The Ultimate Lolita-Meets-Holidays Gift Giving Guide

You’d think shopping for a lolita would be easy. We like stuff. Specifically, cute stuff. We’re not the kind of people who, whe asked what sort of holiday present we would like, say, “Oh, I don’t know… anything is fine!” Or if we do say that, we’re still picturing glittery snowglobes or teddy bears or pink headphones. But then there’s the moment when the lolita opens her gift and finds a toy Disney princess clutch. It’s cute, but, uh… As Jim Gaffigan said in a sketch, “How are we still allowed to give clothes as gifts? You open it and you’re like, not even close!”

We get it. The givers mean well. But if they are seriously lost, save the stress on both of you – just email them this article!

Below are all places easily accessible that sell just the things as lolita would love for the holidays. No navigating crazy websites, no Google Translate, no yen conversions – just easy shopping to buy the perfect holiday gift for the lolita in your life!

If you know exactly what your lolita wants for the holidays and she’s definitely got her eyes trained on something frilly, lacey and made out of chiffon (and you know nothing else will do) but you’re not sure how to navigate a Japanese shopping service, you can still flesh out her wardrobe with companies that both speak English and are available internationally.

Tokyo Rebel is a retailer in New York City that carries Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Alice and the Pirates, Maxicimam, Putumayo and many other lolita or Japanese punk brands. You can order directly from their website and the item will arrive on your doorstep.

Angelic Pretty USA is the San Francisco branch of famous sweet lolita brand Angelic Pretty. Items are shipped to your door and have a wide variety of items to choose from, everything from complete dresses to socks and shoes.

Harajuku Hearts is a San Francisco based company retailing more punk and Gothic lolita items such as Putumayo, Metamorphose, Chantilly, and Atelier Pierrot, and others.

Tokyo Hardcore is an Australian retailer that sells Angelic Pretty, 6% DokiDoki, Innocent World, Metamorphose, and plenty of other brands. (Remember prices are in Australian dollars!)

If you really have no idea what she wants, don’t worry: every lolita would love a gift certificate. Angelic Pretty USA and Tokyo Rebel sell gift certificates that take all the guesswork out of gift-giving.

If you know her favorite pastime is to get completely dolled up and gorgeous, I think you can definitely delight her with something in the cosmetics and beauty department.

Nothing can take an outfit from simple to stunning like the perfect wig. Gothic Lolita Wigs is a fairly reliable company shipping from the United States that specializes in wigs for any subset of lolita. Most wigs are in the price range of $30 – $60 and come in a beautiful array of colors.

If she’s into hair styling, consider a brand-new straightener or hair curler. You can check your local beauty supply store, or a big-box store like Target. You’ll get major points if you choose a hair tool that’s pink or prettily decorated rather than the typical black-on-black. There’s also nothing like a nice set of silk or satin pillowcases to protect delicate lolita strands from rumpling or breaking when getting that beauty sleep.

Makeup brushes are another nice holiday gift. You can usually find an entire set from MAC or Sephora. There’s even a Hello Kitty set if you know she loves the HK addiction.

Sephora, Bath and Body Works, or Lush are all great places to pick up sweetly scented bath products as well. Anything in a sugary scent, floral scent or even just holiday specialty scents is sure to go over well. Perfume is also a nice gift, whether the lady at the counter helps you out or if you go the more exotic route and order from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

Bonus: makeup is always a popular stocking stuffer. Slip in tiny eyeshadows, perfume samples, single pairs of false eyelashes (try Pretty and Cute or Forever21 for a nice selection) lipglosses, or even just tiny hairbows you can find at H&M or Claire’s.

If your lolita has a penchant for collectible dolls or even just fuzzy stuffed animals (you know, the horde inching you off the bed as soon as you sit down) then the answer is that she obviously desires more of these! Nothing makes Christmas morning like a doll in my opinion! is my top recommendation for buying Pullips, Dals, Byuls, and other Jun Planning products. The prices are good and often discounted, and they charge flat shipping up to 4 dolls!

Petite Blythe and Little Pullip are made to resemble their larger counterparts, but are less jointed and less expensive. Though they are small, they pack a huge amount of personality and would be the perfect addition to 1/12 dollhouse scale items.

Bunka dolls are the Japanese equivalent to the rag doll, often in lolita-like bonnets with dewy painted eyes. You can find these artfully made by hand on Etsy, a place that sells handmade items by individual artists. -petit blythes/petit pullip

Lalaloopsy is the new doll taking the world by storm. These dolls in both large and small sizes are made to resemble ragdolls, and clearly take their fashion cue from lolitas with their bell-shaped skirts and pink or blue curls. You can find these at any big-box toy store, like Toys R Us, Target, or Walmart.

Getting books is another one of my favorite things to get for the holiday – how else are you going to spend a cold winter break?! Here’s my list of perfect lolita-worthy reading. Order them used through an Amazon-sanctioned seller to save. If she’s really a bookworm, there’s always the handy gift of a Kindle Mini as well! (Just don’t be surprised if it ends up covered in rhinestones).

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern – A beautiful Victorian romance in the realm of fantasy realism. A joy to read and very dreamy. The characters make me wish I had their clothes!

The Enchanted Chocolate Pot – A fantasy-filled book set in the romantic Regency period similar to Jane Austen works, based around the letters of two cousins.

Dolls by Yumiko Kawahara – A lovely manga series with elaborate lolita style drawings and short, sweet tales about dolls that seem almost alive.

Gothic Lolita Punk – An art book showcasing many popular lolita artists, including some pieces in progress with a ‘how-to’ slant. This would be lovely even as just as coffee table book.

Gothic and Lolita streetsnap book from Phaidon – A collection of street snaps of lolita, goths, and punks, mostly from the 2000s decade. This also makes a pretty coffee table book or just for inspiration.

Any English-version Gothic and Lolita Bible (found on secondhand – they are no longer being published, but a nice treat for English speakers rather than Japanese-only editions.)

The Rose and the Beast by Francesca Lia Block – A collection of poetic and slightly modernized retellings of popular fairytales; slightly more sexual than your average fairytales.

Annotated Alice – A beautiful edition that explains much about the inside jokes and mathematical puns found in the original classic Alice in Wonderland, and includes all of Tenniel’s original illustrations.

Or, for the gift that keeps on giving, consider buying her a year’s subscription to the Gothic and Lolita Bible from – each issue will be sent to her home every month.


But remember, it is true that the best gifts come from the heart. Yes, lolitas know what they want. But if you’re their loved ones, I am sure that what they really want – for sure – is a happy holiday with you.

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  • great article

  • What a great guide! I especially love that you addressed the accessibility factor–it can be hard buying things from foreign stores that don’t ship internationally, and shopping services really rack up the dollars fast. Your book recommendations look lovely too, I’ll have to check them out! I’ve just finished a sad (but good!) read and I’m need of something to pick me up :3

    • Thanks! I’m sure nothing frustrates non-lolitas when they’re shopping like Japanese menus and the like, so I made sure to include English-only sites :)

  • This is so great! I’m linking it to my mom. Although, I can’t lie, I bought a Disney Princesses sparkly purse not too long ago, and I would definitely love a matching clutch. xD I am way too easy to buy for. LOL

    • I sent my mother a big list of dolls this Christmas… I can’t get over how lovely it is to have dolls on Christmas morning. Reminds me of being a little girl again!

  • Joanna

    I Just finished reading The Night Circus. Such an amazingly beautiful book!!! All the way throughout I just kept thinking ‘Omg this is so gothic lolita’ XD

  • Miss Eva Morgan

    Thank you!

  • SodaVampire

    It’s too late for me too add anything to my Wish List this year, but I’ll definitely send my mom this article next year!  :)    Lalaloopsey dolls! My first thought when I saw the advertisements for them was, “Lolita’s becoming mainstream! :O”

  • Anonymous

    What is the mintcolored books called?