming gift ideas.

  • Go

    I understand that you’re a sweet lolita and all…but this “lolita” gift list is very sweet themed.

    • Yes, it is! My blog is geared to sweet lolitas (and other kawaii fashion lovers) like me – I don’t think I’d be a good enough expert on picking out items for gothic or classic girls, as that’s not my style. I just write what I know!

  • this list is so awesome and sweet!
    so many cute items!
    wish i could have them all!!!
    great job ^_^

    lindsey  |

  • I’ve just found your blog and I love it! Thank you for such an amazingly in depth look at something I’m exploring and admiring from a far (for now.)
    I just wanted to, also, wish you a Happy Yule! I hope yours has been filled with joy and laughter. I look forward to more of your writings. ^^

  • Ana Gomez

    This blog is one of my favorites! I love your posts. And this is so cool! I’ll give myself a little belated christmas present :B